Digital Advertising 101: How To Use Facebook and Instagram Effectively

how do you use Facebook advertising
effectively my name is Traci Reuter and I’m the CEO and founder of Divine Social,
we’re a Facebook and Instagram advertising agency and I’m also
contributing author to this awesome book here the Ultimate Guide to Facebook ads
chapters 26, 27, and 30. So how do you use Facebook advertising effectively, how do
you use Instagram advertising effectively in your business?
Well we’ve generated, in the last year, over a million leads for our clients and
it’s something we think about constantly we’re always looking at how do you get
better but really it boils down to three key things if you really look at the
fundamentals it’s not the latest algorithm change it’s not the latest
hack it’s some it’s some pretty basic fundamentals that if you can get right
you can make your ads really really effective so the three things the first
thing is your messaging messaging is everything when it comes to Facebook Ads
you know it’s so different you can have the best copywriter in the world who can
write high converting sales pages and video sales letters and all that great
stuff but social copy is completely different you have to remember it’s a
you’re interrupting it’s an interruption marketing and so you have to get into
the conversation and you have to write a little bit different so you have to
really understand your client you have to understand their psychographics what
do they like what do they dislike what it keeps them up at night what are they
afraid to admit to their friends what are they afraid to admit to themselves
really really understanding you know it happens all the time whenever we take on
a new client we start to ask them about their target market or their their
client avatar and evitable they tell us they know until we start asking some
really detailed questions and we have yet to have one single client that
didn’t struggle with with really answering some of the questions that we
had so it’s really really important to deeply deeply understand your prospect
and really dial in your messaging so that’s the first thing that’s the most
important part the second part to effective Facebook advertising is your
offer now typically your offer has been developed long before you ever go to
market long before you actually start running ads you might have some great
success organically but when it comes to running Facebook Ads effectively a lot
of times you’re going to be running to coal traffic and so you have to really
see with a different set of lenses one of my mentors have said many times
you can’t read the label from inside of the bottle and so very often you’re so
close to your offer that you really can’t see what the true customer
experience is gonna be and so you need to make sure that you get a fresh set of
eyes and really step through step by step what that customer journey is gonna
feel like because one of the things that can absolutely crush your ads is when
you’re missing something that we call ad cent ad cent is the congruency from your
ad to your landing page to your checkout page and so on and so on and so on you
had to make sure that your offer is dialed in so that’s the second component
to effective Facebook advertising the third component to effective Facebook
advertising is your strategy or your plan now this is a big deal a lot of
times we have clients come to us and they just are focused on running lead
generation they just want to they just want to sell products and that’s all
they’re really thinking about but there’s so much more to running
effective Facebook advertising number one you need to be thinking about what
assets do you have do you have enough video assets are you telling the right
stories do you have the right images again we talked about messaging already
but your copy all of that what are the assets that you have that’s an important
part of your strength of your strategy in your plan the other thing you have to
think about is your budget and how are you going to allocate your budget across
your different campaigns now with all of our clients we run what we call the
three pillar strategy – Facebook advertising success and the three pillar
strategy is essentially running campaigns to build your audience to have
your leads and have your sales which is our conversion campaigns and then
engagement campaigns engagement campaigns is really really the secret
sauce to making successful effective Facebook advertising long-term but you
have to make sure you have a strategy for all three of those and most
companies that come to us or most businesses that we see only have a
strategy for one of those three pillars which is the leads in the sales they
don’t have a strategy to build their audience they don’t have a strategy to
keep them engaged how do you keep someone engaged from the time they learn
about you until they’re ready to buy most people just they don’t have a
strategy so you need to make sure that you need to make sure you have a solid
solid strategy and then based on that straight
with those three colors is how you’ll determine where and how you allocate
your budget it’s important so just to recap the three key
fundamentals to having an effective Facebook advertising is number one your
messaging number two it’s going to be your offer making sure your offer is
dialed in and the number three is the plan itself making sure that you’re
looking at building your audience’s having some great engagement and then
converting into leads and sales now if you want some help we actually have a
resource you can download it’s our three pillars strategy worksheet you can go to
divine social com forward slash three pillars and that’s the number three the
link should be below this video we also do on a regular basis we do exclusive
workshops for a small number of businesses that we bring in and we work
with them for a couple days on all three of those steps we really hash out their
messaging we really work through their offer and look for where they’re leaving
money on the table and then finally we put together a solid plan for them to go
back and execute and if you’re interested in getting an invitation to
that you can go to our website at defined social comm and request an
invitation and see if you can get in to one of our next workshops now if you
haven’t already make sure you subscribe to us here on YouTube because we’ve got
lots more videos just like this to help you have success running Facebook
Instagram and any social advertising

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