English subtitled Mugen Senshi Valis promotional video ~ anime commercial for Nintendo Famicom

For a moment… I heard a voice call for me. huh?! translation & timing by “shadesofblue”
video source taken from “David Santos”
commercial staff supplied by “Makeover” My name is Yuuko, I was an average schoolgirl… til I was suddenly transported to the Phantom World. I was drawn into the Phantom World by the Sword of Valis. Where I found myself alone and in a world I knew nothing of. What… is this? NO!! Everything was caused by the power of Valis. For eons that power was protected by Queen Valia. But Vencanti’s power was taken by the Demonlord Rogles. Everything was destroyed in an instant! There were none who could defeat the Demonlord Rogles. As the Champion of Valis, I went in search of Rogles. I fought his demon army and then… Your journey ends here, Yuuko! Reiko! Why are you here? I was brought here, just like you! Only I got here first. Then you’re a… Yeah… But we’re not the same! Why?! We’re classmates!! Rogles is my world! If I take you down, you’ll never defeat Rogles! Rogles… I’ll never forgive you! Mugen Senshi Valis
-Nintendo Famicom System- -COMMERCIAL STAFF-
Director, storyboard: Anno Hideaki (Evangelion)
Character design, animation director: Katsuhiko Nishijima (Project A-Ko)
Background: Atelier Musa
Finishing: Studio Fantasia -COMMERCIAL STAFF-
Sound Director: Koichi Chiba
Music: Kohei Tanaka
Production: Sunrise, Hideyuki Tomioka
Yuuko’s voice: Tomi-guchi Sachiko
Reiko’s voice: Yoshiko Akiyama The Phantom World calls for you… take the Sword of Valis & fight on Yuuko! Only you can defeat Demonlord Rogles! Mugen Senshi Valis, the game, available on August 21st. I can’t wait.

11 thoughts on “English subtitled Mugen Senshi Valis promotional video ~ anime commercial for Nintendo Famicom

  1. Wow, I love the old school animation that had a lot more detail on the characters and drew women with more meat on them. This style reminds me a lot of Project A-Ko.

  2. I still think it's a shame Valis never got an official anime adaptation either back then or later on. I think for its time the plot and the genre could've actually been pretty successful.

    As of now, even if I still love Valis to death, I have to admit that its overall style would not bode well nowadays. It would probably feel a little bland and stereotypical if some changes were not made.
    A shame, really. That this series ended (HORRIBLY might I add) without ever getting a chance to get a proper anime out.

    Now Valis (and all Telenet properties) belong to Sunsoft. Great. Except they apperantly have no plans whatsoever for this franchise. T__T

  3. Holy crap…I’ve never seen this subtitled, but now I know why Yuuko looked like a blue haired A-Ko. Those are some shocking names in the production credits.

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