Creating and Editing Banners | BigCommerce Tutorials

Marketing banners are a great way to advertise
sales, display coupon codes, and add design elements. You can show banners on these pages: The home page,
Category Specific brand,
And search results pages Let’s take a look at how you can leverage
banners to convert your store’s visitors into paying customers. To get started, go to Marketing, then Banners
and click Create a Banner. Enter a Banner Name. This is for internal purposes only, and will
not be visible to your customers. Add content for your banner here. Content can include images, video, and text
like an active coupon code. Now you can select which page this banner
will appear on. Please note, a banner can only be applied
to one page at a time. Where your banner will show may help determine
the content of the banner. A homepage banner is a great place to promote
a store-wide discount, sales, or campaign that you’re currently running. You can also use banners on specific brand
or category pages to target a group of products in particular. Select a date range for you banner to display
and whether or not the banner should be immediately visible. Lastly, choose a location on the designated
page for the banner; either the top or bottom of a page. When you are finished creating your banner
click “save”. To preview it, click on the banner location. To edit previously created banners, click
on the action icons. You can mark a banner as invisible on the
storefront by clicking the visibility icon. Banners are a great way to promote campaigns
that will drive traffic and convert shoppers to buyers. To learn more about other BigCommerce conversion
tools, visit the help center.

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