Facebook Marketing Training Course: How To Get More People To See Your Facebook Posts

Facebook Marketing Training Course: How To Get More People To See Your Facebook Posts hey how you doing Marlon heard the value
near here and we’re going to show you really quickly is how to get more of
your people that are on your friends list on your personal page to see more
of your posts it’s going to kind of give you some some information here so I’m
going to show you this on on my laptop and then I’m going to show you this on
my phone okay so as you can see it both ways but this first part of video is
going to be just on my laptop so first you wanna do is make sure that you’re on
your home screen alright you want to click on home okay and then next you
want to do over here is click on friends list alright if you didn’t know this you
know Facebook is always changing their algorithms and all that fancy tech stuff
oh you know and sometimes all of your friends don’t have an opportunity to see
what you coaxed okay your friends list is only 5,000 people you know it you
that’s that’s the limit I don’t know why Facebook set the limit but that’s the
limit um you can also do a Facebook fan page is that but that’s different
training and the more likes you have on your fan page too big your audience so
your fan page can grow into the millions I mean you got Musa Mike and but we’re
going to be talking about your personal page here today alright so you click on
fans list friends list and all these couple groups on the journeys right now
or not I run bloggers Network okay what I did this hey those are business-y
helping out okay so you see this right here these are all people that are part
of a list okay these are lists that were either
created by you or created by Facebook based on certain parameters
so like the Ohio State University I went to deal house the University so I have a
lot of friends who are on my list that I went to a house as well too so
Facebook created lists based on information in their profile but you can
also create a list based on who you want to market to so you can see right here
every list called business builders and Friends that may want to be job for you
also have value leader as well so here’s how you do this you go to create list
and then you name the list maybe you’re into health and wellness and you want to
put healthy I don’t know helping healthy helping
friends get up healthy helping friends to get healthy okay and you create the
list alright so here’s a list right here healthy trends to get healthy alright
and then you could just add a friend to the list I’m just going to type a name
in we’re going to type in Troy all right Troy Smith you can just add Troy Smith
to that list or Troy or this is this is me all right to the lid and so I’m going
to show you how these group of individually are the only ones that see
this list okay these add friends to this list as many as you want to all right so
I’m gonna go ahead and delete the listicle need I don’t need that list okay so right here I have friends that
may want to be job free okay so I can click on the list right there I can go
through that list and click on it so now when I post right here okay how to link
more money buh-buh-buh-buh then see this right here
friends that make there’ll be the only ones that see this post alright so you
could have you know 500 people is this 2000 you can have 3000 for all of your
people you can all your friends you can put in this list but what happens is
when you just market to them oh when you just post them
there’s always the scissors and everybody on the list will see your post
everybody everybody she put inside that list that you make will see your post
and then I can just type hit post okay so that’s how that works
okay so you can either you can go to the list let me go back and we don’t do that
all right as you can see here this 602 people on this list alright
602 people on this list I can add more on there and here let me go back this
thing is coming in way what it is boom okay and let’s just back up okay good so
you can just create a list now I’m going to show you another way that you can
market to this list or post to this list without coming to your list we’re going
to go back to home alright and we’re going to type right here how to make
more luck robobot okay you see this button right here it says public friends
like you can just post adjust just your friends okay I mean the public means
everybody can see but you can just post just your friends but here’s the list
see right here you click on more see all this click on more see all lists and
here’s all of the list and here’s the rich list I have friends that may want
to be job for you click on that and then you hit post and then only those
individuals see the post so here’s you can decide who sees your information and
this way more individuals will see your posts because if you just close right on
facebook without if you do public ok only about I don’t know seven seven four
seven some like that will see your post but if you create a list let’s say you
had 3000 people in that list all three thousand people will see that post all
three dots okay let me show you something else alright if you don’t want
it if you don’t want to post like this here’s what you can do we’re going to go
to friends list again and we’re going to click on see all friends all right
see all friends and what you’re going to want to do with your friends the make
sure they see your post is it you see this right here click on close friends
alright close friend let me scroll down some more
alright close friends when you choose Facebook Marketing Training Course: How To Get More People To See Your Facebook Posts close friend that person your post will
more likely to show up on top of their newsfeed
alright close friend and what does me that this is somebody that’s close to
you alright close friend close friend so you want to do this with all of your
friends alright as many as Facebook will allow you to do I’m not sure I’m a today
will allow you to do but as many as they allow you to do make sure these are your
close friend because when you post when you close to your your Facebook account
you just do a regular post like on public alright you don’t you don’t
choose a list you don’t choose anything those are the visitor closest friends
your posts will show up I write more often on the newsfeed because Facebook
you have deemed is this individual someone who is close to you so
faces want to make sure that you see that they see your post okay so every
time you get it you get a new friend make sure that you add them to a list
all right you add them to a list and you make them a close friend especially that
somebody they choose that you want to see your post okay if so much you don’t
want to see your post you know don’t do that but I only add people that I want
to see I want to see my post right I want them to see by my marketing
information I want them to see you know what I’m marketing out there I want them
to eventually purchase my items or you know my trainings or whatever is it you
know join my business so you know make sure you only connect with people that
that you want to market to okay so that’s what you do it on your laptop
so let me do real quickly to show you how to do this on your cell phone okay
what I want is it alright awesome now going to show you how to do this on your
cell phone so what I have right here mirroring my my my iPhone here so what
you want to do is click on these three these three lines right here click on
the three lines alright and you want to Facebook Marketing Training Course: How To Get More People To See Your Facebook Posts then press on you know friends okay now
is your list of friends and I’m going to choose someone alright so you want to
tap on that person okay and then this button right here tap on friends you see
us hit edit friends list okay you want to tap on that and then see right there
at the top close friends all right and then add them to whatever list that you
already create out you can only create up a list of friends list on your laptop
or computer you can’t create a friends list on your cell phone so you want to
scroll down as you can see he’s already quite a business builders at making part
of this list and then click done alright and now that person is what a close
friend and on your list let’s choose another person all right let’s see if I’ve done crystal
yep okay CRT on the list let’s see Jessica
good friend of mine went to high school Jessica all right haven’t done that one
yet close friend and she’s already part of those list okay so that’s how you do
it on your cell phone alright good so hope this training was beneficial to you
hopefully it was helpful down below you’re going to find some more value
you’ll be able to get access to my more sales and signups training down below to
the left and then over to over to the right so I even more value you know
you’re looking for coaching on you know building your business because you know
what one thing that a lot of individuals are you know what they are that’s helped
me in my business is having a coach like someone who’s been there to coach you
through the process you looking for coaching you know you can either set up
for you can schedule a one hour coaching session or a 30-day close your session
click on that button below find out more about the coaching and then it’s some
more value down below those two videos as well too I want to make sure that I’m
giving everything I can to help as many people as possible alright so this is
more with the value NER how to get more people to see your post on your personal
Facebook page I hope you got a lot of value of this if you did leave me a
comment below I write there’s a comma box way at the
bottom you can leave a comment you know for other people to read you can ask a
question or what have you but when they watch the video and be talked with you
soon Facebook Marketing Training Course: How To Get More People To See Your Facebook Posts

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