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Hey, my friends Ryan Harris here! Founder
and Visionary of Arcane Marketing, and this is my Marketing Hack!! Check it out
the number one thing you have to do as a business owner is get Brand Awareness
about your product or your service! You know the old adage of Field of Dreams
right? If you build it they will come… It doesn’t work in marketing. You can build
it, but you have to tell people about it, and one of the best ways of doing that
is it getting exposure on your product and service! Now, I’m pretty partial to
Social Media, so the best way to absolutely do that inside the world of
Social Media is create a video that talks about WHY! Why did you create your company, why did you create the product, why is it a powerful play and how does
it connect effectively with the internal, external, and philosophical pain points that your customer might be facing. Now once you’ve done that, leverage that, optimize
that, inside of a Social Media Ad product for thru play. Now what does that mean?
That basically means, how many of these people are watching at least 10 or 15
seconds, they might be watching 5 seconds get exposure on your brand and you’re
getting free free exposure! So just think about that! Also think about this… it
takes, on average, the average customer to see an advertisement about your business
7 to 21 times before they engage and buy a product or a service from you. So you
have to get that exposure, and you have to go where their attention is. So their
attention in many times is on their digital device. So place it wherever you
can get their attention and get exposure by telling them a little bit more about
why you’re in business. That’s my Marketing Hack for you today!

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