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(lounge music) Hello. I’m Joe Kornbrodt. And I’m here with another update for your favorite unreleased documentary, “What We Left Behind: A Look Back at Star Trek Deep Space Nine” Now, as a producer / editor of the film, I haven’t been seen much in these updates. Ira says, it’s because once I start talking it’s kind of hard to shut me up. Which reminds me of a story… We were up at Skywalker Ranch, working on the sound mix for our film. Now, Skywalker Ranch as many of you may know is the main production facilities for George Lucas– (IRA: Joe, FOCUS!!) Focus. Right. (bubbles) Now, let me get to the point. I have some exciting news for you. “What We Left Behind” has officially been picked up by SHOUT! STUDIOS, a distributor of classic and contemporary films. You’ll see something about it in the press over the next few days. Now, you may ask yourself, “Why does that matter to me?” You’ve been ready to see the film since you contributed to it. What it means for you, is that you may get to see our beautiful HD remasters on the BIG screen! And a big screen means an even BIGGER audience. And a bigger audience means more people talking about Deep Space Nine. And more people talking about Deep Space Nine means CBS may finally wisen up and remaster the whole series in HD, like we’ve all been hoping for. (bubbles) Hope… … it reminds me of a Christmas long ago when a young boy… me… was hoping for– (IRA: JOE!!) … but that’s not important now. What IS important, is we’ve got a plan to share the film with you, our backers, FIRST before the public release. Now we can’t say anything about it just yet, so stay tuned, and in the next few weeks we’ll share some exciting details with you. In the meantime, Luke, Kai and I will continue to take those standard def clips and make them the most beautiful Deep Space Nine clips you’ve ever seen. While Dave and Ira sit with their feet up on the desk debating the merits of which old-school tv detective could run faster… … Frank Cannon, or Barnaby J– (IRA: JOSEPH!!) Just teasing! (lounge music)

26 thoughts on “DS9Doc Distribution Announcement

  1. "Can't say anything about it yet", which is code for "we have no fucking idea when the people who paid for this the best part of 2 years ago are actually going to see it".

  2. Hey CBS, instead of spending 200 million dollars on fake Star Trek (that no on likes or wants, you know to get people to use your stupid paid app), why don't you put some of that towards remastering DS9 in HD? You might find that people will want to use it then.

  3. Hey, that pipe was making gurgling sounds but I didn't see any bubbles coming out. There's only one kind of pipe I know of that does that!

    Happy to hear the news. When I backed the project I was fully prepared for all the delays that can occur when taking on something like this. I'd rather have a better product later than an inferior product sooner.

  4. Does the early access include those who missed the Indigogo campaign but contributed after via the website? Please?

  5. I totally understand about the delays and I'm willing to wait longer…but what about the other perks? I have a poster and stuff coming and this completed funding ages ago. When will those backer rewards ship out?

  6. Convince CBS to do a 4K HDR remaster. Suggest them a crowdfunding as well. Even though not as convenient, I still prefer physical media. Nobody can terminates licenses on that and I can use them whenever I've got the around

  7. I want a poster with my name on it. I think I only ordered the DVD/BlueRay set and put my name in the credits.

  8. I kinda didnt hear what you said, but 2 fireplaces makes the effect for me, thank you for making something Amazingk!

  9. I just bought my ticket for the theater showing. Even if I get my preordered copy before then, I plan to see it in the theater first. I'm really looking forward to it.

  10. Its a shame. I didnt even know about this. I missed out on something that would have been so great to see. I am so dissapointed that I was not able to see this. And even though, I wasnt able too, I would like to thank you for putting it all together for the fans that were in the know. Who contributed. I would have. But you know how the saying goes. All good things….

  11. cant believe it is even in cinemas in germany, only for one day in my town, but i already bought my tickets.

  12. I always though they don't remaster DS9 cause they ruined the negative with shitty lighting at certain dark moments. So glad I'm wrong

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