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Prep School my Aunt Fanny. Let’s do it from the top people. Hey I’m Megan Mitchell and I’m here in the Thrive Market Test Kitchen and today
I’m gonna show you two granola recipes. One savory – did you know you can make
savory granola, and one sweet; and I love making homemade granola because I know all the ingredients that go in. I can mix it up. I can make it taste however I want;
it’s really easy, and I feel like it’s less expensive, you can buy everything in
bulk on and then make it however you want. But before I get
started, be sure to like and comment and subscribe, and when you subscribe it will
alert you every time there’s a new video with me you know, and if you’re wondering what Thrive Market is, it’s an online market that sells organic and non-gmo
products straight to your door. Ok let’s do this! Savory granola. I am flavoring this with rosemary, but you could do any herb you like, you could
do thyme, you could do sage, I don’t know. But I like rosemary. Starts with oats –
gluten-free oats, and you can find all the products you see you in front of me
at So don’t worry, I know where to find them
for you. Pistachios, and these are all raw because I’m baking them I don’t want
them to already be toasted or roasted because they might burn. Sliced
almonds; you could do slivered almonds you could do whole almonds and chop them up, and so I’m using pistachios and almonds. You can use whatever nuts you like:
pecans, macadamia nuts, peanuts. I don’t know sunflower seeds, flax seeds for a boost of protein, and I’m like where do we go –
sesame seeds, you could use white or black. Poppy seeds. I’m using cayenne
pepper, you could also use garlic powder, garlic salt, onion powder, cumin. You can make this whatever you want, that’s the fun part of granola
because sometimes I I look at the ingredients I’m like I don’t want that
in there, I don’t really like that. Alright,
switch that out, and then I did it because I made it at home.
Pepper, salt, freshly chopped rosemary, extra virgin olive oil. Extra virgin
olive oil, a couple tablespoons. Two egg whites; this acts like a binder
and keeps everything together, if you don’t add the egg whites I found it just
looks like birdseed. So this keeps it together, it keeps it in little chunks.
One in and I’m just cracking it another bowl in case I get any shell. I don’t
want to fish it out, honestly if there was shell in there I wouldn’t be able to see
it. Do I just want to crack on the side bowl so I can see if there’s any shell.
That flaxseed looks like shell. Mix it up. You may be wondering what do you do with savory granola Meg? Why do I want to make that? I actually have a delicious
butternut squash soup recipe that I put it on top, or any soup you could add it
to, you could put it over a plain unsweetened yogurt with a poached egg.
Maybe harissa? Just mix this up real good, you want everything incorporated.
Delicious. Sheet tray. I have my oven preheated to 350 degrees. You want to bake this for 20-25 minutes until golden brown crispy
crunchy and spread it out into an even layer so it gets all nice and toasty
roasty – that’s a technical term. Let’s pop this in the oven and I’ll show you what
it looks like when it comes out. This is cool. I baked it and it’s cooled; this is
what it looks like – big chunks like this. you can break it up into smaller chunks.
I’m gonna try it. Crunchy, salty, rosemary. It’ss really
delicious. I think it’s pretty good. I want you to
meet this oh you to tell me if you make it I’m gonna put it in a jar this should
keep about two weeks in your pantry and then add it to like I said soups. You
could put it over salad if you want something crunchy in your salads. Maybe
even like on a cheese board, like a cheese and charcuterie board. Alright,
I’m gonna grab another jar. I’m gonna clean up and i’ma show you how to make
my sweet granola. Recipe number two, sweet granola, and I’m making a chocolate
version with cacao powder. Starts off kind of the same way, gluten-free oats; and this time I’m adding coconut chips
that look like this, or you could use shredded coconut, but I kind of like the
big bite you get when you use these. Untoasted, unsweetened, everything chopped; raw almonds, and if you want to make this paleo leave out the oats, add different
nuts, add more nuts, go go nuts with it to make a paleo. Chia seeds for added
boost of protein. Flax seeds. Adding pink Himalayan salt.
I always add salt to my sweet. Cacao powder, and then I’m gonna make this wet portion
in a bowl. 1/4 cup of melted coconut oil, then I need 1/2 a cup of maple syrup. If
you like it a little sweeter you can bump it up to 3/4 a cup of syrup. I
like that when I add the oil before, the syrup comes out like a glove. Vanilla
extract. I don’t know if you see you Thrive Market has their new vanilla
extract and it’s delicious. 2 egg whites, once again this keeps everything
together. If you’re not a big chocolate fan you could just do vanilla; you could
add peanut butter and dried bananas, you have like peanut butter banana. Sometimes I add just I add dry fruit, but I usually wait till after so bake your granola and
then add the dried fruit after. The possibilities are endless.
So many different ways to do it. Got to add this in. Whisk this together. I’m
gonna stir this before I add this in, before I add my wet into my dry – just
sound like a proper baker, sound like you’re a proper baker. I know how to bake.
This granola would be great with almond milk, with yogurt and berries, as a
crumble on top of like a cobbler – like when I like think of something for
the first time I get real psyched. So funny. Add the wet into the dry, use all of the bowls you can in your
house, it’s part of making granola. You just mix it together until everything’s
coated and covered. Looks perfection. Sheet tray. Pour it out get into an even
layer. This granola will keep for like two weeks in an airtight container, it
smells really really good, just pop it in, keep an eye on it since it does have the
cacao powder it can burn and then it can get very bitter so you do not want to
over bake this. Flat even layer, I’m gonna pop this in the oven for 20-25 minutes
until golden brown crispy crunchy. I mean look at that, trying it so you can hear
it. My mics here and my mics there, I don’t know where to go. It’s crunchy, its
chocolatey, its coconutty, it’s really good. Oay I’m gonna show you how I like
to serve it up. Bowl, yogurt if you want make like a little parfait. I’m gonna sprinkle it over; perfect a
little breakfast meal or lunch or whatever put in a jar on the way so you
can take it with you on the way to go – on the way to go? On the way to go where Meg? That was a weird way to word that. I hope you make these granolas. I hope you try
the savory, and I hope you try the sweet, let me know which one you like better.
You can find all the products that I used at
Happy cooking! Make them, let me know! Bye. do you just have hours of footage of me
just stirring. Yeah? For just you guys, use that for your like personal stuff?

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  1. Does the egg white act as a binding agent? Any recommendations for omitting the egg white? Maybe slightly more oil…

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