Come join us for our first Digital Marketing Mastery Class on August 8, 2018

Hey everybody! Eagan here from Get Found Madison. We took a survey last month to find out what
business owners and marketers thought were the hardest parts of digital marketing. Here’s what they told us. They said creating content is a big challenge. They said prioritizing and putting our time
in the right place. We don’t know where we should be spending
our time. They said it’s hard to keep up with all the
changes. It’s hard to stay current on what’s going
on in digital marketing. And most importantly it’s hard to show actual
lead generation and results, measure those results, then show them to our bosses, the
stakeholders, clients, etc. So those are the things people are struggling
with and those are the things we want to address in our upcoming Digital Marketing Mastery
class. The idea of this class is to help you double
your website leads in the next year. We’re going to teach you how to do it. So normally we take clients on retainer, and
they tell us about their industry and their business. Then we use our marketing knowledge and show
them how to market. We’re going to change that up for this course
and we want you to bring your subject matter expertise for your business or your organization. And we want you to learn what we know about
digital marketing: what we do for our business, what we do for our clients so you can go do
it yourself. This is going to be perfect for marketing
directors, for people who work in marketing departments and for business owners. The focus is really going to be on prioritizing:
setting up a marketing plan so you know exactly what you should be doing and be doing the
most important work that’s going to make the biggest impact in your organization. So we’re going to look at organic strategies,
things like: SEO. things like conversion optimization, things like organic social media marketing
opportunities, and then we’re going to look at paid as well. So where can you run ads on the web we’re
going to go through Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Display Ads, YouTube, you name it,
we’re going to talk about it and we’re going to talk about how do we measure the results
and actually build a dashboard where we can see all the results in one place to show our
boss, show all the stakeholders. So that’s the idea. I’ve got a whole syllabus if you want to check
it out (on Eventbrite). The first class is going to be free. So I want you to sign up on Eventbrite. That’s my ask for you today. If this sounds of interest to you, come join
us for the first class. See if it’s of interest. I’ll go through what’s possible now in digital
marketing and then we can talk about how you can enroll if you’d like to join us for the
remaining six months of the course. So no pressure. I just want you to come check it out and hear
what’s possible in digital marketing and we’ll take it from there. I hope to see there on August 8th.

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