DISNEYLAND PARIS NOV’19 VLOG 10 | Cafe Fantasia Cocktails, Illuminations & Billy Bobs!

Hi guys and welcome back to a
brand new Disneyland Paris vlog. Helloooo. # Got my hot hands, my hot hands going So we’ve just left Disneyland park and we’re about to go into the Disneyland Hotel. It’s just behind us here.
– Yeah, going for a bit of a break, bit of a rest bite. Something we always like to do. Actually it was included in our top tips to like relax wasn’t it? Just go into Cafe Fantasia and
also have a snoop at the fancy hotel. Martyn: So if you didn’t know, I mean all the hotels, you’re
actually you’re allowed to go in and have a look around
even if you’re not staying there and you’re also allowed to go into their
bars and their restaurants. Martyn: It’s well worth it because you can explore and see what’s in each one and see whether you want to stay there.
– Yeah like a feel of whether you like it. I mean this very plush.
– Smell that smell. Oh wow. [MUSIC] Martyn: Aw it’s all Christmas in here as well.
Look at all this up. Is this the shop coming up? Yeah it is.
Shall we have a look. Helena: Have a little look. So you’ve actually got a soft spot for Oasis Pooh now.
– He just reminds me of this trip. Reminds you of the trip, ooooh! Well you might buy that Winnie plush
then. How much is he? 36, he’s quite pricey.
– He’s more expensive that the last one. Martyn: Look at the size of these. Look at the size of this Stitch. This is like having your own personal meet and greet at home. Helena: How much is it? I always wonder. He’s 79.99.
– 80 euros. Does that count? Meet and greet with Sully.
– Meet and greet with Sully, there he is. He’s shrunk a little.
– Tick it off the bucket list. [MUSIC] Have you noticed Helena’s
wearing her black spirit jersey? We’re twinning.
– In fact, yeah, we’re matching today. Helena has moved so she can see the view. It’s a good view as well, you can see
like the main entrance and then our engagement spot is over there as well. Look at this.
– How’s that for an afternoon cocktail. This is a rouge et noir. A red and black. Red, black. Ignore my, mine’s boring. But this looks fancy. Helena: I better taste. Nice, very sweet.
– Is it? I should probably mix it but I
don’t want to ruin it. [MUSIC] # We’re stuck in the Disneyland Hotel
– We got in the lift with this couple and their children and pressed 0. Went down and then the doors didn’t open so went up to three and then back down. Are they gonna open. They opened.
[Laughter] They just didn’t want us going into the
pool. You can smell the pool. We’ve had a break. We are refreshed, rejuvenated and we are off… To ride the tower, well not first maybe.
– …to Walt Disney Studios. Yeah actually, it shot up. We were looking
at the wait times and it shot up from 15 minutes to 30 minutes so we might go, I really want to do the magic carpets. Yeah we do that cause it’s been raining hasn’t it, that’s why we haven’t done it. So might be nice to do it while it’s sunny. This is controversial but I prefer the
magic carpets over Dumbo. They’re essentially the same ride.
– I think I do actually. But I like the song. Oh what, from Aladdin.
– Friend like me. Martyn: All the Christmas
decorations have been put up. Helena: What’s falling? Is that snow?
– Yeah it looks like snow doesn’t it? Martyn: Is it being pumped out or is it actually snowing?
– That looks like snow right? That must be fake snow. Martyn: It must be being pumped out. Yeah, no that would be really weird if it’s actually snowing. Change of plan. It says 15 minutes again
for Tower of Terror. So we’re gonna queue. Will we get the lift that is upstairs? I’m not so sure. Okay guys, we’ve gone to the left hand side. This has never happened. So we’re hoping that means… Martyn: The other version. We’re going up the stairs! I didn’t think we’d be able to do it.
– We don’t know yet. So we’ve done everything we possibly
could to get the third story in on Tower of Terror. However as dlp report told me the other day. They said the central one is highly
recommended and that must be the different one to the two that we’ve
done and we thought that going upstairs would solve that problem but no. There’s
a central lift that they don’t use when it’s not busy.
– Upstairs and downstairs. And it’s that one…not open at the moment.
– That’s the one their not using. So there’s no way of us actually getting on it.
– Until we come back during like peak I think or when it’s like open all the time. And try and get a fast pass but at least we
know that. It is so good.
– It is really good, I love it. Creepy girl. Just works so well. Yeah
they’ve opened these stalls. These are new. Vegan Kitchen there. That’s a good one. So I know people have asked me before about vegan food at Disneyland Paris So this is a brand new vegan
kitchen and here is the menu. All of the stalls have opened. All the
Christmas stalls. So there’s pretzels, There’s all sorts.
– There was another vegan one up there as well. Martyn: There’s quiche, pork pies, mulled wine, roasted chestnuts, hot chocolate. Helena: Oooh, it’s so cute. I bet this is cute at night. Martyn: We’re gonna go to Radiator
Springs We hadn’t actually seen cars…
– No we hadn’t. Till about a month ago.
– About a month ago. So we know all about this now and actually it’s one of my favorites, favorite Pixar’s. We still need to see 2 and 3.
– Yeah we haven’t seen 2 or 3. The cozy cone motel yes!
# Ride Sally ride So we just went on the cars Quatre Rally and I sat in the
front because I normally sit in the back well there’s a reason I sit in the
back. There’s a lot more space. I sat in the front and my knee was right up against
the front. Scraping it every time we turned but it was enjoyable.
– It’s a good one. I think it’s a good one for children cause it looks like you’re about to crash doesn’t it?
– It gets so close, it’s so clever. But now we’re gonna go on “Roll em”! We’re gonna go on the Aladdin magic carpets.
There he is. [MUSIC] Martyn: Toady’s roll call. Genie, Genie, Genie.
[Laughter] [MUSIC] Getting close to the Genie are you? # Ma ma maaa, oh yeah I heard something. There’s the Genie look. He’s in the background, he’s photo bombing. He’s the director. Annnnnnnd action! Aw it wouldn’t have been good if it went then. Annnnnnnnd action! No. Annnd action! Here we go! Oh yeah I forgot you control it.
– Let’s go up! Let’s go up! Let’s go right to the top. Hey Genie.
– Hey Genie. Bye Genie. [MUSIC] You didn’t get my dance.
– You were dancing weren’t you? Actually…
– The reason, oh go on. …still haven’t completed it so
I can’t dance just yet. The reason that Helena is doing a dance
is because we are heading to Hyperspace Mountain. We’re now back in the Disneyland
Paris park. It is a 10 minute wait for the tenth ride. Aw that seems like fate. We will have completed
something that I thought might be impossible, not impossible, it was a
stretch getting it done. The next time you see us we should be pretty happy.
– Yeah. We did it! We just did it!
– Number ten Number ten!
– And the sound was back. Sound was back. Everything was in full working
order and what was funny was when we got off, Amy and Alex who we met the other day.
They were getting on the ride, so we waved over them but they were getting
in the exact same cart in the exact same seats. And they asked what number it was and I was like, should I give it away? I was like yeah. That was our tenth one, yeah! I still can’t believe it. Ten in the bag.
– We were so close last time and we failed. And we were here for a shorter period. So as you know, I have
lost the Buzz Lightyear challenge but we’re going to have a friendly because
it’s ten minutes it says. But this is still best of three so at least you’ll know whether it was 2:1. No, no, that’s not how it works. It’s done it’s over.
It’s finished. It’s finito. Doesn’t work that way.
This is just to see whether I can redeem myself. [MUSIC] Martyn: It was a more civilised game and I
managed to win that one. Helena: You did really well in the beginning. I hit something really early on but I can’t
remember what. You went onto this number…
– 100,000 straight away, yeah. Martyn: Good game, good game.
– Well done. Feel happier? Yeah. So we’re just walking along Main
Street and if you ever want to get the photo in front of the casting agency door.
It is just next to Walt’s Restaurant. Just here. Martyn: So we’ve got in our
possession the hazel and chocolate balls and one hot chocolate and we’re going to
head to a spot. We don’t know which spot yet to watch the fireworks.
– Hoping to get a decent-ish spot.Not too close. We’ve got about twenty five minutes
before it starts. Martyn: So this is where we have planted ourselves.
This is next to the bureau passport annuel and it’s just in front of the barrier.
– Hopefully no-one too tall stands there. Helena: But at least it gives you a bit of room. [MUSIC] I’m not sure how well you’ll hear me as it’s
quite loud in here but we just stopped at the Sports Bar before we go for our Billy Bobs at quarter past nine. [MUSIC] Martyn: So we’ve still got about half an hour to
kill so we’re going to go inside the Disney Store and there is Donald with the
large pupils. Helena: It wouldn’t be a vlog if we didn’t show Oasis Pooh. I think he’s made an appearance in every one of our vlogs. Martyn: I think people are gonna
shout at us if we get him. He’s ten euros more than Eeyore. Yeah we’re trying to figure it out. He’s
35.99 and Eeyore’s 25.99. We think it’s because it the
clothes he’s wearing. Me me me me me me
Me me me me me me You hardly see Hercules merch. But I always do the
me me me me You do and he is… 22.99. I thought he’d be a bit less.
– 22.99. Me me me me Martyn: Just noticed Tigger up here and then you
got… there’s loads on the ceiling. This is why I always say look up.
– You haven’t until just now. Until just now. I’m not taking my own advice. Helena’s just said I’ll get this next
time, I said but next time when you come he’ll be
wearing a bomber jacket He’ll be rebranded. A bomber jacket and a flat cap.
We’re never around this late. It looks empty. We’ve got about 15 minutes until our reservation.
– So we’re gonna go to the World of Disney. It’s empty in here. There’s a Buzz mug. I need space. And caffeine. 10.99. I do like this one but I just
think it’d be a bit weird to drink out of. Yeah. It’s more like a soup bowl.
– It’s Hamm. You don’t get a lot of Hamm merchandise. 16.99. Helena: Oh, got to do the smell. Martyn: Lotso. Martyn: So here you’ve got the
selection of Bullseye’s and I think somebody’s tried to force Woody into one
of the boxes. Helena: A little help here please. I’ve been there for days. We’re thinking of creating
another photo album from this trip. Helena: We’ve got loads of photos. Yeah we have. We didn’t think we’d have enough photos.
– 200 photos. Helena: It’s quite nice. Martyn: That’s definitely a different one isn’t it yeah.
How much is it? 16.99, it’s actually less than I thought
it was going to be. I thought it would be 20. Martyn’s found his new slippers. They look really comfy.
– They look really comfy. We picked up the album didn’t we?
– Yeah we just decided to buy it. We got 1.70 off. A haul will be coming soon where
we’ll go into detail of everything we bought, after the trip. [MUSIC] Martyn: So I don’t quite know how to comment on what I’ve got here. [Laughter] Some bread rolls, chorizo? A mixed meat terrine, tortilla chips, egg and lettuce. I went straight in, got fajitas,
chilli, potatoes. I was hungry. So I’ve been up again. Got chilli, filled
pasta and some salmon. So I’ve got my wrap, fajita mix, guacamole, sour cream and cheese and corn on the cob. Pineapple, cookie, cheesecake,
don’t know what kind this is. Martyn: We’ve never realised how massive Billy Bobs is. We went in this way but we were sat over there. Helena: We were next to that steakhouse sign. Yeah by the Steakhouse sign. We are so full.
– So much food. So we are gonna walk now.
– Ooo it’s cold. Back to the hotel.
– It’s past our bed time isn’t it. We’re never normally up this late on a Disney holiday. Only if the parks are open late. But my feet aren’t doing well after having sat down for quite some time. We are gonna leave this here and we’ll be back in our next Disney
vlog for our last day. Our last day in the parks.
– It’s a half day before we head back home. But we will see you then. Thanks so much for watching. Bye.
– Bye. I can’t wave cause I’ve got a glove in my hand. Bye.

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  1. Love your blogs. Tom and I were there last week. Loved it so Christmasy. Found a good spot to watch the fireworks. At the entrance to discovery land opposite the wait time board. There is just a railing in front of you so no one can block your view

  2. Add the "Ride Sally Ride" Helena Head with her big 10 jig to all your other dance moves for your own music video montage! Such a funny ride pic, Martyn looks like he's going to attack and Helena is bracing for impact! Yes, hotel lobbies are free, if you linger eating and drinking long enough it's like staying there!

  3. YAY IM SO HAPPY YOU DID THE THING! (spoiler free for those about to watch it!) 😂💜 Loving these vlogs. You guys make my heart happy! Can't wait for the next one.

  4. What a shame you didn’t get to do that other version of the tower of terror but it means you can add it to your bucket list for next time.
    I hope you buy oasis pooh! Xx

  5. So sad that the next vlog is the last one. You guys always do such fun vlogs and I may have to watch some of your older ones. Thanks for doing such a great job with these.

  6. We love cafe Fantasia for a break and to take in the atmosphere. Love having a glowtini there. Brilliant vlog again xxx

  7. Those chocolate balls look so good! So glad you managed the 10th ride! Last day next blog 😔 but that just means more exciting things are getting even closer cough*wedding*cough haha it will start going quick now, Christmas then new year, spring then it'll be so close!

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