Doom II Co-op Livestream with Viewers Announcement

According to future projections I will achieve
40k subscribers in 1 to 2 months. As you all know I like to celebrate subscriber
milestones by doing livestreams, and this time I want to try something crazy. I want to livestream a bunch of Doom wads
in co-op with none other than you: the viewers! How many viewers exactly, well, how about
100? That’s right, imagine a 100 Doomguys running
around the maps and mowing down every demon that gets in the way. But before we can realise insanity like that,
we need to check if the hardware is capable of running such a server. For that we need to do a couple of stress
tests with a lot of players. Over the course of some weeks I want to do
short livestreams where we collectively test the hardware so we can have a flawless 40k
subscriber special livestream. If the server is too demanding we can upgrade
the hardware over the course of time until it works flawlessly. So how can you help? Simple, follow these
steps: 1. Download Odamex
2. Run odalaunch 3. Look for the server name that will be shown
during the upcoming livestreams 4. Connect, and that’s it We will use Doom II to test the server, so
make sure you own that game. The first stress test will take place on Friday
December 6th at 22:00 PM UTC+1. I will schedule a livestream that day as well. So let’s do this guys. Let’s make this happen.
Let’s go for an unforgettable 40k subscriber special. We will play stuff like Plutonia
with fast monsters, Hell Revealed II, etc. It will be crazy. Hope to see you there!

80 thoughts on “Doom II Co-op Livestream with Viewers Announcement

  1. It's quite possible I'm gonna be at the time sitting in a bus :0. But anyway, have tons of fun and maybe I'll catch you on the stream 🙂

  2. Decino! I’d love nothing more than to play doom with you and everyone else, but please have some streams mid week (Tuesday and Wednesday) so us weekend warriors can play too! I love your streams and I’m excited to have a chance to participate!

  3. Hey Decino,I sadly don't my laptop yet, and even if i get a laptop, i don't use steam. So, can you also try doing it with chocolate doom or zandronum in a seperate stream?

  4. Alas my Doom-playing years are long gone thanks to arthritic fingers but I'll be with you in spirit, guys, and watching every moment!

  5. I guess I'll have to get used to Odamex. Will the stream be going still by 0:00 UTC+1? I won't be able to join until then.

  6. I Would love to be killing demons with all the fellow doomers, but my computer broke down a few weeks back :c
    But I will be watching the stream, and supporting from here c:

  7. I'll try to be there.

    I need an advice, i'll start my commented walkthroughs on spanish, i have this channel with non commented walkthroughs…. It will be better option to create a new channel or upload all here? 🤔

  8. > 22:00 utc+1

    * Downloads Odamex, it's been a while old friend
    * Sets alarm for 4:30AM on Saturday

    Let's do this 💪

  9. Hey decino, I opened a server to configure the odamex and play with my friend. Three random guys entered the server and then wrote: are guys here for decino stream? Dude, you're really getting famous.

  10. Once I figure out what timezone this is for me, I can totally see if I need to get sick and stay home from work to join in. I MEAN…
    No really this is a fantastic idea and the only other time anything this fun has been suggested, that I remember, was that one time Markiplier's house got DDOS'd during a charity livestream so he went to his mom's, logged into WoW on stream, and got so many level 1 dwarf hunters to follow him around that it actually crashed that server.

  11. Sooo… I don’t have doom 2 on pc so I’ll just play by myself all alone while watching you guys hang out with 100 doom guys yaaa 😀

  12. I suddenly had the feeling to rewatch this. 100 players!? I can't recall a co-op with over 4 players although I think there were maps for up to 8 players. I can't imagine the kind of map and config for 100 players

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