Create a Home page banner

In this tutorial Site Managers will learn how to create a Home page banner content type. We entered the Workbench area and selected the create Home page banner option from the list. We can see the first thing we need to do is enter Banner text. For this example, we’ll enter Department of Zoology. The next field, which is optional, allows you to add Additional text. This Additional text would appear below the Banner text. The next we need to do is upload a Banner photo. We’ll choose the file we’d like to use and select the Upload button. Once the image has uploaded we’ll be prompted to add Alternate text for this image. For this example, we’ll type Department of Zoology banner with horse. The next field is optional and it allows you to provide a link for the banner. Now, as we scroll down the page we can that there’s not much else we need to do. We do notice, however, that Home page banners are set to automatically Publish. If, for some reason, you’d like to remove a banner from the Home page you can simply open that banner and de-select or unclick this box. The banner image would no longer be published. We’ll save our work and we can see a quick image of our new banner. Because there is more than one banner image published, as the Home page is refreshed, that banner image will refresh. So let’s go ahead and visit our Home page and we can see the first banner image here. Now if we refresh this page, we’ll see our new banner image appear.

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