Cómo hacer el banner de tu Canal (Plantilla de banner YouTube) ✔

hello my name caesar channel
Byte project in this video you I explain that it is One channel and how
change or edit the image head of your youtube channel beam Channel One know that is the design that allows the youtube show in SmartPhones, computers and Smart TV, so you have to learn to make a design that it looks spectacular in all these
devices you want to see how? accompany me Once you’ve logged into your
Truly this page youtube icon pencil and could go to edit channel header once there you will see how lets you upload an image an image that this could be a maximum of 2,560 x 1,440 from your computer or you could use the gallery to select an image YouTube Really preview how it looks on a computer desktop, on a TV or on a mobile phone and you can adjust it to select the
main point of why your image, simply you click on select. also stores by a time that allows you to make a
design within Photoshop if you mastered Photoshop and I’ll show how this, the
central part shows you the least It is shown on a computer
desktop The following gray shadow what would be seen on a tablet and the following as the maximum shade
you could see on a computer desktop, and the rest of the image will appear on TVs. so you have to be able to
make a design that looks attractive in all devices I’ll show you an example for example start the background,
blue background and after some texture some lights in the shape of hearts
as it was something for a channel of a girl because I have to be very feminine, so I put many
reason many flowers butterflies and as you look I worked part of
TV will now begin on the logo central part -because it will be in computers, tablets and mobile, we have to respect that for our design looks fantastic in all
the devices and good a little more than ornaments and
Finally the finishing touch the name of the channel so that see the end result of the image, and that image as the
upload will be great in all dispositives. that’s the idea you can create a design that
fits all devices I hope you’re video is very useful and if you like dale The Pros like and subscribe to this channel
thank you very much and see you to the next video bye

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