Ensuring Your Promotion In The Clinical Research Industry

hey guys ECR G here back with another
video today we’re talking about ensuring your promotion hey guys ECR G here back with another
video today we’re gonna be talking about ensuring your promotion now a lot of you
guys want to get promoted a lot of you guys want to move on to the next level
and today we’re gonna talk about a few things some that are in your control
some things that are not in your control to make sure that you get promoted so
first things first your manager your manager has a lot to do with your
promotion or not promotion so because we look at this these things to the lens of
clinical research I’m going to be using some clinical research terms but these
are generic terms so I think that a lot of people should be able to kind of get
with the way the scheme works so and I’ll do my best to explain it along the
way so if you have an entry-level role we’re gonna talk project management here
you have an entry-level project coordinator or something and some
people’s manager is just a project coordinator but who has been there a
year before you now they are fresh off of the entry-level position they may be
a level two or something or a level three now is this person gonna be as
good at getting you promoted to the next level as someone who’s a project manager
so another like another few levels above or even a project director there’s even
a few levels above the manager and the answer is no because the project
coordinator is not going to be as experienced as the project manager or
the project director and they are gonna be less likely to kind of throw their
weight around in other people because they’re on their only second from the
bottom the only person below them is you but
the project manager has a lot more respect and you know I guess yeah a lot
more respect with their title and can kind of throw their weight around a
little bit for you when when someone gets messaged by a
project manager their ears perk up and even more so when the project director
emails you or messages you you better be on your tippy tippy toes when that
happens so you want to make sure and it’s not really up to you
but the people that have managers that are of higher levels versus managers
that are of lower levels have a huge advantage here because not only because
of the knowledge that they can impart on you verse is them being able to pull
strings on your behalf and get you the necessary experience you get put on the
necessary projects that you need to get put on in order to get your promotion
so you need to make sure that your manager you need to determine if your
manager is as good or is not good and it’s gonna fight for you and you know
there’s some pretty good low-level managers out there that want to do their
best but compared to the experience and everything else that comes with being a
project manager a project director there’s just no match
so hopefully that you hopefully you had the opportunity that your manager is
someone who has some respect and some dignity and hopefully some history with
the company and that’s definitely gonna help you get promoted faster than not so
you definitely wanna make sure that your manager your manager is key there and I
guess one of the other things I wanted to talk about what that is if your
manager is not let’s say their manager is basically one year removed from you
similar role not much more I guess respect and heft behind their their name
and position you’re really gonna have to shoulder the burden on yourself so and
this is true whether your manager is bad whether your manager has you know
there’s low level or not you need to shoulder the burden and ultimately your
promotion is up to you but it just makes it that much harder if your manager is
lower so you need to make sure that if you have a low level manager that you
know what is needed to get promoted you need to make sure that you know exactly
what is needed to get promoted and you need to fight for it every week every
month every day that you’re on the job you need to document what you’ve done to
in order to get promoted you need to make sure that you have them saved and
your email or wherever you keep them in a file and a folder on your computer all
the good things people say about you you need to make sure that you
have documented maybe even some of the bad things people have said about you
and how you fix them so you need to basically have all this documented

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