Barkanmu da saduwa Barka mu da saduwa Hello insiders hello Me zamu ne Bruno? Yaya yau bakomai na gode Barbara. Rigarki ya birgeni What could we say in Bruno? How’s it goin Thank You Barbara. I love your t-shirt Muna nanne tare daku don muna da labari mai tasiri. Hakane munada labari maidadin gaske We’re here now because we have some big news. Yes. We have very very exciting news huge Sanarwa Muke shirya bidion mu. Zamu tafi vidCon VidCon announcement We creat our insider. We’ll be at VidCon VidCon Barka Anaheim, wannan daminan wannan daminan asabar 13 GA watn Bakwai da 4p.m Hi Anaheim, this summer this summer Saturday July 13th at 4 p.m 1600 1600 Zasu bige jarumansu Beat their military Zamuyi hadakar sadarwa na nan take da masu Dora bidio a gaban jama’a a cikin sutudion mu we will be doing a live taping of creator insider in front of a live studio audience and Zamu Kuma ansa tambayoyinku We will be doing a Q&A panel Da kwararrun mu wand ku kama sansu uke Kuma kallonsu a kullum. Wani bayani zamukawo muku? With the best of the best experts who you know and love from this channel. What topics are are we gonna cover? Za muyi bayani kamar oh We’re just gonna cover like oh la dee da stop Aslin bayani akan ma Dora bidio studio beta, whoa. Wannan ne asalin oh come on yanzu Real creator studio beta updates. Whoa. That is actually oh, come on now Come on Come on Toh mai kallo All right Toh Baza muyi bayani akan studio beta ba kodayake kun yin tambayoyi a kan hakan mutane zasu sami hakan live studio beta so we’re not gonna talk about the studio beta although since you asked oh dear people should live studio beta Sabo da classic ZAI tafi Amma ba wannan ne abin dubi a nan ba Because classic is going away. But that’s not what this whole thing about it. Very explicitly is actually a rule Baza muyi bayani akan studio beta yanzu ba. Hakane. Toh mezamuyi bayani a Kai? Zamu je live ne We’re not talking about studio beta at this keynote. Yeah, what are we gonna talk about? So we’re gonna be doing a live Q&A Mm-hmm sanan gwanayenmu sune nayan abin da MUKE bibiya Don fahimta Mm-hmm and our experts are the big buckets search and discovery Kamar masu sayar fasahar wassu ID Oh kamar haka E hakane Masu hakar You Tube Naurar yanke shawara talla Kind of copyright Content ID Oh manual claims. Yes related to that YouTube Partner Program application decisions ads Biyan kudade da dambari mai ruwan dorawa monetization policy yellow icon Tsarkakakiyar shanun zabi na biyan kudade, toh Holy cow alternative monetization, okay Yayi kyau za asani kadade sosai ba rare da matsaloli be It’s all good, there’s more money more money fewer problems for creators back it up and then Baban bakonmu wadda zan gabatar wato boss shugabanci mu Kenan ZAI zamo mana babbab bako Special guests who I will let you introduce the boss man my manager the vp of all creator Mai tsarrafa mana bidion mu a baya can the editor of most of early creator insider videos Hakane, daya daga cikin masu daukan nauyin wannan shiyashiyen na mu, hakane BABBAN bakon mu a can wadda Nike Kira. Mr. Boss Yes, one of the sponsors of the Creator insider experiment. Yes the vp of all creator. I just call him. Mr. Boss Ya yuwu kun ma taba Jin muryarsa You’ve probably also heard his voice Hakane Yes Wataran yana ne a Bayan kamara Sometimes behind the camera Ama Dai Baku taba ganinsa a gaban kamarar ba baya aiki a wurin za a ganshiba Amma hakan ganin damane But you have never seen him in front and he does the edits where he makes us look awkward sometimes on purpose Ya Iya bakonci sosai He’s got a good sense of humor Lallai zaku soshi in Har kum gamu dashi ku shaida musu cewa Barbara da Tom suna kyawawan ayuka. Hakane Hakane, sanan zanuma toho muku rigunan mu a ranar Yeah, and then we can get some more t-shirts Hakane, ga duk Wanda yake son rigar mu toh akwai link a kasa saboda ayi wannan gangami a tafi Yeah, any guys like my shirt even though she check out our swag there’s links in description down below all proceeds go to the Red Karo Cross Wannan na daya daga cikin bayanai na karshe Ionic, this is actually one of the one of them Wadda aka said a shi she kara biun da suka wuce. Shine wannan kenan zamuyi bayanai akan hakan Sold at least two yes. All right, so that’s that’s the panel. Yes. We’re doing this panel. I will be moderating it also Hakane, gaskiya ne. Abubuwan da za a yi zaku farasune da kanku Yes, that’s right. The madre you’re gonna run you’re gonna orchestrate the whole thing Ki tabbatar na da isasshiyar kafi. Kina ganin Zaki Iya yin Hakan? A A i Make sure that you have some high energy. Do you think you’ll be able to do that? No, no, I Sai kin dage kwarai da ki samo wannan barkoncin. Mmm, Tom Know you have to dig deep for that funny story time guys. Mmm, Tom Why don’t you tell us how we got into VidCon? Well, like many things I received an email And it said hey if you want to propose topics for VidCon Fill out this form. Yeah, and I was like, oh well Keynote, like they’ll never pick creator insider cuz we’re this kind of like little experimental thing. Yes let’s just say Oh we’ll do a live tape of your Craner insider and we’ll have all these great guests and it’ll be awesome and Then I guess like at some point one of one of us got an email saying like congratulations Yes, and then I looked at the calendar and it turns out I can’t make it guess what Tom’s gonna be on vacation So yes, I will be there Tom will sadly Now, how are people gonna get questions onto this panel? Yes, so we want the questions directly from you our insider nation We want to make sure that we are giving you the information that you want to we want to sure We’re answering the right questions. So we have three ways for you to submit questions to us Easiest way just drop a comment down below The second way you can send us an email We will have the email address in our description. So send us an email and then the third way the way that I Would like to recommend because I think it’s cool Yeah, make an unlisted video with your question and then send us a link to that video question in the video yes, and so we might actually put you on the big screen on the big screen on the big stage in front of Everybody who was watching at VidCon. Yes, and I yes July 13 1600 hours 4 p.m. 4 p.m So I think that covers all of the key things we wanted to get across right? Yes Well some other things though when you were thinking about your questions Please make sure that they are questions that will that we will have experts to be able to answer them also Try to make sure your questions are broadly appealing. So any questions about an individual case or specific examples We’re less likely to answer those questions because they won’t appeal to everybody who is watching them. So keep those things in mind Awesome. Well, you guys keep it real. We’ll see you at VidCon. I will see you at VidCon Come on, keep it real So good good movie quote If you know the movie put it in the comments below Down below and then this back this out we’re excited cuz this is like the first time Tom and I get to work together To act something out. Yes, that being said I would be playing three people Regina you’re wearing sweatpants. It’s Monday So so that’s against the rules and you can’t stay with us Whatever those rules aren’t real They were real that day when I wore a vest It was because that vest was discuss you can’t sit with us Come on, we got to go get to the top Real real nothing but real yes. Ah


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  5. Barbara is hilarious and brings out the best in you Tom. I'd love to watch more videos with Barbara because, let's be honest, if you were just making videos as a form of entertainment, we probably wouldn't tune in, but if Barbara were reading a MacDonald's menu I'd fall about crying with laughter and give up fine dining, Michelin stars, and my self respect. By the way Barbara, I'm an educational channel and have yet to do a live stream. If you fancy a collab, let me know!

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