Fallout 4 Tribute – Ad Victoriam

we had a lot thrown at us back there our off could have ended in disaster but you kept your cool and handled it like a soldier there’s no doubt in my mind that you’ve got what it takes you’ve got a choice you could spend the rest of your life wandering from place to place trading an extra hand for a meager reward or you could join the Brotherhood of Steel and make your mark on the world so what do you say one of our most important duties is to keep the Commonwealth clear of the trash I’m talking about mutants goals since the abominations the Damned agates caused when they started playing with their toys beneath the common there is a cancer known as the Institute a malignant growth that needs to be cut before it infects the surface they are experimenting with dangerous technologies they could prove to be the world’s undoing for the second top but in the end we will be saving humankind from its worst silver and Victoria Victoria Redwyne might be a big beast but she’s not built for fighting that’s where our new budget where do you promise with him on our side I don’t see how the Institute even stands a chance attempting to play gum the institute is taking the sanctity of human life and corrupted it beyond measure you’ll need to take the railroad down mass fusion holds the key to victory don’t disappoint us without you none of this one if anything tries to slow us down I’m ordering you to destroy man or machine you’ll need this it’s a fusion pulse strategy attach it to the reactor then it can be detonated remotely from a safe distance it will be more than enough to annihilate mr. – in its time this isn’t some fairy tale there’s no saving you’re going to destroy everything and soon enough thanks to get this done Alan you’ve done an exemplary job here paladin without your unwavering loyalty to our cause this victory would never have been possible I didn’t do this for the Brotherhood I did this for myself

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  1. I have a playlist with all of these in and when i feel depressed or angry these never fail to cheer me up, especially Happiness. What I'm trying to say is that these are absolutely fantastic and I love them.

  2. Friendly reminder that if the sole survivor joins the brotherhood, that does make him a damn dirty traitor to the US.

  3. Me: always chooses the BoS route because of badass robot.
    Also me: does all DLC right after completing the hunt down The Freema-I mean Kellogg quest.
    also also me: mods the living hell out of my game without mercy or lubricant.

    Edit: well then, likes that aren’t mine…

  4. Awesome Video! Could anyone possible provide me with a link to the Power Armor mod seen at 2:27 The back of it looks quite cool!

  5. Such a LIT video you made, I STILL come back every so often to watch it again… it really appeals to us BoS ‘mains’, when choosing factions.


  6. I'm playing Fallout 76 and Danses words "You could wander from place to place trading your services for a meagre reward" ring true.

  7. Brotherhood of Steel in the past: We fight to keep technology out of wrong hands and kill monsters, to protect the world. Ad Victoriam.
    Brotherhood of Steel in Fallout 4: Robots. Me no like robots. Kill robots.

  8. Man, I know this is a cliche, but still, why didn't Bethesda hire you to make cinematic cutscenes to make F4 more interesting?

  9. Hey Pandamic, can you make a cinematic for the guestline where all factions teem up against the institute?

  10. What's all of your favorite fallout? I personally like 76 to play with friends, but 3 will always be my most favorite.

  11. Could anyone give me the names of the mods for the following

    The camouflaged Kellogg suit,
    The torso for his BoS power armor

  12. Every last brotherhood will face the wrath of the enclave, all who oppose us will be obliterated. For the enclave.

  13. WARNING! Subterranean Red Chinese compound detected! Obstruction depth: five meters. Composition:
    and COMMUNISM!

  14. In one of my playthroughs, I let the Minutemen kill the Institute, so I could keep doing BoS missions but not extort the settlements for supplies. It works! I take Danse with me on what Railroad missions are left.

  15. Ad Victoriam brothers and sisters…*COUGH* COUGH *COUGH*.
    That…that was…nasty….

  16. the first time I ever met the brotherhood they saved me from a deathclaw I Respected them and did their story 5 times

  17. If only the institute just did better robots to serve humanity, but noooooooooo
    they had to build a Terminator factory.
    The bucketheads have all the right to be pissed.

  18. Danse is the face of the Brotherhood of Steel. As far as written characters goes, Danse has the loyalty and dedication, he is the only person I respect from that faction and it honestly hurt me when I had to shoot him. Thinking back on it, I would make only one exception to allow one synth because Danse has earned it. That is why the Brotherhood of Steel is flawed in every way. All hail the Enclave and MODUS!

  19. I like how you’re using the same song that they used in the captain America Civil War trailer. In the second half of the Civil War trailer the music is identical

  20. I wish they would have finished the third ending becoming elder and danse as your second in command and killing elder maxson

  21. Love it when you first meet Elder Maxson
    "Beneath the Commonwealth there is a cancer known as the institute a growth we must cut before it infects the surface."

  22. “You know what’s about to happen. Are you sure you want to punch your way out of this one” Natasha Romanov

  23. i always sided with the bos and used the minuteman as an extension of that faction, like my personal army for the brotherhood

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