Defining promotion codes for items in the same cart in iMIS 20-300 (Cloud)

Hi, this is Kasidy with ASI and today we are
going to cover how to create and apply promotion codes. Promotion codes can be applied to the entire
order, or only to specific items or item categories. IMIS also gives you the ability to create
a discount code based on quantity purchased. This discount will apply to specific event
registration options and program items when a defined number of these items are purchased. For example, a promotion gives a 20% discount
on Annual Conference event registrations for the same company after the first two at full
price. So, if Alex Morgan registers himself, Teresa
Spain and 2 of her colleagues, a 20% discount will be applied to the registration options
for 2 of the registrants. For this video, I will go over how to apply
a discount based on quantity purchased for items in the same cart, so let’s get started!! Login to the Staff site as a staff user with
an Orders module authorization level of 5 or higher. See the help site for more information about
module authorization levels. I am going to be working on behalf of Alex
Morgan for these examples. Let’s create a promotion code for Annual Conference
registrants; go to Commerce>Promotions. Click the add icon to add a new promotion. We are going to create a promotion code that
allows you to receive 20% off the Annual Conference after registering for two of the three days. Let’s name it Conferencesave20. Name the Promotion code 20offannconf. Choose dates that you want the promotion to
be available. This promotion is a discount based on quantity
purchased, so select that option from the What kind of promotion is this? drop-down. If you want to allow customers to receive
the discount on qualifying items without entering the promotion code, enable Apply promotion
automatically. If you don’t enable this option, customers
will have to enter the promo code to receive the discount. Let’s enable Limit usage. This option cannot be used with Apply promotion
automatically. The checkbox will be available to enable but
when you save the promotion, you will get a message saying that Apply promotion automatically
cannot be combined with limit usage. The Limit usage option allows us to select
maximum and minimum uses overall, minimum purchase amount and select qualified customers
that can use this promotion. I only want to allow 1 use per customer, so
I will enter 1 in that field. I’m going to leave maximum uses and minimum
purchase amount blank. You can select a specific group of contacts
to be able to use this promotion. These contacts will be pulled from an IQA
query that is available out-of-the box or using a query that you created. Only customers in the selected query will
be eligible to use this promotion. From the Which purchases qualify drop-down,
select Items in the same cart. This option means that only items in the current
cart count towards the required purchases. The Ship To contact on each order line does
not matter when determining if required purchase is met. This means that Alex Morgan can register himself
and other contacts and receive the discount even though the ship to contact will be different
for each registrant. Since we are creating a promotion that requires
you to register for at least 2 of the 3 days, enter 2 in the quantity required to qualify
field. We want to allow registrants that register
for Day 1, 2, and 3 to be allowed to use this promotion. Let’s add those options to qualify as a purchase
for this discount. Select the add icon. In the Function starts with field, enter Day
1. Click Find. Select the Annual Conference Day 1 item by
clicking the associated Function Code link. Now, any registrant that registers for Day
1 and meets the other requirements will receive a discount. Follow the same steps to add Day 2 and Day
3. We only want to allow 1 discount per registrant,
so enter 1 in the Quantity discounted field. Leaving this field blank allows for unlimited
discounts regardless of the quantity in the Cart. Add the registration options and program items
that will receive a discount when the required purchase is met. Click the add icon and search for Full conference
in the Function starts with field. Select the Full Conference. In the Discount type drop-down, select a percentage
off. Let’s enter 20 for the Discount amount. Click Save and Close. Let’s head to Alex Morgans cart. I have already registered Alex for the full
conference. I have also registered Judy for Day 1, Janice
for Day 2 and Stephanie for Day 3. Since I did not apply automatic promotions,
I need to enter the promotion code in the field. Click Apply. We specified that we wanted the discount to
be applied to the Full conference. We can see that the promotion code was applied
to the Annual conference event registration for Alex. The price for his annual conference has now
been discounted by 20%. Enter the payment information and click Submit
Order. Easy as that! Check out the helpsite for more examples of
different scenarios when creating promotional codes! Hope this video helped, thanks for watching!

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