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Does linkedin do skills assessment? I’m
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. I coach people in organizations helping you be
more effective yes LinkedIn is now doing skills assessment
and I don’t think a lot of people know this yet but it is an available option
where you’re able to demonstrate your expertise in a variety of fields and
areas now one of the fun things is it works very well hand-in-hand with
LinkedIn Learning so you’re able to take classes online through LinkedIn and
then, from there, demonstrate that you have the expertise so thus when you
submit a resume you can indicate that you’ve passed the LinkedIn
skills assessment for that field. Now, these assessments are about 15 maybe 20 multiple choice questions and each one tests one concept or sub skill within it
the questions are timed and must be completed in one session. Fundamentally, I think this is something that isn’t well known yet and it’s certainly not as well
known as a particular certification and if you fail the test, it’s not like it’s publicized that you failed that’s the good news here so you
can do it by mobile you can do it on whatever computer you want. But the cool thing is it’s something that you can point to to demonstrate an expertise I’m
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