[ENG] Mina myoung’s New promotion video V-log / 미나명의 뉴 프로모션 비디오 촬영장 함께 보실까요?!

Is this too bright? I think it is Is it too bright? It’s good? Hello everyone,
today is Mina Myoung’s promotion film day Yes, did you call? Looks good He’s our director The audio is overlapping So where is the filming site today? We are going to Icheon, Gyeonggi Province The time right now… is 4AM in the morning They called us at 2AM,
so I came out and did my makeup (hard to see) *Mina-official: Makeup complete It’s done I was preparing for this promotion filming for 2 months now, and today is finally the day! When this is over, I can truly rest for about a week I haven’t got much rest for the past 2 months so… Mina, we can’t send this video on broadcast if you don’t put your seatbelt on I’ll fasten my seatbelt So it’s a 1 hour trip? Takes a little longer I’ll get some sleep for an hour I’m so tired, can I get some sleep? Go ahead I’ll get some sleep then I did a collaboration yesterday at 7 with Beomki And I went home to sleep but…didn’t I just closed my eyes for 10 minutes Look pretty Me?
Mina: You look like a ghost I’m going to zoom in You know I’m good at editing right? You’re better than I thought.
I looked at your Vlog last time What? The beginners Oh that Yes, so he was one of the students of the beginner class, another one and he’s Hyodong Hello What’s with the sudden hello? He’s the… are you the project manager of the China team? No, I’m just an intern at the China team So he’s our China team intern! Nice to meet you He’s Hyodong My tension is pretty high so far, let’s keep this up! I thought somebody was sick Me too Are you ok? It’s a new concept filler word; not a moaning sound Broken grandfather clock dance Mina: You’re good C’mon everybody, get in and dance Pigeons gathering to the sound of music We have arrived on site It’s completely dawn right now Not a sight of sunlight The staff are currently setting up the filming location I can’t see my face Let’s take a look Padded jacket for the cold dawn of March It’s cold This area is the location for the promotion film Cool The makeup today looks unique right? There’s hardly any makeup There are other dancers over there on standby This is my main camera for today First crowded shot of women dancers after work Hello~ Wow there’s so many Our dancers for today These are the sets It’s raining! No!! Rain coming through the open ceiling It’s okay if I get rained on right? No It’s like the movie ‘Step up’ It’s pretty simliar So we thought of this scene where we splash water and film it in slow motion Tent to protect equipment Hello
Reappearance of singer Mina Excuse me I wish the editor inserts a snot picture on your nose (Request accepted) I think my nose will run if I do a spin move I think you should blow your nose I think so too Setting the camera Did you see? So tell us how you feel about the first scene.
I think you’re losing it lol Yes I also think I’m losing it Why did I say I’ll do this? It’s like that ‘4 steps of breaking up’ Denial, sorrow, anger, abandonment Oh right Right now it’s denial Please insert the 4 steps as subtitles Check out my clothing on this kind of weather A daily look Daily it is I thought it wouldn’t be cold on March Since it’s the end of March At least it’s not February Yeah I know Nike did it on February I see Look at those cute little fans Ants Chicks The ugly little chicks Silky fowl chicks Fast intro~ I love you Mina So did your lips turn pale or is it just a nude color? Both It’s because Mina kicked me.. Lips lost color from Mina’s kick.. I don’t know if it’s just me, but it feels warmer now The sun’s coming up It’s too hot right now You wanna try this on? How about a see through I always wore see through clothes for outdoor filming Practicing TaeKwonDo while eating lol Did you know this move is weird? It’s weird You’re punching your opponent but looking in another direction Should we try? So take it slowly from here Begin! #Promotion #Film shoot #Cold I want to follow that move from Seo Jang Hoon (former basketball player) Seo Jang Hoon’s answer ceremony lol Turn your hardcore face on! Hardcore face…? Going out! Now, begin! Let’s go We’ll get right into it Surprise interview time
Who speaks well here? Jiwon We’re going to make creative sentences with Mina’s name. Let’s go,
Myung: Myung teacher~ Mi: you are michin(crazy) beautiful~ Na: look at me(na)~ I’m off Can we do another one? Another challenger Let’s go~ We’re going to do Mina Myoung this time 1,2,3 Mi: The one with a pretty smile(miso), Na: Me(Na) Myung: Myung teacher no, me yes LOL Myung teacher what? Not Myung teacher but me? Cut Question: What does the promotion mean to you? A self-grave Why did I say I’ll film this Isn’t that too harsh? I’m being satisfied Last scene..! Fix! Remain still Keep Only breathing! Please wait Stay x 3 Let’s get up now! Nice! Dust off your clothes Good job everyone! Filming finished! Don’t cry It’s not over x 2 Don’t cry~ Take a picture Ok, picture taken~ Good job~ Mina no, me yes Situation that makes you cry Mina teacher, come here now Nobody will ever know why I’m crying All these new faces Nobody will know Sad~ How are you going to wear this? Sad~ Should I go? Suddenly cake????? Timely cake for celebrating Mina’s birthday Happy birthday to you~ The candle is already in The fire’s still alive Turn around Well done today~ Should we go down now? What is this~ Did you guys have a good meal? I saw you guys making ramen with kimchi inside Awesome Bye guys~ Thank you~ Thanks! So this is why you called me to the bus We lit the candles here but it went out when we got on the bus You people are lax Thank you Mr. driver Here it is A fantastic choice Whose idea was this? The teachers who couldn’t come today Oh, really? They should’ve came That’s right! I forgot about that Anger mode I went to all the promotions Tell them in this video Darn those people My face is really.. Her face full of anger Slating the clapboard~

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  1. 다섯시간 공부하느라 녹초됐었는데 미나쌤 새 영상보고 힐링해요 ㅠㅠ 😂 역시 만능비타민 미나쌤 ㅠㅠ 💦 공부 좀 열심히 하라고 한 마디만 해주시면 사랑합니다 ㅠㅜ

  2. Coment 5😂 Anybody here likes and comments before watching the video? And notification team, from which is waiting for this video to be uploaded?😂😂😂❤ love u Mina!!!❤

  3. 1:41 당연히 알죠 .. ❤️ 우리쌤 편집 우주급아닌가요 진짜 편집 깔끔해요 ㅠㅠ

    + 미나쌤 폰 기종이 뭔가요 ?!

  4. Minnnna 😭 I’ve been watching and growing with you since the very begging I am so proud of you, it’s so strange to know you and you not know me but still feel this proud and inspired by you haha and still feel emotional when you cried because I can tell how hard you worked and how accomplished you felt. All your hard work shows it truly, truly does babygirl. Everything you do is an Inspiration to me and I only hope to be half as good as a choreographer and person as you are one day. Happy late birthday Mina 💗 rest up and eat well!

  5. Mina you are so beautiful with all your talent and looks. Your hair color is different which I like. I still think your old hair color was cool. Come and visit great china in harlingen Texas. We will serve you a great meal. Peace.

  6. Was this shoot made 3month ago?Its another great post in your vlog. Really your vlog is very good miss Myong🌹🌹🌹

  7. keep up the spirit of mina, make content interesting content again, we are waiting for your fans, we love mina myoung :*

  8. Mina, thanks for your amazing choreography and thanks for collaborating with our sinb 🙏🙏🙏🙏❤❤❤

  9. Mina, youre choreo are amazing thank you for collaborating with sinb. I love you 3000 ❤❤❤❤❤

  10. 누나 진심으로 사랑해요 외모부터 댄스까지 매력오져요 누나 복근핥도싶어요 ㅜㅜ

  11. Anyeonghaseyo im leriz and im from philippines i just want to ask can you be our manager for our group???…pls notice me🙂

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