Digital Advertising: Advanced Targeting Options for Online Ads

Yes, you’ve spoken about you know pretty
general target options that anyone that has dipped their toes into Facebook
advertising or Google Ads they’ve probably seen some of those things. Can
you speak of any that might surprise a business owner or marketing manager?
Sure, yeah Facebook and Google actually both have this targeting option but
on Google it’s called similar to audiences and on Facebook it’s called
look-alike modeling but pretty much what that is, is it targets an audience that
you suggest. I want to target forty to fifty five-year-old women, who are have
this job title and work in this location but what the similar to or the
look-alike does, is it will find other people that are a little bit different
from the targeting options that you input but it will find people
almost like that. So hence the word look-alike. So it’ll find people
just like that and that allows you if you’re a business and
you have a very niche targeted audience, you would use a targeting option like
that where you can multiply the ten thousand people that you were supposed
to hit but now you can multiply it to a hundred thousand because Google and
Facebook are gonna go out and find people that are almost like that but not
specifically like the ones that you chose and we’ve seen a lot of really
good success from that specific targeting option. So that’s one that off
the top my head would be just unique. Yeah that’s good. That’s really helpful. So I think another one that is really
interesting and YouTube has really come in the targeting game
they’ve come a long way in the last year but one cool thing that they just added
is something called custom intent meaning Google it owns YouTube so
YouTube is under the Google platform they’ve actually combined forces now and
really what you’re allowed to do is target people on YouTube watching
YouTube videos based off of their search history on Google which is really cool.
So if you want to target a YouTube ad to somebody that’s watching YouTube video,
you can put in specific keywords that they may have been typing on Google and
all of that data will come over to YouTube and you’ll be able to target
people like that and that’s moving around to the different platforms that
Google owns but right now it’s on YouTube and it’s been working really
well for a lot of big advertisers and even small advertisers. And that’s
probably really good to combine those and so you start showing up on search
whenever they are looking for those terms and then when they go over to
YouTube, you show them a visual ad that is really going to enhance that
brand experience and hopefully connect with them and as we’re talking about the
marketing mix yeah and then once if I can take you one step further, once they
watch that YouTube video because they clicked on your search ad, you show them
the YouTube video and then anybody that watches your YouTube video, you show a
display remarketing ad somewhere on the internet, Lancaster Online,
AccuWeather, so that when we’re talking about marketing mixes that’s really
where it’s at. So they saw your search ad, then they’re on YouTube you show them
your YouTube ad and then they’re somewhere on the internet and you show
them a display ad all with the same messaging, all with the same branding and
that’s where you’re hitting people at multiple touchpoints hopefully they’re coming back to the website and converting. We’ve seen a
lot of good success from that.

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