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Hello friends i am Sahil Khanna and you are watching intellectual indies today we gonna talk about that how can we move further in digital marketing course you might know that we have started a series on google adwords last episode of that series will come next week if you will watch that complete series and also i will give you the link do register on it then you can take certification of google adwords fundamentals and its completely free so i will recommend you that you go through complete series properly then give the exam then we will talk about link building most of you guys have registered on lets blogging now most of you know how to do SEO that how to write the content for SEO and even some blogs have a lot of traffic on their content because i approve them that why i know so link building will tell us that how to increase the traffic link building in a simple way i tell you that we create so many links in the market which are not present on our website and among those who are the winner of the lets blogging competition i give you the link below my video you might ha ve seen this that link also bring a lot of traffic on your blog and this link is a life time link over there lets suppose initially we have a low traffic suppose 1000 people are watching this video later on that video will be watched by 100000 people and 2 percent conversion of that 100000 is 2000 so you can the traffic of 2000 people on your blog and if you deliver the good content to these people then they will subscribe your blog and if they subscribe it then you can monetize it we will talk about it later on then will talk about schema code which comes under on page optimisation how can you introduce the schema code on your website so that your website SEO will improve those who have registered on lets blogging they might know that you fill into the yoast, rich snippet these all comes under schema code then we will come into analytics and we will see on which topic we will come into you can share your points to me that after this which series we should continue and i also want to tell one thing those who have registered on lets blogging and they are not putting the blogs then i will revoke their registration within one week because i made a limit that i will register only this much of people on it so other people are not able to come because of you because i get lot many mails that they also want to register so i use to say those who have register before let them put the blog first so i can revoke so many memberships so i am awaring you in advance so then ok friends today i wanted to share with this thing only and if like this video so please like it and if you don’t like it so you can dislike also if you are watching first time so you can follow our complete series there we have learnt so many things in digital marketing i recommend you everybody please follow the our marketing series also later on you will get to know why marketing can improve your digital marketing if i teach you that how this thing happened so you might not understand that but if you follow marketing series along with digital marketing then you will get to know each and every thing so friends bye good night shabbakher Khuda hafis

9 thoughts on “Digital Marketing Course Update | Future Plans | New Series

  1. sir ji the next video ka topic can be memorise by the mind palace tecnique plz keep this as a topic as it helps alot and the word is also very cool . i searched about it but i couldntt find proper sources and so i ended up asking you and moreover you are trustworthy ( face reading 😉 ] so plz do make a video on the mind palace technique having high hopes , thank you

  2. please change the last thems on {name, address, email, phone, message } it's very brightly and when I see this it's paining in my eyes.
    I am just telling you. : )

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