Event Promotion – Using YouTube to Market Your Event

[Sheryl] Are you using YouTube to promote your event? Let’s look at some great ways you can utilize YouTube when it comes to
planning your events. Hi, I’m Sheryl Loch with Ginger Roots
Media and I am here with… Hi guys, Lany Sullivan with Events by Lany.
[Lany] Alright this is her favorite topic YouTube so she might get a little ranty here and there, but let’s start with we’re going to use YouTube for our
events, where do we start? [Sheryl] Well the first thing is once you’ve got your event name, you figured out a few things, you’re going to need to start
promoting it and YouTube is great for this. I know everybody’s going to tell
you, Oh Facebook video! Facebook video! You know what it has it’s place YouTube is searchable. YouTube you don’t
have to be logged in. YouTube is my favorite place in the world, but one of
the things you’re going to want to do once you get your event name is to get
a branded YouTube channel. This is not- Lany Sullivan is not going to use her
personal channel with all her little stuff on it for an event. Absolutely not.
You want a branded channel. I don’t care if this is your first event you’ve got and
it’s small, start building that now and optimization. You’re going to want
optimize this channel so that’s one reason you want to brand it. You also
whenever you go into branding it you can include managers so that way you don’t
have to do all this on your own because you’re going to have a lot to do [Lany] and you can have a Sheryl Loch like I do. [Sheryl] Well and that is the thing is, are you going to be
able to do all this are you going to be able to edit and upload and optimize
and…Probably not. So you don’t want them in your personal channel you want a
branded channel. Get your managers in. Optimize it for
your event. Again, I want to point something out and we discussed this in
the Facebook page and the hashtags. When you get your YouTube channel and you’re
setting it up, we are not going to include the event date or area [Lany] in the
name of it. [Sheryl] Right in the name of it, you are not going to. So it is not going to
be your event name, 2000 whatever for the year or Atlanta. Because you want to
build this over time and you’re going to use it before the event, during the event
and after the event to build for next year so.. [Lany] You’re going to use it next year and the year after and the year after if you’re planning on doing
annual events. [Sheryl] Yeah so let’s think ahead, let’s not be so in
a little closed area that you want to promote this event. They’re going to find
it if you’re promoting it properly it doesn’t need a year and for a lot of
events they hold them in different places. So let’s think about that before
you include Atlanta or Las Vegas [Lany] and that leads into the promo video. The promo video is where you can do the location-based content rather
than having it branded right? So what else can we put into.. Well I have a promo
video and what do we put into it? [Sheryl] Your promo video, for one you’re going to put
this on your home page in your YouTube channel this is going to be just like
any other trailer for any other channel. If you want to start simple you, can make
actual advertising videos. But if nothing else you need a promo video… quick. We
don’t want this long and drawn-out. Watch what you’re saying in it. You want to
show some clips build some interest and this is going to go on your homepage in
the trailer area. Tell people what your event is, where it’s at this year, when it
is, what are some of the highlights, but keep it somewhat condensed. Tell them to
be sure to subscribe, visit your your website. This is a lead-in.
This is not the only thing that’s going to be on
your channel this is a lead-in to get them interested in what you’re even
doing. And the thing is, don’t worry that it’s not going to interest everybody
that hits your channel we don’t care about everybody. You have your niche and
you appeal to them with this video. We’re not worried about the plumbers in BFE,
whether or not they like your videos they’re not going to buy it ticket to
your event anyway. So stick keep it in your lane. [Lany] Your trailer video is probably going to
be the video that’s on your landing page most likely. It can be. It may not always be,
but it you know especially when you’re promoting your event, your trailer video
could be the same exact video which makes it really easy. [Sheryl] And it just depends
on how quickly you can get something out. I would say get something out and then
if you’re going to need to have paid editing and all for a sales video, but
let’s get that trailer/little promo up right away. [Lany] And make sure that you own
all the images, the music and the video clips right? Rant rant… are you ready
for the rant? Here we go… copyright [Sheryl] Here’s the thing when you’re making this
video you may say, “oh I want to use this music by whoever because my people love
their music.” Look you don’t want knocked down for copyright. You don’t want to be
known as a thief. If you’re using images video clips, you name it on that video
people that you don’t even have a right to use their clips. So if I have a clip
from Lany at a different event that Just because I took it on my phone or on
my camera does not mean I have the rights to use her image, her voice, nor do
I have the rights from that event place. So I could probably get by with using it
for something personal to highlight her. I can’t use it to promote something else
because she has not given me permission, is the biggest thing. So make sure
anything you’re putting in this video is… you have the rights to use, it is not
copyrighted by someone else, they’re going to come after you, you’re
going to get a strike against you, not just a YouTube strike but you’re a
frickin thief too lazy to make your own shit strike and that doesn’t appeal to
anyone. [Lany] Yes, I knew that she would love to go and tell you all of that.
Alright, so public – private – unlisted. So this is a way that we can mark our
videos on our channel, but what’s the priority, what’s the importance, and
what’s the difference between marking your videos this way? [Sheryl] Okay a
private video is great fine if you want absolutely no one to see it. Yes, you can
list them in there. Here’s the thing you want we’re using this YouTube channel
that we’re talking about on this video for promotion. Promotion means you want
to get it out to the masses. You want people to see it. You want people to find
it. Can you upload that video private till you get it optimized ,till you get it
set, maybe your release date. You’re going to schedule it on a certain day. Get that
video up, have it private, have it scheduled great and fine. Then some
people will say “oh I want it unlisted” Why the hell do you want it unlisted?
That’s like paying to put out an advertisement but you’re going to keep
it in your house instead of hanging that sign out on your front door.
Why would you do that? Can there be special things that maybe
you’re sending out a little quick message to people who have are on your
list or something? Yeah. The majority of everything you’re going to do goes
public. When you make that public that means someone that isn’t involved maybe they
want to share it with their friend because they happen to be typing in
YouTube or Google and find it by a search. If you’re unlisted, your video is private…
it’s not found on search people. It’s not happened upon when they come to your
channel. It’s unlisted. It’s private. Nobody freaking sees it.
[Lany] So I love [Sheryl] public, public [Lany] If you didn’t figure that out, you should
probably put your videos public [Sheryl] and optimized [Lany] and please
optimize them. So the next thing is…What type of videos? If we’re going to promote
our events prior to the event happening what type of videos do we want to
actually have public? [Sheryl] Okay, some people say how can I make enough videos? Look,
we’re not just going to you, the owner of the event… We’re not going to rely on
just you. Kind of, but not exactly. What you can do is most events have speakers.
So interview the speakers. Hire someone to interview the speakers. I mean you can
get one of your other teammates to interview. This does not have to be an
hour-long interview. Absolutely not. In fact, I discourage that. I would say even
a short [Lany] eight to ten minutes [Sheryl] Yep. [Lany] It can be super simple. [Sheryl] and ask them a few questions.
You’re going to possibly interview your sponsors. Pop in and say hey we want to
know ask them why they want to be involved. Ask them what they’re going to
bring to your event that people will want to see. You’re A. promoting your
speakers and your sponsors, which they love, which they’ll share, which build
your channel, which builds your credibility. [Lany] OMG [Sheryl] All that in one. [Lany] Wow! [Sheryl] So
your speakers your sponsor interviews I mean that’s just simple stuff. You want
to do this to build hype for not only your speakers and your sponsors, but your
event as a whole. This also means that maybe I’ve never heard of one of
your speakers and now I’m getting a little bit of an insight into who they
are. Maybe just because I haven’t heard of them doesn’t mean I wouldn’t really
want to go to their portion of your event. So we’re building hype. We’re
sharing everybody. We’re getting them to share us. You can show shots of your
venues if you happen to be local. Go down, show you know
video shots of where you’re at or the local [Lany] Do a walk through, yeah. [Sheryl] The local things
that if people are coming in, what attractions are they going to be able to
see while they’re there. So they’re not coming in blind to your, your location
that they may not be familiar with. [Lany] Exactly. Why do we want to do these
videos? What does it do to the promotion aspect of our event? [Sheryl] You’re going to
build knowledge, trust, like… all of that that we all work on that all the time.
You want them familiar; with you, your event, your people involved in the event.
You can even use a playlist of your speakers. So if you can’t get an interview
make a playlist and throw in some of your your speakers, their videos and if
you’re a speaker and don’t have videos that I can throw in a playlist. I’ll be
getting hold of you. [Lany] Exactly. [Sheryl] It’s a way for you to start making
connections with your local businesses around the area, with your people coming
in. It’s all about building that community and building trust and love
factor. [Lany] The trust and love. Alright, there’s one last thing to the
promotion piece that has to be on everything.
[Sheryl] Hashtag baby. Hashtag. So we talked about in the last video how your event should
have a specialty hashtag. I want these watermarked on to the video. They don’t
have to cover the whole thing. Put a watermark with your hashtag on it for
the event. Seriously, everything needs the hashtag. So watermark that baby right on
there. [Lany] It becomes more recognizable. [Sheryl] mm-hmm and not only that but that way as you
build, say next year people can go and they may see a speaker that you’re
highlighting our sponsor and they’ll be able to see that hashtag for whatever
2017 and realize oops it’s 2020
that’s probably not who’s going to speak this time. So hashtag freaking every
everthing, everthing, everthing. everthing. Okay guys, so now you got a
little bit on why you should use YouTube in your promotion. We’re also going to
cover using YouTube during your live event and how you’re going to use YouTube
[Lany] after [Sheryl] post event, yeah this doesn’t end. [Lany] No. [Sheryl] ever. So be sure to give us a like, a
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So there you have it. Getter done folks.

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