Email Marketing: 10 Tips in 60 Seconds

Hey there it’s Courtney from
HubSpot Academy. I’m gonna take you on a journey of 10 email marketing tips in
60 seconds! Let’s go! Just like you were told about
driving — email is a privilege not a right. Avoid sending emails from
[email protected] Make it personal and have it
come from a human. When nurturing your contacts,
it’s all about patience. Your company wasn’t built
overnight and neither will your relationships with your
contacts. Testing emails is all about
testing one element at a time. Just like the Beatles said
‘Can’t Buy Me Love’ you can’t purchase
relationships. So don’t purchase lists. Personalized experiences are no
joke. Use segmentation when sending
email. Email deliverability isn’t a bad
thing. If used in your inbound strategy
it can help you build trust. Cats are not just for the
internet. The right content, to the right
audience at the right time equals success. [MEOW] Average email subject line are
41-50 characters. Keep your subject lines short
and sweet. Be human and helpful in every
email that you send and you will put you and your business on the
path to success and continued growth. If you enjoyed this video give
us a like. Let me know which email tip
that you used. Thanks for watching!

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