FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered – Official E3 Announcement 2019 Trailer (Closed Captions)

At long last FINAL FANTASY VIII Arrives remastered for this generation! Coming 2019

100 thoughts on “FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered – Official E3 Announcement 2019 Trailer (Closed Captions)

  1. Is… no one going to talk about how the trailer for this remaster is just straight up the OLD FF8 preview trailer/intro cinematic, but prettier?

    I know game companies recycling things has picked up a lot, but this is ridiiiiiiculous

  2. Will this be an update on the steam version or a new purchase. Also a remake of this game would be fantastic

  3. Not a single shot of the overworld?

    I guess I shouldn't be surprised — The overworld needed the most work.



  5. So the ultimate question is… will I actually be able to do those chocobo sidequests without buying an extra thing that was like, only released in Japan I think? I NEVER GOT MY RIBBON DAMMIT

  6. Wait, what is remastered looks exactly the same. I'm not saying they have to go all out, but i still see the same exact pixels as i do on my ps2

  7. That pretty much looked like it was just ps1 gameplay and cinematics, didnt look anywhere near a remastered version

  8. now all we need is FF 1 2 4 5 6 ports to xbox and ps4 as well as chrono trigger and chrono cross and well be good

  9. Thank you Square Enix, you just made a old man very happy with this announcement. As a young man I play this game more then any game that I've ever played, well over two thousand hours of play time. I know that the game could have been beaten in less time but I took my sweet time and expropriated ever digital inche of Final Fantasy 7. I know this game inside and out where all the hidden treasures where and all the best places for items and where to go to level up all my character's. This game like no other has given me so much joy and entertainment and to now know that it's going to be remastered for the PS4. All I can say it thank from the bottom and top of my heart for doing this. Square Enix will forever be one of the greatest gaming studio in my humble opinion. You have made a dream come true and also I was wondering if you could do a remake of another game that has always been one of my favorites and that is Final Fantasy Tactics. I still have it and play it from time to time but I would really love to have a completely remade game maybe for the PS5. Again I would like to thank everyone at Square Enix for making my youth so special with all the AWESOME game's that you all have given to us over the year's. Your biggest fan. David Cromer.

  10. Wow, Final Fantasy VIII Remastered! I wonder if voice acting will be added. That would be well advised. VIII is an underdog of the series, although it was the first Final Fantasy game to feature characters with fully proportional bodies.

  11. It's basically the regular FF8 with several steam mods which can be done already:

    I'd call this a remaster if it was anywhere close to how Octopath Traveler was, sadly I'll be skipping this "remaster" in favor for my regular FF8 with the available mods to make it Remastered.

  12. Im in tears….thank you so much Square!! I never thought I would ever see ff8 and the word remastered together.

  13. Надеюсь сделаете русские сабы. У Финалки полно русскоговорящих фанатов.

  14. Its about fucking time the best final fantasy game ever made. Is being remastered. I'm getting 100%

  15. Yakuza Kiwami : à real remake with new engine and additions = 30 euros with a steelbook

    $quare €nix = ugly port named « remaster » (look at those characters, they do not look like at all CGI models, they are emo versions instead) = 40 to 50 euros

    Guess which games sell the most ? SE fans are killing vidéo game

  16. My favourite game of all time!!! I still remember sitting in class 20 years ago, waiting for school to end just so I could come home to play this.
    I'm beyond happy for this remaster. I hope that there will be a remaster someday, I don't mind waiting the remainder of my lifetime for it.

  17. I'd like a remastered remake of all the Final Fantasy games up to X(sorry to fans of the rest 🙃😶🖕)

  18. Armageddon Fist is gonna be DUMMY T H I C C. *Better get ready to break down those Tents into Curaga for Broken Ass Stats.

  19. Please can you forward this to Square Enix, that we want to have HD render backgrounds and CGI cutscenes by using AI? : @ + @

  20. Please can you forward this to Square Enix, that we want to have HD render backgrounds and CGI cutscenes by using AI? : @ + @

  21. Please can you forward this to Square Enix, that we want to have HD render backgrounds and CGI cutscenes by using AI? : @ + @

  22. Please can you forward this to Square Enix, that we want to have HD render backgrounds and CGI cutscenes by using AI? : +

  23. Could you add a "hard mode" for the FFVIII Remaster? Just like steam mods? Maybe make enemies/bosses tougher and always 1-5 levels higher than you, characters/GF's a bit less powerful, and the junction system less game breaking? Also add the Japanese version differences too. 🙂

  24. lmao, what a lazy fuckin remaster. some mouthbreathing neckbeard could whip something up thats 9999999999999999 times better using gans.
    use deepfakes to make all the girl characters NAKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ah yea bb i just wanna jack off to naked quistis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. well people keep talking about ff7 remake but this is the first ff game I ever played and I love it!! can't wait!

  26. oh mann… my absolute favorite and best ever game is coming back, is the remastered version out yet? Ahh can't wait to play again after all these years!

  27. What the fuck ff7 gets a whole new look and we just get a slight engine update!??!?!!?!? What the fuck???? ff7 sucked major dick compared to 8. and they get a whole new face lift. FUCKING REMAKE THE GOD DAMN GRAPHICS AND VISUALS. WHICH you should of done for this version instead of 7. 7 already had a fuckin movie and got what we wanted. BUT HOLY TITS some nice ass animation would of made 8 the best final fantasy of all time.

  28. Everything about this game is great except the junction system. It takes forever to draw magic to get a 100 points and you can’t use magic because it’ll decrease.

  29. cant wait. who is everyone's favorite gf? doomtrain isnt too bad. eden can do the most damage with gf boost.

  30. If the ffVII remake does good and this remaster does good than there is maybe a chance we will get a ffVIII remake like ffVII.

  31. I grew up with this game instead so I never understood what all the FF7 hype was about. I've been meaning to play this again for quite some time now so this is pretty cool.

  32. Remastered? It's still in fullscreen 4:3 format and not widescreen 16:9 format and looks the same as it did before just a little less pixelated. They need to completely remake the graphics same as Final Fantasy 7.

  33. Goddammit….I bought your "remastered" version of ff8 on steam like 2 years ago….

    And now its "remastered" again??!? If you have already bought ff8 on steam…..just download the roses and wine mod and do what this "remaster" basically does…..for free.

    I fucking love you Square….but I also cant spend money on a title I have bought over 5 times in the past 20 years everytime you throw something new into it.

  34. This games soundtrack is ingrained into my soul, extremely excited for this. Glad it specifically says steam, only playing old titles at this point due 2 micro transactions and Epic deals. This will be the first new release I will buy in years.

  35. My first thought was "This doesn't even look different."

    Then I went back to look at the original character models. Yikes. I take it back. o_O

  36. Haaa, what an Irony. Thanks to the first original Playstation. Nintendo Switch got some real great games for the first time ever in it's short life. What a pain.

  37. Born in 88' this was my first introduction to the series, never played ff7 but looking forward to the remake, a remake of ff8 on the other hand would be MONUMENTAL!

  38. nudity is censored in this remastered version . no thanks . i'm still not religious and i like to see some boobies without being a pervert or smth like this . REMASTERED doesnt means you have RIGHTS to CHANGE DETAILS of a LEGENDARY GAME

  39. I would pay whatever they asked if they made a final fantasy 8 remake like they have done with 7. I'm hoping the ff8 remaster is to see if its worth doing. which it will be 👍🏻

  40. I prefer the PSX version, this "remaster" looks like ePSXe with X2 filters and new models. Nothing like the FFX remaster, that's a nice example of a good job.

  41. Seguite il Walkthrough di questo capolavoro rimasterizzato insieme a noi… IN ITALIANO….
    Vi aspettiamo…….

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