Digital Vinyl Banner Printing : How to Trim a Banner

Hi everyone, I’m Doug Downey on behalf of
Expert Village, I’m here today to show you how to digitally print vinyl banners. Now
here’s the banner that we’ve just printed and, to show you the full bleed capability,
you can see that this, where the rollers have run along the side here of the print, in this
you can see the double grommets here also. And this is the area here you need to, you
can trim off, so your weld, your weld on this banner is form this area to this area, you
can see that it’s a thermal welded banner so when you cut this, trim this area off if
you’d like to, before sending it out, that you’re left with still a good half of it,
of the thermal weld is still left there with your grommets in to be nice and secure. So
all you do, is you take an Exacto knife, you can run along and trim that edge or use a
pair of scissors and just trim that edge and you have a nice full bleed capability banner
with your grommets still in without having to put them in yourselves, that makes it much
simpler, you don’t have to ship it out to be sewn or you don’t have to ship it out
to be grommets put in, you just throw it in, drop it in and go, and it’s ready to ship
off to the customer.

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