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  1. Why do we have to compare everything geez. I just like to play dauntless, it's fun other people like monster hunter. Just becasue its free doesn't mean it's inferior. People seem to not be willing to try something becasue they make face value judgements. Games can exist in the same genre, video game monopolies are not what we should strive for. Variety should be praised but instead it's criticized. Smh

  2. You know this game doesn't look all that bad, sure its no Monster hunter world but its style has its own charm. The monster designs look very interesting as well, And its free. The closest thing i can compare this to is Paladins. why?
    1. Both are free games that are getting compared to paid games
    2. They share a somewhat cartoonish style
    3. will probably be hated on for being a "cheap clone" or rip-off upon release
    Nonetheless i just hope that people see it as its own game rather than it being a clone.

  3. Guys it’s barely in the beta, has great potential. More potential that if unleashed it will be a greater game than the younger game Monster Hunter I dare say.

  4. Coming soon April are you kidding me 😞 what date coming soon that’s all we get coming soon i’m not surprised if there’s going to be delayed

  5. -Appears as an oversimplified MH clone

    -has the overrated, lazy, and ugly cartoon stylization of many new games these days

    -has minorities wearing/using European-inspired armour & weaponry. Which fantasy setting or not, deeply offends me.

    That's 3 strikes in one trailer. This game's out.

  6. Everyone that says this game has fortnite graphics it means you're stupid, this style of graphics have been around for a long time.

  7. guys stop hating this game when you havent played it i've played it and it is one of the best games i have ever played

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  9. Jogo M A R A V I L H O S O eu posso afirmar com todas as palavras que o jogo é fantastico! procurem para pc é de graça!

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