Darksiders Genesis – Announce Trailer | PS4

Ha, ha, ha. Look who it is… …Strife. Know who I am? Yeah. I met your sister once. She was a lot bigger than you. But not as pretty. What do you want, little Horseman? Ahem. Malgross, The Defiler… …for conspiring with Lucifer… …committing countless crimes against all of creation… …and by order of the Council… …I hereby sentence you… …to death. [LAUGHTER] You come into my place… …alone… …threaten me… …and think you’re just walking outta here!? It does sound funny hearing you say it. I’m gonna count to three. If you’re still standing here, I’m gonna defile your corpse
in ways you can’t possibly imagine. Feed what’s left to my boys. Horse meat’s their favorite. Run! Two, three. Sorry. We’re in a hurry. [“BAD MOON RISING”
BY CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL PLAYING] ♪ I see the bad moon rising ♪ ♪ I see trouble on the way ♪ ♪ I see earthquakes and lightning ♪ Oh, and uh… I’m not alone. ♪ Don’t go ’round tonight ♪ ♪ It’s bound to take your life ♪ ♪ There’s a bad moon on the rise ♪♪

100 thoughts on “Darksiders Genesis – Announce Trailer | PS4

  1. eu sou um grande fã dessa franquia e amei essa cena de entrada do guerra, mais a melhor parte é a personalidade de brasileiro do Strife.

  2. Лучше бы вы фильм хороший сняли, ото ролики интересные, а сама игра скучная хуета

  3. ах да, шлем у этого стрелка мега уебищный, он же закрывает обзор и нифига не должно быть видно прямо перед тобой…

  4. No no, it's fine! Just make a game out of it, it's not like we wanted a movie instead or as well but-BUT that's fine too!!

  5. Nice to see Strife's unique character, couldn't stop squealing to see War again and his blazing entrance now in HD. It's always nice to see the four horsemen executing justice across the cosmos. The story behind this series is just marvelous, being full of conspiracies, twists, betrayals and complexity. Amazing.

    I hope they free that poor angel. :O

  6. Gona be multiplayer this time, or what? Because out of all the hack and slash games I've seen, Darsiders is the only one that looks like it was made to be multiplayer, but at the last second with each one, it was pulled out.

  7. is it just me? or do these darksiders games go under most peoples radars when a trailer drops or when the game is actually out?
    this game is horribly underrated

  8. still havent finished the 2nd one adding loot kinda ruined it waste too much time managing inventory rather than playing

  9. please!!! just please make the loading time faster!!!! me and my friends use to call this game "blackscreen"… just FIX it on xbox!!! thanks <3

  10. Please….PLEASE do not make this game boring like the third one. I never even finished the last game cause I lost interest.

  11. It will be nice to see the siblings together. Pretty sure after fury gets a new horse she's probably gonna join the two

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