ELDEN RING – E3 Announcement Trailer

100 thoughts on “ELDEN RING – E3 Announcement Trailer

  1. Well this is going to be interesting. To see how they will make the game. Will it be like Dark Souls? Bloodborne? Or maybe even like Sekiro?.. Or will it be totaly diferent for those games. Whille still having the FromSoftware feel to it. Of worlds that are dying.. of people becoming monsters because of their greed and lust for power. For devouring other people to grow stronger.

  2. I read the description a bit too fast missing Miyazaki first name quickly assuming it was Hayao Miyazaki and had to do a double take because I was like damnnn the Godfather of the best animated films working on a game like this is truly a full 180 in a world of surprises lol 😅😂

  3. The gameplay and level design will be amazing because of Miyazaki. The story and world will be amazing because of Martin. This will be a masterpiece

  4. The game that'll explain, how Andre of Astora masters his skills and dropkicks the player into a new dimension

  5. I'm calling it, it's a post-disaster sci-fi set on a ringworld where tech has advanced to the point that it looks like fantasy.

  6. Alright so I'm hyped for this game and all but that Pegi 16 is looking kinda sus. I'll still play it if it isn't gross and gory like everything since Dark Souls (that isn't part of the Armoured Core franchise) but I wouldn't mind if they could keep it gory at least.

  7. Why From Software like European theme so much? I tought by being japanese they would prefer samurai themes? Like sekiro or onimusha idk.

  8. "That which commanded the stars, giving life its fullest-" what is word that he says at the end of that sentence? I can't make it out


  10. Oh another SoulsBorne title… Guess I'll keep waiting on that Armored Core game they said they working on.. Maybe next E3

  11. I just hope God this is not difficult to play online with others like in dark souls 3 online itself is more harder then the game

  12. i wanna thanks bandai namco for a wonderful game s what a lovely company ❤️also special thanks for mayazaki for souls game s😍😍😍

  13. I doubt you could even imagine it…
    That which commanded the stars,
    Giving life its fullest brilliance.
    The Elden Ring, oh Elden Ring…
    Shattered! By someone, or something,
    Don't tell me you don't see it,
    Look up at the sky, it burns!

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