Day 1 MSc Marketing – follow us around!

* In September, the international
master’s program for marketing welcomed over 60 new students
in a kickoff event.>Our MSc Marketing provides students
with a solid understanding of marketing concepts and management tools.>The program also focuses on learning
the practical skills which students need for
solving real life cases. At the kick-off they can
already get a good flavour of it. In four semesters the program
addresses the key relevant topics within the exciting field
of marketing.>I’m already very excited.
I chose the program because it combines analytical
and creative courses and they give you the tools to
develop holistic marketing solutions. ->The international background of
this program is overwhelming, amazing because this year,
we had 25 nationalities.>That’s great because everyone comes
from a different background and they contribute to the overall
picture in a different way. The students are being introduced
to industry partners from day one. P&G offered the students a hands on
experience in a real life case study. They worked out a marketing strategy
for one of the companies biggest brands.>We want to hear their ideas.>Students are usually
very creative here.>They come up
with great solutions.>And we want to attract
future talent for our company.>We have been doing that
in the past few years, pretty successfully,
I must say.>As a newbie I am really excited
to join the sessions because they’re
very interactive and exciting.>And all the new methods of teaching,
I am really enjoying it.>I feel lucky to be here. ->Closely working with industry partners on their business challenges is a
key part to the program.>It also prepares students for their future careers.>In the areas of digital commerce,
brand management, consulting, sales & retailing or in non profit companies. Three chosen graduates
presented their master thesis to the new cohort
as well as to future employers. The new students voted for
their favourite thesis.>The presentations were really great,
they were professional and motivated and on a professional level, it was
how you have it in the industry. ->We had projects
with different companies.>To be honest, I landed my job
after my studies and I understand how the program
was structured and why it contributed to my
knowledge today. So very satisfied.

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