DISNEYLAND PARIS NOV’19 VLOG 5 | Favourite Rides During Extra Magic Time & Being Scared By Jafar!

Morning guys and welcome to a brand new
Disneyland Paris vlog.
– Hello So we managed to get up for magic hours.
It’s half eight now so we’re heading over to the park, so we’re not there dead on
half eight but it’s pretty good for us. You know, the plan is go a little bit later
so like the queues died down a little bit going through the magic…annual pass…
– And also we just can’t get up. We’re so tired. Our legs, I’m not kidding. Yesterday
we both sat down and we were like, we can’t move. It’s when you start making noises.
– We’re getting too old for this. No we’re not.
– You are never too old for Disney, fact! But yeah, we’re just gonna finish packing our
bags and then we’re gonna head and walk to the park. It’s looking a little grey
today. Let’s have a wee look. It’s a little grey but it’s not tipping
down so all is good Martyn: Look at what the wind did
to my Primark umbrella. Helena: It lasted a strong day.
– Yeah I mean how much did I pay for it? Martyn: Like three ninety…
– Two pounds? So we are just arriving at the entrance
of the park we are a little bit later. It’s about 10 past 9 but we had to stop
by reception didn’t we, at the hotel. Nothing major, just to report that the plug
wasn’t working for the bath. Couldn’t have a bath. Well actually what I did
is I put the kitchen sink plug in the bath. But it’s not practical because it’s one of those ones…
– Raised. …that’s raised so I kept
sitting on it and going “ow!” Helena: # M I C…K E Y, M O U S E, Mickey Mouse #
– [Donald Duck Impression] Donald Duck Helena: # Mickey Mouse #
– [Donald Duck Impression] Donald Duck Martyn: So if you ever need the loo before you
go into the park through either the main entrance or the annual pass entrance
there’s toilets just over here on the left. Helena: And we’re in, guys look!
Changeover is so quick. It’s already Christmas at Disneyland. It’s so cute. Helena: I just can’t believe how fast they work.
Look at this guys, it’s already up, the tree. Obviously they haven’t taken away
all this because they’re still getting all the other bits ready but the tree is
already there in a day. It’s just insane. They must work like the whole night.
– You ready for day two? I am. We’re thinking we’re gonna go fly. Helena: Morning new guy Ralph, morning Tim.
Hi guys! You said that new guy Ralph and Tim are
always in competition.
– They are. Like, use my door, no, use my door.
– They’re friends but they’re always in competition with each other. Martyn: Just noticed these posters. We’ve never noticed
them before on Main Street and Halma, my Nana, she always used to play that. We
used to play it on a Sunday afternoon if we wanted to change from Scrabble. Martyn: We’re going to go through the castle for the
first time because we’re going to go to Fantasyland. There’s the board there. So it says Big
Thunder Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain open for extra magic time, never used to be did it?
– Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain is open as well. Martyn: Is it! Oh no, we’ve made the decision
let’s do Peter Pans Flight. Helena: Yeah, we haven’t done Peter Pans flight.
– That’s the one that does tend to get busy. Martyn: There’s the prime spot if you wanna get
a photo. Crouch down and get the whole castle in the background.
– There’s not many people here you know. Martyn: There’s not at the moment is there
and it’s nearly the end of extra magic time. We actually only got here with
like 15 minutes left of extra magic time. Helena: At least it’s better than yesterday.
– We’re getting there slowly. [MUSIC] So the wait times jumped up to 15
minutes. People waiting outside. We were gonna get a fast pass but there
aren’t any yet. What do you want to do? Do you want a queue 15 minutes or
should we check. Everything is 5 except a few things.
Except for Peter Pan and the boat, Thunder Mesa. 25 minutes Peter Pan has just jumped up to.
We’re gonna head over to Big Thunder Mountain and we rode it yesterday but in the dark.
– Now we can ride it in the light. Uh oh! Helena you said…
– I said he was the most underrated one. …you said most underrated, no most overrated
villain you said. If you said underrated he’d be happy. Don’t say anything to him. Martyn: Oh no! Ahh!
I’m scared. Hello all-powerful one.
– He’s tall. Why am I shaking? He was scary.
– Look at my face. And he hypnotised me for a minute.
– That was terrifying. I think he’s the most underrated villain.
– No, only because you’re scared of him now. He’s making you say that. He hypnotised you
and no you like him. I found him more frightening than Darth Vader. I’m still going on about him.
– So we were just really lucky. We were just walking past and then we saw Jafar coming
and then there was just nobody there waiting for him so…
– But the sign said 12 or something but that was for Aladdin so I just
think we were really lucky. We were just lucky, he just turned up.
So that was our first character meet and it’s a nice one because we said we
wanted to do more stuff including the villains. Yeah although it’s terrifying.
I’m not gonna lie. My hands still going. Martyn: So yeah, still saying five minutes
for Big Thunder, let’s do it. [MUSIC] My hair and Helena is crying, so emotional.
We got put at the back. It was the wind it made me cry.
– It was so fast at the back and I loved being at the

back because you actually got to see,
normally we are at the front or the middle and you don’t get to see a lot of
that the stuff as you go up the actual mountain like the little bit that looks
like a factory with the goats and stuff. So it was nice to be in the back.
– We managed to get it on the camera. But we’re gonna go back around, we’re not
going to film it this time though. We’re just going to enjoy it.
We’re gonna go on again. So the brolly is up. We’re on our way around to
Peter Pans Flight, see if we can get a Fastpass and then I think we might be trying to get in
some space mountains. We have failed so far on the lineberty front. We were too
busy riding Big Thunder Mountain but we’ve set an alarm for when Woody and
Friends comes on so hopefully we can get that. It says that some of them might
come back during the day. It’s hard to know but at least we met Jafar.
At least we got one character in so far. I think the tricky one to get is going to be Sully.
– I haven’t seen him out. We have secured ourselves some fast
passes for Peter Pan’s flight. Oh I forgot about Peter Pans Flight already.
– 10:45 to 11:15. But it’s five minutes to meet Mickey Mouse.
– Got to go and see the main man. Five minutes!
– It’s never five minutes. So it jumped from five minutes to 75.
– I don’t understand how it jumped 70 minutes. So we decided…
– I went up to the guy and asked is it really 75? And he said yeah. I was like oh.
– Maybe we’ll do it later then. Martyn: We are going onto Star Wars
Hyperspace Mountain. It’s a 5-minute wait. It is torrential rain. As it’s a walk on, it would be rude not to go on
for a second time. So this will be number 6. Number six. So we have stopped to have a little treat.
You’ve got your hot hands in your shoes. They got so soggy.
– Oh dear. Helena decided to wear trainers today because…
– My feet are a bit blistery cause of the boots. However trainers are not good when it comes to
torrential rain. They’re fine if it’s like light rain
but that was like full on. So that’s why we’ve gone for a little snackeroo.
– So we got one tea with these Mickey cakes. So these Mickey cakes, actually they
weren’t too much more expensive than the tea. The tea was 3.19 but with the tea
and the cakes that was 5.59 and then we got an 0.88 discount because of our
Annual Pass so it wasn’t that much more than the regular tea.
– Oh I’m ready for a tea. And then we’re going to go back over…
– We’ve done so well this morning. …back over to Peter Pan.
– I thought they hadn’t given me teabag. I was like oh this is just hot water. Yeah, one of our top tips, relaxing things to do
at Disney. Come into the Cafe Hyperion, videopolis. Helena: Eat your own food.
– Eat your own food in here. They’re actually showing, they’ve stopped
showing Star Wars now and they’re showing new Mickey cartoons. Helena: We take sharing food very seriously.
– Yeah we wanted to try both of them so I’ve just halved each of them
and created our own. The Disney fiend made me run with my tea.
– Well the Disney fiend know that our fast pass is nearly up.
– It’s ok. I want to get on Peter Pan. [MUSIC] Martyn: It’s Nana! Martyn: Let’s fly! That ride is so magical.
– The comfiest seats you will get on a ride. We didn’t want to get off. We were
like “can we go around again?”. I can see why it has got such a long
wait time though, it’s just so magical. [MUSIC] I’m sword-fighting you with the brollies.
– Oh I got wet. Pirates of the Caribbean time.
– Pirates of the Caribbean. I love this ride, there’s something so nostalgic
about it and you know what we’re gonna smell? We’re gonna smell the…bromine.
That’s what they use in the water. Can smell it already.
– It’s a good smell. It’s the one you also get in ‘Small World’
but basically any water rides. Jack: # Drink up me hearties, yo ho! Hi Jack #
Parrot: Hi Jack! Hi Jack! Helena: I’m just a pirate.
– One of my favourite shops, 22.99. Oh that’s quite a cool shirt.
Captain Jack. Helena: Oh that’s really good.
– We forgot about this mug. Helena: There’s different stuff in each shop.
– It’s Stitch pirate mug. Helena: That might have to go
on our list for next time. How much is that?
– It’s 20. Helena: Oh there’s 50% off.
– Yeah, 50% off on these cause they’re halloween ones. I really like them.
– What’s the price? 50% off would be…
Well they are 16.99. So they’re gonna be about eight. Martyn: Captain Jack’s on the run. Oh no, you got wet captain. We’re gonna have a peruse in the Christmas shop.
See which decoration takes our fancy at this early stage.
– So serious. I really like the Lightning
McQueen one because we watched cars very recently and I really liked it. Helena: Oh I really like that.
– So this might have become a top contender. Daisy and Donald in the Dumbo ride.
– I really like that. Aw Christmas Chip n Dale. 22.99.
They’re cool. [Chip n Dale Impression] [Martyn humming] [MUSIC] Can’t help but sing-along. We’ve decided that
we’re gonna take a little breaky. A little mid day break.
– Yeah, just because we got in quite early and then your shoes are very soggy.
– They’re very soggy. So we’re gonna get some lunch. Yeah.
– And dry off. Yeah, dry off and then we’ll
be back into the parks later on. We’re thinking of going into the studios.
– Yeah I really wanna ride Tower of Terror again. Yeah I do.
– It was so good. And we need to get on slinkehh dawwgg.
– We do, we do. [MUSIC] So we made it back, back in the apartment
and we’re gonna have the packed lunch that I made. I actually took this all the way to
the park because I wasn’t sure what our plan was for this morning. We’ve been
a bit more laid back in terms of planning what we’re gonna do this trip.
We’ve sort of been going off our bucket list and then just seeing what’s
available and then doing that but normally we sort of plan out at least
like what we’re gonna eat or…but we we’re just sort of seeing how it goes.
– Normally we have to book. Yeah that’s right yeah. Normally cause
we have the dining plan so have to ring up. We are thinking of going, fingers crossed to the
Lucky Nugget saloon later on. I hope there’s some performances on.
– Yeah, I don’t know. Somebody said that there was on Instagram but yeah you have to
just queue to get into that one. You can’t actually ring up and book.
– No, so fingers crossed it’s not busy. It’s quite quiet, fingers crossed in the parks
at the moment so hopefully we can get in. Yeehaw! We always do something western themed
don’t we. Look at the packed lunch tin. This is what we’ve been keeping the packed lunch
in. It’s not, unfortunately it’s not Walls vanilla ice cream anymore and it’s
not gooseberries 2019. So we’ve got some crisps, some squashed sandwiches.
Helena doesn’t like having squashed sandwiches on the vlog. We’ve got the
fudge, triple Choc. Are you a happy camper?
– Just resting my toesies for a bit. Got my sandwich and a hot chocolate down there.
– You’re dressed like Audrey Hepburn. Am I?
– All in black. That’s what I always picture her in.
– It’s what I wore under my big jumper. And it is now time to try the
triple choc fudge. I’m excited.
– Want to have the first bite? Yes please! White caramel and milk chocolate, yeah I think so.
Deliberating. That’s really nice. It definitely has a little hint
of mint because it’s been next to the mint one. But it’s really nice.
– Can you taste the different ones? It’s not quite as sickly as the chocolate one.
The chocolate one was really nice but But obviously it was all chocolate so quite sickly.
– All of the top one yeah. Whereas this one, it’s a lot more light,
feels a lot lighter. Best fudge I’ve ever tasted. Get your own fudge. There you go. If you like fudge you’ve got to go and get some.
– It’s just really soft isn’t it? Four for three. It’s still expensive, it is but it’s
really nice. I can really taste, which one can I taste?
The caramel one I think. It’s the top two I think.
– So it’s gonna be really interesting to have the full caramel one.
– Save some for me Beanie. Thank you. I love this mug. Dopey mug.
– That was how I looked this morning. It holds a good amount of hot chocolate.
– So we’re gonna leave this vlog here because we’ve got a lot of footage and then
we’re gonna carry on when we go back into the parks. So thank you so much for watching and
make sure you tune in next time for some more Disney. And we will pick up when we head back
into studio so look out for that in next times vlog but for now we
will see you real soon. Bye.

19 thoughts on “DISNEYLAND PARIS NOV’19 VLOG 5 | Favourite Rides During Extra Magic Time & Being Scared By Jafar!

  1. Love tower of terror only got to go on it ince my last visit, i too had the little girl. Love the disney Christmas decorations. Our main tree is all disney even the topper. I love our tree so much so it has a wooden play pen round it to stop our youngest pulling the tree down 😂. We got remy this year as something different. Would love to do disney at Christmas time. Love your vlogs disney and all. You are the cutest couple so entertaining.

  2. Aaah I miss it already. Got back home at 5 this morning after a 3 day trip, was my first ever time at Disney Land, and I celebrated my birthday there yesterday. We stayed at the Cheyenne, used extra magic time every day and thankfully got to go on everything apart from Peter pan, as my mother in law is wheelchair bound, and that ride you have to be able to come down a ladder in case it breaks down lol But I thoroughly enjoyed it, watched both parades, the illuminations and met a few characters too, so crammed a lot into 3 days. Definitely going next year 😃 it's so pretty at Christmas 😍

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    It’s definitely rude not to go around twice if it’s a walk on.
    The Pirate stitch mug is so cute!

    Can’t blame you for taking a break, nobody likes soggy feet haha. Xx

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  7. Great Vlog as always, so great that you got some Halloween & some Christmas during this trip 👍 when we met Jafar, he made me stop filming him & made our entire family kneel in front of him & wouldn’t let us get up until he said, obviously he kept me on my knees for ages 🤔😱 It was still a fun meet & greet though 🤗 Thanks for sharing your day 😬👍🤩

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