Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 231

Unknown 0:02
Hey welcome everybody world. Little bit of feedback there. All right, now that we’ve
got this screaming howling mechanical sounds out of the way, let’s welcome everybody to
Hump Day hangouts is Episode 231. Today’s the 10th of April 2019. Thanks for joining
us live if you’re here live if not, you’re catching the replay. Thanks for watching.
And if you’re watching somewhere else, you can always go to semantic mastery comm slash
HD questions to get your questions answered. You can ask them live you can ask them ahead
of time just ask your questions and we’ll get to them. So before we dive into some more
announcements and get into the questions, I’m going to say hi to everybody real quick.
Let’s start on the left with Chris How you doing? Doing good. just picking up the bags
here leaving the city Unknown 0:47
very nice. What Where are you going Chris? Indonesia? Yeah, that’s awesome. Have a good
trip, man. Thank you. Oh, can’t wait actually am and I actually from what I heard Unknown 1:00
I’m gonna meet one or two of the semantic mastery Unknown 1:03
people there so we’ll see Unknown 1:06
you containable well yeah if you’re going or in Indonesia then hit Chris up and chat
him up while you’re there. Unknown 1:14
Or not how you doing? great man excited to be here. some really cool stuff coming up
so doing good. That’s good. Good deal Do you have a semantic mastery shirt on or is that
not oh no I might Unknown 1:31
Yeah. Unknown 1:33
Marco How you doing man? Unknown 1:35
I’m good man. What’s up? Unknown 1:37
can combine nice day here. I can’t say it’s sunny anymore. Ah rainy season just kicked
in like today Unknown 1:46
it’s storming outside Unknown 1:48
and it probably would still like 6570 oh yeah and between 70 and 80 somewhere around there.
That’s all year Unknown 1:58
man Unknown 2:00
Things are good. I’ve been deep in the lab By the way, I’m cooking up some some monster
shit. As I said last time, I’m about to turn the SEO world on its ear once again. So it’s
time and it’s been about four years and always Academy reloaded Wouldn’t it be like wicked
if august of 2019 something were to happen? I’m just saying Unknown 2:25
gotcha. I’m sorry, I got distracted by her non sending me chats in slack. So sorry about
that. Bradley dumping. There’s something I’m sorry, I just want to say that I just got
my account. Also. blog. So there might be something funky going on with the Facebook
comments, so I don’t know. Super ship. Really? Yeah. So kind of move on then. So that’s the
third person so yeah, live will try to figure this out on that Wolfgang, right for those
of you that while I was gonna say those of you that are getting your accounts blocked,
leave a message messages. Unknown 3:00
US state that you’re also getting screwed by Facebook but you won’t be able to now will
you? Unknown 3:05
I had my account mysteriously yesterday I was I wasn’t even doing anything. I just had
Facebook open and it said it prompted me that I noticed suspicious activity I won’t even
doing anything. And it said, you know, you must verify re verify your account, which
I had to do. Apparently items got blocked now, or no one’s got blocked. So I don’t know
the Facebook gods are mad right now apparently. And they are I’m already in like, I am back
on I did some security check in and I’m in But yeah, I don’t know we might need to start
sending us note let you know. Something you know for the comments who will send that over
to Bradley’s house. They go read them. I’ll send out postcards the week before and then
just shoot them over. Unknown 3:48
Got just mailing your questions. Unknown 3:53
All right. Well, last but not least, Bradley, how you doing man? Good man. Happy to be here.
We got a lot of stuff coming up. So Unknown 4:01
Couple things that I would like to talk about very quickly before we get into questions
is the video lead gen system training is being updated. I spent a lot of time on it this
week already just kind of organizing and recording videos and updating the slides and all that
stuff for the 2019 update. And for kind of the more streamlined process that I’ve developed
for it, which makes it a lot easier, a lot more efficient. And a lot of it can be outsourced.
And it’s working really well, I’ve been able to get a lot of good conversations going with
prospects. And it can be applied to monetize it for monetizing lead gen assets, as well
as for client outreach. Like if you just want to do so traditional agency marketing services,
it works really well. And it’s a hell of a lot more efficient than what the original
method was that I used. That worked incredibly well, but there was a lot of wasted time.
And I talked about this a lot in the training. But Unknown 4:54
you know, for every 10 video emails that I used to send out, I would get three to four
responses like cloud Unknown 5:00
Work every damn time. But the videos that I would record, I would just go find prospects,
you know, from doing research online that I wanted to work with. And then I would just
do and a lot of you that have been through the training or have heard me talk about it
in the past, I would do like a video audit of their digital presence and explain how
they were missing opportunities you don’t ever criticize, but you do talk about like,
Hey, you did good here. This is nice, but you’re missing out on opportunities because
of this, this, this and this. Unknown 5:30
And typically, my video audits would be about 10 to 15 minutes long. So you can imagine
if you’re doing 10 of those, and it takes a little bit of time to find the prospect
that you’re going to audit and then to record the video and then you know, kind of wind
down and go to the next one. You know, it would take two and a half, three hours to
record 10 videos of 15 minutes each, you know, every easy two and a half to three hours.
And if only three or four of them would respond then there was six or seven of them. Unknown 6:00
That we would record or I would record that we’re not being seen or not being replied
to period. So it was wasted effort. And so I kind of went back to the drawing board this
year to determine how you know, to fix that to solve that to make it more efficient, because
that’s what we try to we try to teach you guys just to be more efficient. So this newer
method is so so much more efficient, and it’s so much easier. And I’ve even learned some
things along the way, since I’ve been testing this newer method Unknown 6:26
that originally I’d set out to do one particular way, and thinking, Oh, this is going to be
so much more efficient, and it certainly was, but then I found there was still ways to make
that even more efficient. And I talked about that in the training. And, Unknown 6:38
and it’s it’s just a much more efficient process now, especially because you can have a VA
do a lot of the heavy lifting type stuff so that you don’t have to be doing that yourself.
And so now to do 15 or 20 videos, you know, specific prospecting videos can literally
be done in an hour’s time, which that might sound impossible but it’s it’s the way that
I’m doing it now is it makes it to where it’s so many Unknown 7:00
Faster. And the other part of that is I’ve learned to not actually record the specific
prospect videos until we get a positive reply or get a dialogue going with them. So it’s
a much it now there’s no wasted effort on actually creating the videos for a prospect
until you’ve actually got their permission essentially, to send them a video. And so
I can’t reveal all that here, obviously, guys, but that’s coming out in two weeks from today,
really? Or tomorrow yesterday, I guess we’re going to be launching that again. So be on
the lookout for that those of you that are doing lead gen stuff or client work and you
want a more effective way to outreach for prospecting, this is definitely going to help
you it’s it’s how I really built my agency to begin with. Unknown 7:44
Yeah, hundred percent recommend you checking that out. And it works across industries,
different areas. I mean that that’s an incredible result. I’ve talked about this before. I think
Bradley when you mentioned it, you know, you nonchalantly say, Yeah, I get you know, three
or four responses out of 10 emails. I Unknown 8:00
And for anyone who’s done this you know that that just blows anything else out of the water.
Most cold emailing people are getting like literally 1% maybe of like positive responses
so to be getting 30 to 40% is just insane so good stuff I’ve done it. I’ve learned a
lot from the way Bradley does it and added up some bells and whistles on the way I like
it but man if you’re not already using this stuff, definitely keep your eyes and ears
open for the video lead gen system update. Unknown 8:29
Cool. Sorry. We had as far as announcements that I’m aware of is we have some new services
available and MTV. Unknown 8:39
Marco you want to chat about what we’ve got available right now. Unknown 8:43
We’ve got basically everything available right when an edit link building indexing and beds
were adding a Unknown 8:52
while it but it said know that that’s still only available to the mastermind isn’t that
the done for you, GMB services, it will be rolled out Unknown 9:01
But yes, yes, right now that’s just the mastermind. We’re doing several different off page GMB
services that are done for you now, but our team, our methods that are it’s our team doing
our methods to our specifications, and we’ve got an overall off page package. And then
we’ve got each component of that overall off page package separated out that can be purchased
as individual services, for those of you that don’t need everything, but just need parts
of it. And so, we’re rolling. we’ve rolled that out to our mastermind, now we’re getting
all of the fulfillment and delivery smooth, you know, process moved out. And as soon as
we’re done with that, we’re going to offer it to you guys publicly in MTI be as well. Unknown 9:43
So that was it. We’re good. Yeah, pretty much. Just want to tell everyone you know, if you’re
joining us live, that’s great. This is the place to be if you’ve got questions, like
I said, you can ask live you can ask ahead of time, if you can’t make it live, whether
you got a call client call, busy, you’re working, whatever. That’s one way to do it. And the
place to start is also Unknown 10:00
At battle plan semantic Unknown 10:03
that’s where you want to get some excuse me repeatable results and a lot of various you
want to dive deeper into stuff like keyword research, how to work with age domains, new
domains, all that and a whole lot more and if you’re ready to start or you want to grow
your existing local digital marketing agency come join us in the semantic mastery mastermind
and we made that of course nice and easy to find that’s at mastermind dot semantic Unknown 10:26
and like Bradley Marco were just mentioning it over to MTV dot CEO for your done for you
solutions, which was still have the syndication Academy networks we still have the ROI is
reloaded everything up to semantic mastery Unknown 10:41
standards. We have we’ve what we’ve done is we’ve brought everything under our own roof
right under our control so that it can be kept up to our specifications and our standards.
It’s what we use. And you guys if you’ve seen the stuff that we do and and just go to the
groups I mean, that’s Unknown 11:00
Take a shot, there’s a money back guarantee anyway, by the way, on joining any any of
the groups, right? join the group. So take advantage of one of the special ops and you
can get in for $1 for seven days and ask the people who are in the group don’t listen to
me, right? Don’t listen to me. Because Marco Marco is full of shit. Unknown 11:19
That’s just a marvelous finish. It doesn’t know what the fuck you talking about? Fine.
Go to our groups and as a who in here is getting results. And you’re going to see that that
people will start chiming and some of them will keep quiet, but I know who’s getting
results, right because I talked to them on a regular basis. But guys, it’s what we do
on a day to day basis what we use, we just go to our store, why else would we set it
up? If we don’t use it with that we’re known for drinking our own Kool Aid, right? That’s
who we are. So it’s an empty, Why be co anything and everything that you need to just kill
it on the web is right there. And besides, if it Unknown 12:00
join one of the groups the higher you go up the ladder The closer you get to us and you
know just us being with you every step of the way and trying to help you go ahead and
get to where you want to be to Unknown 12:14
okay cool referee referee Bradley before we jump in Unknown 12:19
if you got a copy of the battle plan if you haven’t go get it but if you do, we updated
the links is inside the battle plan so that now when you click on the link building side
of things and everything, it should take you to, you know, to enjoy be and the different
packages so we updated that last week. So, Unknown 12:36
too. Unknown 12:38
Alright, so it looks apparently because we’re gonna have to do something about this is this.
Obviously, questions are getting duplicated. And you know, I don’t know if it sets the
stupid Facebook app or what but anyway, everybody replacement hunted down. We’re going to test
it out in the coming week. Okay, cool. Cuz I’m seeing questions posted twice for a couple
people and there ought to be more questions in this room. Unknown 13:00
Now I’m assuming it’s um, anyways, let’s move on. Jeff’s up. First he says I would like
to use IFTTT for an account that has social accounts created by another SEO agency, we
no longer have access to those properties. Is it okay to create a new ring? Yeah, it
is, if you can’t, the only thing sucks is obviously if you had the the cherry subdomains,
for all the different accounts that you you know, that was your brand names for that for
that company, you’re going to have to modify it slightly, which kind of sucks, but it is
what it is. If you can’t access those properties, then yeah, absolutely. Just create another
ring. You know, Unknown 13:37
set up a new set of accounts with a slightly modified version of the username for each
one of the accounts so that you can at least make it still as very much close to the brand
is as possible. You know, we’ve had to do that. For example. You know, Unknown 13:51
for like a tree service company that has Tree Service in the name like we I’ve had to have
it changed to tree services or Tree Service, Inc. Or Unknown 14:00
Tree Service CO, like SEO for company, you know or something like that. And that may
be what you have to do. Unknown 14:07
You know, you could also potentially work depending on what kind of business it is you
could potentially work in like a location name, like the city name, and as well as the
company name, or even a product or service that the company, whatever their primary product
or services, perhaps work one of those words in along with the brand name so that there’s
that association made. But yes, you can do that. Again, it’s if you can’t access those
existing accounts, what what else could you do, really, except create a new rank? So yes,
absolutely. You can do that Jeff. Unknown 14:38
Kevin says what is the best keyword density analyzer tool? Um, well, honestly, that what
I’ve used, Kevin, that’s a good question, all I’ve ever used, which I really don’t worry
about keyword density so much anymore, except for if I’m reading through a piece of content
that I had written. If I feel like there’s too many uses of a keyword I’m worried about
over Unknown 15:00
density, I don’t really worry so much about hitting specific numbers for keyword density
anymore. We used to worry about that. But the algorithm is so much more advanced. Now
Google understands natural language language patterns. And, you know, in natural language,
excuse me so much better now that it’s really unnecessary to try to hit specific keyword
densities. If the content is written, well, Google will understand what the content is
about, regardless of repeating certain keywords over and over again, right. And so I don’t
really worry about keyword density at all anymore and less I feel like a keyword is
overused and a piece of content at which point I will test it. And there’s a there’s a tool
that I’ve been using for years now since one of the I think maybe panda three or panda
for it was around 2014 where I really Unknown 15:54
started using this at the time because back back then we we did try to hit certain keywords Unknown 16:00
density numbers. Right and there? Well, I think it was panda three or what panda four
or one of those in that timeframe. And I don’t know why it’s being so slow. Unknown 16:11
Site might might be having an issue. Seo central com. Yeah, apparently. That’s great. So now,
there’s no connection. Are you guys still hear me? Unknown 16:22
I’m still here. Yeah. Unknown 16:24
I just want to make sure it wasn’t the internet, my internet that was screwing up. But ok.
So I was going to show this to you. But SEO center. com. That’s what I’ve been used. I
had been using, like I said, back around 2013 or 14 ish. We had a we had tried to hit specific
numbers. And then all of a sudden one of the panda updates caused a lot of the sites that
I had built like lead gen sites and client sites to drop down in the rankings, not nuts.
I didn’t get penalized, but I dropped you know, a page 1015 spots somewhere around there.
And so after consulting with some of the, you know, people, my colleagues and such Unknown 17:00
I found that there was another magic number, and it was trying to keep your density under
a specific threshold and at the time it was 2% for two word keywords. Now I’m sorry for
one word keywords It was 2% try to stay under 2% try to stay under 1% for two word keywords
and try to stand or point 2% for three word, keyword phrases. And so SEO Sentra which apparently
is a broken site right now. Unknown 17:31
Yeah, for whatever reason, it’s not loading right now guys. So it might be it’s, it’s
valid for everyone I check. Okay, well, that was the only tool that I would use. And there
was a keyword density checker on that it was a one of the tools of SEO Central. And again,
I haven’t used it in months and probably even a year if if that but there was a keyword
density where you would just take the Publish page that you wanted to check and you would
add, you know, put it into the search field or whatever and hit go and it would Unknown 18:00
Analyze the entire page and it would show you the words and one words, two words and
three words, the phrases that it determined were keywords. And so it would get a lot of
random stuff in there. That didn’t make sense. But it would show you the percentages. And
that was a good tool for it. And the reason why I liked that tool Now, obviously, it looks
like we might have to find another one. But you could probably do some searches and find
one. The reason I like that tool better than for example, you know, a lot of times people
would write their content and try to hit specific density is based upon an SEO plugin like Yost,
for example, inside of a WordPress dashboard. But you would, you know, a lot of people didn’t
take into consideration the fact that Yost was only analyzing the keywords within the
post body of that post or page right, so the article body of that post or page, I didn’t
show you the keyword density of what the published page had, because remember, you’ve got keywords
in your site header. Unknown 19:00
Your navigation, your main navigation menu, your sidebar, your footer, your widget, your
widget areas, like those are all potential places, your images, your alt text, all of
that kind of stuff. We could also contain keywords. And so people would optimize their
content based upon what the plugin was telling them, which was just the keyword density of
the article body of that page or post. And then there, but if you were to analyze the
published page, which included all of those other elements, they were way over optimized,
way over optimized. And so it was misleading. And that’s part of the reason why way back
and, you know, for many, many years, I’ve said don’t use the WordPress plugins as a
way to determine, you know, especially like Yost tells you like optimization tips, don’t
do that. Don’t do that. It you know, because again, it there’s a lot of things that it
doesn’t take into consideration, I guess for somebody that is, you know, Unknown 19:53
just a blogger doesn’t know anything about SEO or something like that. There may be some
value to that but as an SEO or somebody that Unknown 20:00
Learning or doing SEO? Those are not I would never recommend going by those guidelines.
So do you want to you guys have another tool besides SEO Centro? Because apparently that’s
broken. Unknown 20:13
Not the one I reached Oh, yeah. And if not, then you know, definitely probably just do
a search for something similar to that. So long as it’s looking at the right places.
I I’m sure there are several out there. But that was the one I was used to use. Unknown 20:25
Yeah, so again, guys, our friend Google, I would just do a keyword density checker. Right. Unknown 20:33
And then just scroll through some of these and see online keyword density tool, see something
like that. That’s what I would check. On sem rush does it too, by the way, that’s not free,
obviously. But yeah, here’s an example. Now I have not used this one. So I don’t know
if it’s any good. But I like these type of SEO density or keyword density checkers over
the plugins because of what I just mentioned. It will analyze the entire published page
and all of the elements of that page. Unknown 21:00
Make sense? So, there you go. Unknown 21:04
Moving on. Unknown 21:08
Can Robert says Okay, can I answered you in the Facebook group but I’ll answer this for
everybody else’s benefit. He says, How do I take an address off a GMB? I don’t see an
option to designate it as a service area business that used to be a checkbox if it was a service
business. Where is it now? Well, what you do now as a service area businesses once you
get your GM be verified, like if you’re doing it manually, you’ll get you know, postcard
most of the time. Or if you’re purchasing it, and you get it delivered and its surface
area business, but what you want to do is go into the Info tab, right, so the left hand
sidebar, you click on info, and then where the map pin icon is, which shows the address
of the business. You click that to edit it and the pop up window comes up. And then there’s
a link of blue text link inside that pop up window that says clear address. You click
the Clear address button and then you click save or update whatever the button says. Unknown 22:00
And then then you add your service area, which is the next section underneath that where
the physical address showed, that’s the next section on the Info tab that you can edit.
And that’s where you set your service areas. So all you do is, like I said, you’re going
to, it’s going to show your address at one until until it’s verified. And if it’s a service
area business, the way that you make it a service area businesses before you start adding
your service areas, you go in to edit the physical address, and then you click the Clear
address button, and then save it. Okay. Unknown 22:31
Okay, my ink is up. He says, Hey, guys, so I’m setting up a membership site where every
article that I post around 25% of it would be available for reading for everybody or
everyone excuse me, and the rest would be restricted so that only paid members can read
the whole article. Question is, is it possible to SEO and get good rankings for such pages
considering that most of the pages content is going to be restricted? Mike, I don’t know
because I’ve never done any of that kind of stuff. Margaret, that’s more up your alley. Unknown 22:58
Because there a way to hide this Unknown 23:00
content to where Google still recognizes it. But the reader does not. Yeah, Unknown 23:06
of course there is. But it’s not something that I would share here. Okay. Unknown 23:12
Well, there you go. I can’t help you with that. Anyways, I really don’t do that kind
of stuff. So I don’t know. Yeah, Unknown 23:19
but I mean, you’re getting into it territory, right delivering one content to the search
engine and, and another content to the user. But that’s cloaking. And Google doesn’t really
like that this trip to be really careful when you get into shit like that. But yeah, of
course, this way you can you can code it all the way you can call it I’ll go as far as
giving you that. You can code it. So that Google is sir one set of content and the user
another set of content. Unknown 23:50
Okay. Yeah, Unknown 23:52
I mean, as far as like, there’s content gates, or you know, view gates, essentially. And
I think that’s what you’re talking about. Unknown 24:00
Like, you know, there’s social social media plugins that will do that kind of stuff, like,
hide content until you like or share or something like that. But I don’t know if that hides
the content from Google from seeing it or not. It obviously hides it from the user. Unknown 24:14
But I would be worried, like, you know, trying to do something that just could they still
see the content if they did, right click view page source, you know what I mean? So like,
I don’t know, because I’ve never really looked into that my income. So I’m sorry, I can’t
help you with that. Unknown 24:28
guy says, Do you have a suggestion for replacing the easy local cast software that has been
replicated? Um, yeah, he’s got an online version of it now. So guy, we’ve, I mean, we’ve shared
that in several of the groups. It’s an online version. It’s, it doesn’t work quite the same.
But you know, Unknown 24:45
again, it’s his software, it was never ours to begin with. So does anybody have the link
for that? I think it’s easy local cache something or another. Unknown 24:55
We just see if I can find it for you, but just a second. Unknown 24:59
Yeah, it’s easy. Unknown 25:00
local cache comm slash software dot html now maybe that’s not it. Unknown 25:07
Here it is. This is it. Software, easy local cache. com. That’s what it is. Guys. Again,
this is not our software. So it works differently than what the desktop did. Unknown 25:18
You know, Chad Kimball’s software, I understand why he did what he did it. So if you want
to use this one have at it. Unknown 25:28
We are we were talking about potentially developing one ourselves, but it doesn’t look like we’re
going to. So I know Peter drew as got software’s and his tool suite now that will do something
very similar to that, but it’s a paid tool suite. So it’s not something that’s going
to be offered for free. So unfortunately, you’re stuck with that for now. Or you can
just do you know, I mean, for example. Unknown 25:55
Yeah, that’s that’s pretty much the only thing I know of right now. We talked about potentially
doing it ourselves, but Unknown 26:00
I don’t think we’re going to. So Unknown 26:03
try that guy. See if that helps you out. Unknown 26:07
Alright, moving on Frankie’s up, he says, What’s up Frankie? He says, Hey guys, when
running multiple PPC campaigns, how do you combine all the negative keywords from different
accounts and different campaigns? If you need to create a new campaign with a master negative
keyword list? I can’t seem to find any tool or shortcut on how to combine all the keywords
into one spreadsheet and remove all the duplicates. Can you share how to do it? Thanks, as always,
yeah, I mean, I don’t know of any tools that will, you know, that you can connect to all
of your accounts that will extract the data, but the way that I would do it is just download
the negative keyword lists, which you can do from inside the AdWords or the Google Ads
dashboard. And then you’re going to get a separate spreadsheet for each but then you
just like literally copy and paste, Unknown 26:48
you know, all into a master sheet, right? So in one of the Excel documents, or you can
even do it in Google Sheets, but will be a little bit slower. If you do an Excel, then
you can just copy and Unknown 27:00
paste all of them into one master sheet and then just use remove duplicates. I know that’s
kind of a pain in the ass because it’s manual. But you know, that’s honestly, that’s how
I would do it. Also, if you’re using the Google ads, Unknown 27:13
software that the desktop software, which you can download, they just updated it again.
Then you can connect all of your accounts that you manage into that Google Ads desktop
software, what do they call it? The Google ads, fuck. Unknown 27:26
I can’t remember the name of the software now if top my head but anyways, you can download
the software, which makes it easy to do bulk edits and things like that. And then you could
just it would make it easier than having to log in all of your different accounts to download
that that spreadsheet of your negative keyword lists. So again, it’s it’s still a manual
process, as far as I know, maybe somebody else knows have a better solution, but I don’t. Unknown 27:49
Okay. Unknown 27:51
Also, that’s part of the reason. Frankly, it’s good to have a VA because that’s something
you could task a VA with, right? Even if you were the one going in and downloading all
the sheets, you could send that over to a VA and Unknown 28:00
By the way, I just had to hire Well, I just put a job posting on up work for a an Excel
nerd, like and somebody that’s an Excel specialist or a Microsoft Access specialist because I
got some work that I’m doing that requires stuff that’s way above my pay grade when it
comes to excel. And so I just posted a job over there for up work and you can find people
you know, for 10 $12 Unknown 28:23
an hour that are super proficient in that kind of stuff. So maybe they you know, you
could you could hire somebody like that. I’m sure it would be a really quick, easy job
for somebody that knows what they’re doing. Unknown 28:33
Okay. Unknown 28:35
Looks like we’re almost out of questions, but that’s probably because this stupid app.
Let me refresh. Unknown 28:44
Yeah, there’s a couple more cool. Alright, cool. So um, Unknown 28:52
yeah. Jay Turner. Are there any benefits to making it looks like we lost one? Maybe not. Unknown 28:58
Oh, there’s Jordan Fowler posted it as Unknown 29:00
To review tools com keyword density checker thanks, Jordan. I appreciate that. Unknown 29:06
I wanted to like it. Oh shit at sign me out. Are you serious? Wow, unbelievable. Love this
Facebook app guys fucking love it. All right. Well, I can’t comment anymore. So Jay Turner
says, Are there any benefits to making a small blog post canonical over to the same content
on a much broader topic page with the jump link to that section being the link in the
canonical tag? Yeah, I would say so. There’s some really powerful stuff. That that yes.
Yeah. Just short answer. Yes. J, there is some benefit to that back. Unknown 29:40
What’s cool about that is if it’s canonical, it Google Unknown 29:45
honors the canonical, then the blog post won’t actually index I mean, Google know it, but
it won’t index and then you can do some pretty cool things to that blog posts, which will
kind of hide your hide it from prying eyes. So yes, that’s against your Unknown 30:00
answer is yes. Unknown 30:02
Paul critical says, Hey guys, I noticed when you type in Google things to do in your town,
a Knowledge Graph comes up with different types of activities. I have a client that
is wanting to create a workshop style class and his city. And once organic traffic from
that source, what is the best way to get included into that list? schema have to have proper
schema markup. There are Unknown 30:23
there are people that teach that kind of stuff. Unknown 30:26
You could also just try to do some extensive, you know, research throughout by just doing
simply google searches to try to find out how to do that. I don’t you know, I haven’t
done any of that stuff yet. But there are Unknown 30:37
Ryan rod and he could probably do that. Right. Sure. He could. Let me see if we’ve got. Unknown 30:48
Okay, so Ryan Ryan was a mastermind member for quite some time. I don’t think he’s with
us anymore, but he does a lot of schema stuff. And he may be able to help you he does it. Unknown 30:58
You know, you can hire him. Unknown 31:00
So he’s got schema code order, you can also hire him on like a consultant basis to kind
of help you code stuff out. And you might want to even just pay him for an hour of his
time to teach you how to do that. I don’t know if he’d be willing to do that. But this
is somebody that I could recommend is probably would be able to help you to do that. I know,
again, like I said, some of the some of the people that you know, some colleagues, some
of the other SEO groups out there, they’re people that have taught that it’s not something
I know how to do, because I have not done that. But it again, it’s it all comes down
to schema. If you publish content on your site, and you mark it up properly, Google
will come use that and include it in that type of a thing. For example, a lot of times,
guys, if you know, Unknown 31:37
and I’ve done training about this, questions in a question and answer posts are great for
blogs. And it’s great for SEO. And how do I know that? Well, if you ask certain questions
into Google, you notice right in the SERPs, there’s accordion menus, like drop down menus
that have the questions with a little down arrow pointing and during groups usually have
three three to five questions. Unknown 32:00
If you click on one of the questions, it reveals the answer, which is just a snippet that it
pulled from one of the search results that are listed on that page. Right. And so that’s
how you get included in those q amp a box is by proper markup. And there’s q amp a,
by the way, schema markup for that. And in fact, Jordan Fowler was pointing out that
recently in our in our mastermind, but there’s, what’s cool about that is every time you click
one of those questions to reveal the answer, it real it load makes that box that has the
questions in it, like expand to include even more related questions. And each time you
click it, it gets bigger and bigger and bigger. And again, all it’s doing is it’s sourcing
that the answers from other web properties that have the proper markup, and that Google
has determined are authoritative, in that, Unknown 32:49
you know, particular topic. So, you know, that’s why I’ve talked about that being very
powerful to use this blog type content, and if you can create an original answer to those
times Unknown 33:00
types of questions and mark it up properly, you can get included in those boxes. But even
just for SEO purposes, if you go collect or scrape those questions, compile them, and
then even use for curating for you and you know, you guys know probably should know that
we teach to curate content because it’s the most efficient way to produce content without
having to be a subject matter expert, then you can even curate those questions and answers
and create blog posts that are where you group similar questions and answers. And you just
link out to the content sources. Just Google gives you all that information right there
and there’s q amp a boxes, right and then you can actually create original post where
you just inject a little bit of commentary in between the curated sections, and that
makes great content for the blog as well as for GMB posts. So anyways, I can’t drop this
link on there guys, because Facebook just blocked me for whatever reason from our own
app, but schema SK II ma dot PRL. If that answers your question, I would go check out
Ryan Ross Unknown 34:00
For some help, if you want, like specific help otherwise just do some searches for how
to get Unknown 34:07
how to get to how to what was it a events, how to get the event schema, like event
or something like that is what I would what I would search and you could probably find
some specific articles about that. Unknown 34:21
Okay. Unknown 34:22
There’s a good question. In fact, I’m just curious really quickly see event Unknown 34:28
schema. Unknown 34:30
There is a on that. See, this is what I was talking about these questions
right here is exactly what I’m talking about. And see when you click on that, how it expands
even more, it starts adding even more questions, and it’ll just keep going on and on and on.
So there you go. And event rich snippet, schema creator, SEO chat tools. Look at that, right.
There’s a tool for that. There’s plugins, those plugins typically don’t work all that
well. At least they didn’t use to, but maybe they do. Look this is event steal our JSON
LD, I don’t know. But there you go. There you go. Unknown 35:00
Just do a simple Google search and start doing some research. This looks like a schema markup
generator for events. So you might even want to try that and see if and then go validate
it, right. So fill this stuff out, copy the code, go over to the Google structured data
tool, paste it in, make sure that it validates, validates, then use that code on your webpage,
your event page. Okay, something else you might want to try. Unknown 35:26
is let’s do, Unknown 35:29
you could try this to this is Google’s own tool, the Google structured data markup helper.
So again, just go to Google and search structured data markup helper, and this is Google’s own
tool. And look at that, guys. There’s an event thing right there. So what you do is you put
your URL in there. And then this tool will add structured data markup to a sample web
page web page. So you can put your your your event page in there that you’ve already published,
whether it has the code or not, and then Google’s markup helper will Unknown 36:00
Start will allow you to like highlight certain elements of the page and it will tell you
how to mark it up. So like, for example, the date day and time, for example, or the location
like you, you highlight that section and in Google’s markup helper tool will tell you
how to mark it up correctly. So it makes sense. So again, this is Google’s own tool here. Unknown 36:21
Any any input on that, guys? Was that good enough? Unknown 36:26
That was perfect. Okay, so we Unknown 36:29
can’t believe they kicked me out of Facebook. comments for this on during the webinar. It’s
ridiculous. Unknown 36:35
I don’t want to use this anymore. Unknown 36:37
All right, next one. Yeah, Scott said it’s not loading. Thanks, Scott. We got that. Unknown 36:43
See? Unknown 36:45
That’s again, that’s a duplicate question. Unknown 36:49
Greg’s got to do but good question. It’s a stupid app. Anyways, Jay says is there any
advantage to making a or several making a or several brief blog posts cannot Unknown 37:00
Shit. That’s the same question to it just looks like it’s filled out a little bit more.
Okay, I’ll answer the second part of this Jay was thinking about doing the above to
drip feed and pushed out blog post content to the syndication networks in order to get
the page more links from the syndication network. Yeah, that should work. Again, that’s that
should work. Unknown 37:20
We might have to wrap it up early guys. I’m tired of this app like already. I’m frustrated
with it. It looks like we don’t have any more questions anyways. I’m sure it’s because people
are having issues. Yeah. Unknown 37:30
I’m sorry. Go ahead. No, I mean, yeah, you’re totally right. I think that’s an issue. It’s
definitely an issue, because we’re getting duplicate questions. It’s just stupid. Sorry,
guys. You know, we’re trying to find a better solution. Adam says that Unknown 37:44
we’re going to test next week. Yeah, got it will test it and we’ll see if it works. Okay.
definitely got to do something. Okay. So Greg’s, I think even discuss was better than this
because at least discussed in break entirely. So Greg says using press Unknown 38:00
advantage, I have noticed only around to syndicated press releases appearing in the Google index,
when I published Will I still get the same benefit power wise from a press release submission
have hardly any of the published articles show up as being indexed in Google? Yeah.
Okay. So that’s used to be, by the way that that’s, that’s how that happened most of the
time, a long time ago. And then for whatever reason, what happens is a lot of them do get
indexed, but they go into what’s called the supplemental index, right? So Google will
only show a handful or one or two that it determines are the most authoritative, or
the original sources or whatever, and it will show those in the index and put the rest in
what’s called supplemental index. For example, if you search for the title of press release
or other content, and this this could happen with syndicated blog posts, for example, then
you’ll see at the bottom of the search results where it’ll say Google has admitted, similar
you know, similar search results, and if you click that link, it will actually open up
the supplemental index and will show you all of the others places that that Unknown 39:00
same content was published. So Google is aware of it. And we’ve done testing that, you know,
even with no indexed PB ends, for example, that will again, we don’t use PB ends anymore.
But we’ve done testing. And it’s been a while since we’ve done it, but with no no index
PB ends. And yes, Google able, you can still give you a bump. Right. So it’s not I didn’t
say D indexed, but I said no index. Right. So supplemental index links, will they still
help? As far as I’m aware? Yes. Are they as powerful as those that would be indexed? All
you know, in the regular index? I don’t think so. And the reason why is because Google is
looking at it as almost duplicate content. It’s not that it’s toxic, but it’s just not
that is as helpful as what I’m saying. So that’s one of the things that was being addressed
by quantum Newswire, which we did a promotion for recently. Because they, they specifically
are using a much smaller distribution network because of that reason, they’re not they’re
trying not to use Unknown 39:59
as many Unknown 40:00
distribution points that end up getting going into the supplemental index anyways, now that
said, Greg, the local PR pro method, which was essentially PR stalking and using press
releases to get local results. It’s still effective, although the method has evolved
a bit. And it’s on what’s about two years old now, since we launched that course, and
so I am going to update that again and probably the next two months, we’re going to launch
it relaunch it with the new methods and a couple of months. Because specifically, like
I said, it has evolved. You’re in the mastermind. I’ve talked about this multiple times in the
mastermind, Greg, I know you’ve missed that webinar or where I’ve talked about it, but
we have talked about that. And several occasions now over the last several weeks in the mastermind,
but Unknown 40:47
it still works. The local Pr Pr method works but it has evolved slightly in that I’ve noticed
in several of our members have noticed. Darrell was one of them who does a lot of PR stuff
that it requires more prs, and more Unknown 41:00
Consistent PR is before it kicks in the way that it used to with just one or two or, you
know, like I said, when we launched the course, I was able to get 80% results with six hours
or less. In other words, 15 out of 15 properties that I tested on 12 of them, I was able to
get into the maps three pack within six press releases, so six press releases or less. That
doesn’t seem to be the case anymore if it’s low competition, yes, but if it’s moderately
competitive, or or more than it requires more press releases and more consistency as well
as like I always said, I believe it requires more diversity to in that instead of just
using one distribution service over and over and over, you can still get effects that way,
if you’re stacking properly, and I’m not going to go over the specific method of how to stack
properly right now here on a free Hump Day Hangout, because that’ll be included in the
update and we can talk about that in the mastermind all the one Greg. But if you stack properly
now you still can get really Unknown 42:00
Really good results with just one distribution service. But it requires specific or Unknown 42:06
a different internal linking method than what was, you know, the original method, right.
And so that’s really the point is, is, if you have additional distribution networks
that you can use, that’s going to help with diversity, you also want to stack properly,
which just means changing it up a bit. Again, I can’t go cover that specific method here.
But yes, I’m still using press releases prime as my primary off page link building, you
know, Unknown 42:32
direct to money site stuff. But you know, Unknown 42:35
I’m also doing a lot of powering up to our assets using our link building service, you
know, the same link building service that you have access, Greg, through mg, Why be
now? Right. So again, it’s about powering up specific entities. That’s what the ad ID
loop is that we set up. Again, you can get that training in the mastermind. You’ve got
that Greg. I know you’ve got that. But you can build links like traditional links to
that spam type links and Unknown 43:00
It works really well as including some of the assets that we are able to produce using
the press releases. Right? So you power those up and you can get really good results too.
As far as the indexing I don’t it’s not that big of a deal it whether they’re indexed or
not, why do I say that? Well, because for example, guys, syndication networks, we know
syndication networks help. We could talk about that briefly too. By the way, I just recently
set up a new project haven’t done any link building to I haven’t done any content marketing.
All I did was set up a website, right and it was just a Click Funnels page. And then
I set up on a subdomain a WordPress installation for a blog. And that blog is just has the
Hello World post on it still, and I updated the site, the blog site title like the you
know, the title tag and such but I have not done any content marketing or any link building,
haven’t syndicated any posts, haven’t done anything, but I have it. It’s a specific company
name. And I added it’s been about three weeks now that I’ve had that site up and again,
besides the Click Funnels page, whatever Unknown 44:00
content, there’s no content at all other than the Hello World post on the blog. And for
that company name, Unknown 44:07
if I were to search just last week for the company name, it showed up on like page three
because there’s a lot of other companies that have similar names, but it’s not the same
name. And so my the site being a brand new site brand new entity was showing up but like
on page like three, so way, way back. Well, I have one of our VA is build me a syndication
network, for that company for that for that brand, because it’s like I said, it’s a new
project that I’m just setting up. And they just delivered that syndication network to
me on Thursday, last week, so about six days ago, well, on Monday, I went and checked and
guys, again, no posting has been done no content marketing, no syndicated posts or anything.
On Monday, I did a search for my company name and a incognito browser and Firefox that was
clean, and boom, number one for that company name. Now, granted, I was searching for the
company name, but it was on page three, four. Unknown 45:00
about two and a half, three weeks. And then all we did was create a syndication network
and it in it. As Marco always talks about solidified are validated the entity. And now
it’s showing is number one for that brand search. So it just goes to show you that the
syndication networks, although is a specific SEO tool for syndicating posts is not as effective
as it used to be five years ago, right? That makes sense. But it’s still every bit as effective
and as critical as important because of what it does for validating the entity. And so
the reason I brought that up was because the same thing goes with syndicating posts, most
weed for years. And Greg, you should know this because you’ve been with part of the
mastermind for years. For years, people have asked, Well, I’m not seeing my syndicated
post URLs being indexed. I can’t find them in the index. So this is useless. And I’ve
said for years. No, that’s not true. Because whether they’re indexed or not, it doesn’t
mean they’re useless. Google knows they’re there. And how do I know that Google knows
or that well if your site is connected to search console, Unknown 46:00
And you go look at links to your site in Search Console, you’ll see WordPress and blogger
and Tumblr and delicious and well not so much more delicious anymore. But Diego and all
of the different sites that were in your syndication network, you’ll see that they are listed and
links to your site. And they’ll show how many posts Google was aware of that are linking
back to your site. So whether they’re in the index or not, Google knows they’re there,
and it’s counting them as links to your site. Does that make sense? So we know that they’re
powerful, regardless, if as long as Google knows they’re there. Yes, there is some benefit
to having indexed links. There’s no doubt. But there is still some benefit from non index
links to as long as they’re not D indexed sites. Mark, do you want to comment on that?
Yeah, absolutely. I’ve been talking about art, and the art of art. Seems like forever
now, at least a couple of years ever since I saw that the distance grab, and what school
was doing as far as a websites and how it was taking a look at the entity and related Unknown 47:00
everything to the entities to what it was gauging is trusted authority How many people
do you trust? And basically how many trust you not people but but websites and and what
is the trust and authority of those websites that are linking to yours. And it’s measuring
that distance from seed sites and seat sets. I mean, I talked about this forever. I got
tired of talking about because nobody would listen. Maybe Maybe they’ll start listening
now, the that I mean, we can completely see how Google, it wants the entity. It wants
to brand. It does not like ambiguity. And ambiguity simply means that there are two
things on the web. That could be and I’ll give you a perfect example of ambiguity. You
know, DC Glenn from tag team, right? Well, taxing can also mean a tag team and wrestling.
And that’s what he’s been having to deal with it as far as ambiguity when people Unknown 48:00
Search? Which tag team are you referring to? So when you when you do a search for tag team,
actually, Google gives you two options. Are you looking for tag team and wrestling? Or
are you looking for tag team, the hip hop, or poor? Google doesn’t like ambiguity. It
does not like to terms to be related to the same thing. And so what we have to do with
this, Unknown 48:24
first of all, don’t create ambiguity. And if you do, you have to disambiguate fuck a
$100 word for something so simple as make it clear to Google. What what your entity
is, bind everything to your entity, right? It’s verification, it’s validation, and then
solidification. That’s what you have to do. And it just so happens that that our syndication
networks are some of the best tools out there for accomplishing this. Unknown 48:57
But not only that, what I recommend is you take every Unknown 49:00
Everything and you put that into a DR stack, take all of your URLs in the place where they
go into dr stack. And then when you do the press of the stack, Unknown 49:12
you drop a link into that Dr stack. And then when you go and do your link building, your
your link building follows your press releases press one press of these two, and so on so
that you’re incrementally link building on to the last one. And then the last one, you
hit hard, so that everything just shoots through that live stream. And I’m going to tell you
right now there’s absolutely nothing better for creating relevance, which is the other
part of art right activity, relevance, trust and authority. Just an authority we get from
from all of the link building and everything else. Unknown 49:47
But creating everything in that Dr. Stack and then getting dead yet to do his magic.
That’s like I don’t know how he does it. And I don’t care. He just knows he’s been doing
it for years. He knows what works. So I I’m not going to Unknown 50:00
Tell him what to do because he’s the master. But guy seriously, man, this works like gangbusters.
And then on top of that, to really put that put put like like the cherry on top. You put
you put some some Unknown 50:14
traffic into it some Google traffic. And that’s when it really comes home man. That’s when
everything really binds together and it because then it’s people telling Google Yeah, this
is the entity that I was actually looking for, which is one of the things that I’m working
with DC Glenn on right on on his entity. It’s already validated. Now it has to be disambiguate
it from tireless, it’s tough, right? Because a lot of people look for that. Protect team
and wrestling rather than tag team that we just have to get enough people to look at
tag team, the hip hop group to disambiguate. But anyway, a long winded answer to Yes, syndication
networks work for the entity but so Unknown 51:00
does everything else that we recommend in our battle plan by the battle plan is there
for a reason we follow it and we’ve given you a step by step process on what it is that
you need to do. Now some of it will take multiple attempts so that you can push your keyword
to where you want it to be are you can hit the map pack or you can hit the Knowledge
Graph UI you get rid of three pack become the Knowledge Graph for that keyword term.
This this tons of things that you could do when you’re pushing power, but it takes pushing
the right amount of power in the right places. I said my piece Unknown 51:38
very good. Unknown 51:41
Facebook just completely locked me out of my fucking account. Unbelievable. I was just
looking at my phone while you’re talking. It’s like this is twice now in two days. I
don’t understand. Are you guys all experienced in that shit to if not I got I got locked
out of Facebook till Yes. Unbelievable. Adam did to like what the fuck? I hate Facebook. Unknown 52:00
Anyways, Alright guys, I’m going to wrap it up because I’m tired of this already. This
is really being stupid. By the way, Clint, thank you for posting that link since I’m
unable to do it. Unknown 52:09
But yeah, we’ll see you guys next week. Thanks for being here. Any any other words guys know
your comment system for everyone to test out next week? Yeah, definitely. Unknown 52:21
Alright guys, we’ll see you next week. Thanks. Transcribed by

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