EPISODE 1: Let’s Play, Promotional Animated Shorts!

Ever since I was little, I loved video games. I learned how to make my own games in high school. In college, I spent all my nights working on characters and level designs. I didn’t have a lot of time left for friends. But now, the ball might finally pay off. I just shipped my first real game. Ruminate, it’s a self-published indie game, but still. Now, something unbelievable is happening. THE Marshall Law is reviewing my game! Top gamer personality Marshall Law, over 3 million subscribers Marshall Law! Including me from day one! Hey, hello there fans. I’ll tell you what to play and what to skip! So I guess you could say it’s the biggest day of my entire life~ Marshall: Thanks for watching and see you next time! And his video… is late… [sighs] Ugh Oh, sorry Bowser;; [non-stop beeping] Come on, come on. Finally! Sorry for being late folks moving into a new apartment is the worst! Ruminate! Here we go~ [inhales and exhales] Instructions? A lot of words, noope. [groans] Is this a maze? What’s happening?.. [sighs] Since I can’t figure out what to do, maybe I’ll just kill this Goblin. STAB! NOOOOO!! HE’S THE GUIDE! Oooo~ [frustrated noises] Ouch! That was just ridiculously hard!! Because it wasn’t supposed to happen! Well, I guess that’s game over and also the end of my time with Ruminate If the dev is watching I understand this is your first try but if your game is too hard well, it’s just gonna make me mad Till next time! This is Marshall Law signing out. [depressing music] [angry narrated comments] Marshall was right, this game sucks. [Sam screaming] [Loud thud] [Bowser barking] Bowser… What is it? Bowser no! [continues barking] Is someone moving in? OHF Oh [buzzing] Oh no! Sorry! I didn’t see you there! [angry barking] Aww, who’s this cute wittle puppers? Bowser… Sam: He usually doesn’t like strangers. Marshsall: Huh, Strangers? Actually, it looks like we’re gonna be neighbors. I’m sorry, let me introduce myself, Marshall, Marshall Law really nice to meet you! [blink blink] Marshall Law?! Marshal: Is there something wrong? This is awesome, you’re really not gonna follow the story on WEBTOON? Read Let’s Play only on WEBTOON.

100 thoughts on “EPISODE 1: Let’s Play, Promotional Animated Shorts!

  1. That’s a nice Bintendo Fun Console. Exported from Phina? I bet California USA is actually California Unified Sentries of Anerico. Little rant.

  2. This animation is beautiful. It matches the WEBTOON perfectly. The voices are great and sound professional. This episode is awesome. But it is infuriating when you get to episode 2 and this web series is not true to the comic. I don’t mean tiny nit picks. Entire plot points are wrong. And the characters portrayed are not genuine to the comic.

  3. Marshal law is big sexy man 😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏

  4. Marshal- If the game is to hard, it makes me mad

    Me- glances at Dark Souls, Cuphead, Ghosts & Ghouls, NARC, Fade to Black, and Smash T.V

    Also Me- Then you don’t wanna play old school games…

  5. I’m just thinking to myself no other gamer would’ve reviewed it like that
    They would’ve at least read the instructions 😔

  6. To be honest, I don’t really feel that bad for the main character. Programming and video game design are great, but she needs to understand how most consumers feel. Most people will not read instructions, and most games have tutorial levels that actually engage.

  7. Marshall: you’re really not gonna continue on webtoon?
    Me: Shut up Marshall! I’m up to date! On the non-rich side because I can’t get fast pass

  8. okay i know im not the only person who imagined their voices to sound WAYY different than when i read them 😭

  9. Webtoon should just make anime if you agree because this is a lot interesting than most anime this year and the year before.👍👍👍👍👍😁

  10. i just realize that Lore Olympus and Love Me too is in her VIEWTUBE page!!! WHAAAAT! I
    its awesome to be able to hear their voices and match it with the series!

  11. 😭😭 I read all available chapters during my kids nap time. I absolutely need more of this! Hot hell I'd fund it if I had any sort of money to my name😂🤣

  12. Love this webtoon, didn't know there was short videos for some of the bigger Webtoons!!!! Seriously made my day to see that 💖💖💖

  13. Gosh, I just started reading Let's Play a few days ago and now, being all caught up- it's fantastic!! It's awesome to see this being made into an animated short!

  14. I prefer the original art style from the comics. Hopefully, when they animate Lore Olympus, they’ll do that. I’m not too keen on the voice acting but who knows? Maybe they’ll up their voices later???

  15. Well, not what I had expected. Honestly, I prefer the original artstyle and the voices weren't what I thought it would be.

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