Facebook Marketing for Estate Agents – (Marketing for Estate Agents Tips)

Hi, I’m Sam Ashdown and in this video I’m
going to talk to you about how you can use Facebook marketing as an estate or letting
agent. I see a lot of agents just putting their listings
on Facebook or posting photographs or their team or using press releases and really none
of those are the right kind of engaging content that people want to see on Facebook. If you’re
not a Facebook user you might not understand that the Facebook newsfeed is actually our
own newsfeeds now, our own personal newsfeed. So rather than turning to TV or to a newspaper
to engage in to consume the news, we were actually turning to our own newsfeed on Facebook.
There are actually 37 million Facebook users in the UK alone which is about 70% of the
adult population. So if they’re there that’s where you need to be too.
But how do you make your content engaging so the people want to consume it, want to
engage with it, want to like or comment and share on it on the newsfeed? So firstly it’s
about frequency. You need to be posting consistently and frequently in order to make sure that
Facebook knows that you’re providing valuable content for your audience. So probably three
times a day is a good benchmark to go for as an estate or letting agent. But those 3
times a day, those post can’t be about you. They need to be about your audience are interested
in. So they’re probably not going to be interested in your house and if they are,
they’re going to be tenants and purchasers which is not what you want. If you want vendors and landlords, you’ve
got to put out content that’s relevant for them. So you don’t want to be talking about
Brexit it or th exchange rates or any of those kind of things. Talk about things that they’re
actually searching for and interested in. So things like what to do if your tenant gets
a dog. Should I take my home off the market for Christmas? So those kind of things that
a vendor or landlord will be actually engage in and want to read. Similarly, what about local issues is there
something locally going on that you can talk about in your own newsfeed so that people
see you as a content source for local news just like your local radio station or your
local newspaper. See what they’re using as their contents, see what people are commenting
and liking on and see if you can emulate the kind of content in your own news feed. And
thirdly, make sure that your content is very visual in nature. Facebook is a highly visual
platform. We want to see lots of videos, lots of images. We don’t necessarily want to
see what you had for breakfast or want to see picture of a cat doing some things. We
might want to see some behind the scenes in your agency, might want to know about the
latest property you going to see, maybe just a sneak peek of the front door or a picture
of the photographer doing their bit. Something that really gets them to understand a little
bit more about you in your company and your ethos and that will get much more engagement
in the newsfeed. So post frequently, think about them, your
audience when you’re posting and also make sure that your posting is very highly visual
and engaging for your audience. Somewhere on this page either in the description or
on the video is a link to an extra video, a bonus video that recorded just for you,
all about Facebook marketing. So click the link, go to the short video tutorial and you’ll
learn even more about how you can market your business on Facebook. Thanks for watching.

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