Facebook Marketing Terminology | Institution Marketing

So Facebook terminology can be quite
confusing to get your head around. So I’ve got a little list here so we can
run through some of the basics. Facebook like everybody knows what I like is, it
allows a user to show appreciation for a post. Facebook have also introduced this
year, reactions. So you can get things like a laughing face, a love heart, an
angry face and a wow face. These are really good for the person who’s posted
because then they can see how that content is doing. A comment allows a person
to voice their opinions. It can be really good to actually answer and talk back to
your audience. A share does what it says on the tin, somebody could share your posts
and then all their friends will see it. Re-sharing is really good for
businesses to help with that brand awareness. Okay so this is where it gets
a little bit complicated, you might have heard of impressions. Impressions is the
number of times your post has been displayed, so for example if someone sees
in their newsfeed and then they see the same post shared by their friends that
will count as two impressions. Whereas Reach is the number of unique
users who have seen your content. And lastly engagement engagement is any
action taken on your posts so what we covered at the start this includes likes
comments and shares.

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