Drink Promotion Advertising Flyer Design – Photoshop Tutorial

What You’ll Be Creating! Create a new 4X6in CMYK document as seen CTRL+R to show Rulers Grab 4 guides to the 4 sides Increase canvas size by 0.25 inch in both width and height (0.125 inch in each side) 0.25in in Width=0.125in This area outside the guides is the bleed area that will be trimmed during flyer printing. we take care of it to avoid adding important text or designs in it. Duplicate with CTRL+J Double-click to open layer style From Blending Option use Blend If to blend that color layer with the sky Hold ALT to separate the slider to feather the blending Select 1st layer then hold SHIFT and select last layer to select all It’s smart object Make selection with Quick Selection Tool Hold ALT to switch between (+) and (-) Quick selection tools No need to make a perfect selection since this edge will be in the dark. CTRL+T to free transform, then, Hold ALT+SHIFT to resize proportionally around center. Hid all and leave the trees layer visible Select>Color Range With the eyedropper click on trees to select them and change fuzziness to control the selection range Black means unselected and white means selected Grab Polygonal Lasso Tool with Subtract mode to remove these extra selection areas Double-click to open Layer Style Make sure to clip mask all layers to “Ground” layer Import bottle image Select “Ground” and “Trees” groups and reposition them Select “Ground” and Press CTRL+T to adjust it Change shadow layer Blend Mode to Multiply Use grass brush. You can find it in Legacy Brushes in photoshop CC2018 or in default brushes inside any version below 2018. From Brush Setting panel uncheck Color Dynamics, Transfer and Scattering Select the layer mask that you’ve created and with a black brush start painting over the mask as seen We have a white color and very light grey color in background. Quick Selection Tool should suffer in this area! By adding Levels we can increase contrast between those colors and make it easy for quick selection tool to select the object smoothly Create a layer mask with selection Right-click the mask and choose Select and Mask (for CC) or Refine Edges (for CS6) Increase Radius, Feather and Contrast till you get a convenient result Drag and drop inside your main document Hold ALT+SHIFT while resizing Warp edges to take a rounded shape Add Layer Mask With black brush 15% in both Opacity and Flow we’ll paint over the mask to blend the label with the bottle as seen Edit>Puppet Warp Change Mode to Rigid and check Show Mesh Add multiple pins to fix the branch from bottom Click and hold to add a pin then move the mouse to warp the branch. Don’t release the mouse click while warping. To remove a pin hold ALT and click the pin Add extra pins if needed Hold CTRL over the bottle layer then click to select it Create a Mask for the branch from selection Select the mask and press CTRL+I to invert the mask colors and as a result that will invert the selection. Double-click the mask to open its properties Decrease Density to see through the mask With a white brush start painting over the mask to reveal parts from the branch Don’t reveal this part since it will be behind the bottle Increase Density again Remove these extra parts with black brush Smooth the bottom of branch as seen Clip a Levels layer to brighten the leaves Hold ALT+SHIFT and draw a circle as seen smaller a bit than the moon. Move the selection as seen Create a mask from selection Add Outer Glow Add Inner Glow Clip a Levels Layer to the moon Hold ALT+SHIFT while resizing Open rocks image Make selection using Quick Selection Tool CTRL+T then CTRL+0 to see where the layer outlines Press Select and Mask Increase Feather and Contrast Clip a Curves layer CTRL+G to group CTRL+J to take what is selected to a new layer Select the birds layer again then CTRL+J Isolate every leaf in a new layer Select the leaf, Select the layer then CTRL+J Convert every leaf to a Smart Object Select this one too Adjust leaves positions as seen Add Motion Blur to every leaf since they’re falling Angle: -90, Distance: 8px Select all and collapse one to collapse all Add Gaussian Blur to the very bottom right leaf as seen That will give us a depth in our composition Clip Levels to the group to brighten the leaves a bit Add Another 2 branches in both sides with the same way Import the sign board I’m using “Code Bold” font Double-click to open Layer Styles Add Gradient Overlay From Blending Options use Blend If to blend the text with the board Hold ALT to divide the sliders as seen Now, the text looks like as it is drawn on the board Add Footer Text. I’ll skip this part since it is very easy to do As you can see the footer is consisting of 3 text layers “Bebas Nueu font” ..and a 3 black rectangles below them. Add some adjustment layers

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  1. I truly do not know WHY you add crappy music to your tutorials, they add nothing and are a distraction. Also why go through all the trouble to create a video without audio narration by you, which would add value to your tutorial….

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