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Did you know that one of our most popular types of promotion is called an Order Discount? It lets you offer customers discounts when they meet certain conditions. For example, “buy one, get the second 50% off” or “20% off when you spend £100 or more”. The idea is that people buy more than one item from you in one order, rather than buying them individually. The discount is activated when your customer checks out using the basket. It’s a good option if you don’t want to make a permanent change to the individual item price. The benefits are obvious. For you, packaging several items together in one parcel can save time and money. And for your buyers, well, they could get a bargain. If you’re an eBay Shop subscriber, you’re automatically eligible to run Order Discount promotions on your listings. Let’s take a look at how to set them up. To set-up an “Order Discount” promotion, go to “Seller Hub” and click “Marketing” …select “Promotions”… …followed by “Create a Promotion” and choose “Order discount” from the drop-down menu. Order discounts are customisable. There are tens of thousands of possible combinations. So if you’re new to order discount promotions or you’d like us to suggest suitable offers based on what you’re trying to achieve, use the “Select offer type” section. Simply choose the main category you want to promote… …and an objective. Based on what you’ve told us we’ll suggest some suitable offers. If you already know how you want to structure your promotion, select “Reset to see all offer types”. Or just skip this section and go straight into setting up your offer. Now, before we go any further, let me give you a really important tip about using this kind of promotion. Order discounts tend to perform better when items are grouped in a way that makes sense to customers. Unless your eBay Shop only sells one type of niche product, we recommend creating several promotions, each with a theme. For example, you could have a “Buy one, get the second one half price” promotion running on t-shirts or tops. Then have a “Spend £30, get £5 off” promotion on winter fashion accessories. If you do this, your promotions will be more appealing to potential buyers and could get better visibility on eBay. Let’s get back to the tutorial… Customise your promotion by selecting the offer type on the left hand side and choose from the drop-down menus. For this example, we’ll choose 20% off when you spend over £100. Click “Select items”. Here’s another tip. Before you start setting up your promotion think about the pros and cons of selecting items individually or using rules. If you want to include 500 or fewer items in your promotion, you can select them individually. You’ll be able to create a highly customised promotions this way. The alternative is to create rules. Rules are easy to set up and manage and new listings are automatically pulled in. For this example, let’s use a Rule. Select from “eBay Categories”, “Shop Categories” or “All inventory”. … then either include all listings within a category or only include listings within some subcategories. To pick subcategories, untick the main category and tick the subcategories you want. When you’re finished, close the drop-down menu by clicking elsewhere on the page. If you want to exclude individual SKUs, item IDs or categories, you can do that. There are more filters which allow you to customise your promotion. If you want to include only listings within a set price range, type in the amounts. If you want to, you can filter by Item condition. Select the condition and clicking “Apply”. When you’re finished customising your promotion, select “Save and review”… Give your offer a name. This isn’t visible to buyers, so choose something that helps you and your team differentiate it from other offers. Choose the date and time when you want your promotion to start and end. The “Offer description” field is the text which’ll appear when potential customers look at your offer. It’s a good way to tell them what’s in the promotion. Choose the image you want to represent the promotion or upload your own if you prefer Double-check your promotion’s been set up correctly and select “Launch” to push it live. So, to summarise: Promotions on groups of listings tend to work better than running a promotion on your entire Shop. There are tens of thousands of possible combinations, so use our recommendations to get ideas. Use rules to save you time when setting up and managing your promotions. To find out more about running Promotions go to our Seller Centre.

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  1. Hey team i have a question , i am seller have account selles on ebay i have problem on any time i need to listing on items when i click add listing top of page come up message says setup PAYMEYNT GETWAY , already i have PAYPAL account linked my account but any time this message its coming up i cant listing anything on ebay is there any one have know to solve this problem ?

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