For Honor – Implementing Campaign Moves into Characters’ Movesets

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  1. Probably that shield uppercut’s follow up could be a normal animated heavy but made unblockable (of course hard-feintable), or a just a guaranteed regular light. Or both why not? 🤣
    Maybe, to add the spice, that shield uppercut could be also softfeinted from warlord’s forward jump heavy attack. It could probably look like gladiator’s sprint attack. (BAMBOOOZLE)

  2. Lmao people complaining about orochi when I literally got to diamond 3 just spamming lights on console. But I mean I would happily take those kicks lol

  3. As an Orochi main I would love to see Orochi with Tozen's moveset because it's kinda challenging to open up an opponent without a really true reliable opener. Most people I play are very good at parrying lights and his pretty fast zone and his storm rush isn't always reliable and feinting heavies only gets you so far. I would really like it if he had more capabillity then he already does now. Some confirmed damage would be nice. I also agree 100% with everything he said in the video, Ubisoft needs to give Orochi a true rework, faster attacks isn't always gonna cut it because people that play For Honor do adapt to chnages in certain characters.

  4. 09:06 You saw how low his health was? Lucky it was Warlord and not Shugoki.

    Else it'd of been the end of that fight…

  5. On console orochi is broken with the R1 spam. Im a bronze rank. I never even played orochi before take him into rank and literally R1 my way to platinum. I get PC is more reactable and negates that advantage. But do this and console turns into an Orochi spam fest.

  6. Considering that they haven't implemented ANY mp movesets into the campaign (thus meaning that the campaign, supposedly to train you for online in a multiplayer focused game like this, gives you outright wrong info about nine whole characters), I highly doubt they would do the opposite. It'd be nice to be surprised though.

    I'm salty about For Honor singleplayer. I feel like they could've made a lot more money (what's not to love?) if they had just put in the effort of doing more with singleplayer. Like, a short one or two level mini-episode about each new character would've been awesome. An Apollyon DLC of her uprising where you play as her, from lowly warden or whatever to the literal War Goddess, that would've been fuckin great.

    But instead the campaign is mostly just for memes and I doubt most people even remember what happens in 90% of it. It makes me sad.

  7. I am 100% fine with orochi getting a kick. And maybe a top heavy (only top heavy) into zone. Only thing is people would start reeing faster than shinobi with speed boost. Soooo I'd say slow lights back to 500ms (that's not even 50ms slower so its fine) that would be fair

  8. I think you should’ve talked more about Apollyon’s moves for Warden as right now, yeah he’s viable, but it’s just shoulder and top heavy.

    Like the new mic, very crisp 👌

  9. I really liked the campaign, I wouldn't play it again because of how different it is from the multiplayer now, I don't like how much they've distanced it, it's almost like a completely different game. It would be cool if they made a decently long campaign with the wu-lin, to give them some background, from both sides of the fight.

  10. Warlord mid-chain bash confirms a finisher light, wall bounces to allow for a side heavy? Give him some pressure when you’re up against a wall?

    I don’t know what to do about that hug, but giving him some teamfight capabilities would be nice. I don’t see why he shouldn’t have a grappling move, since he’s already a bulky boy, but how to make it work? Maybe let it come out of full block, obviously speed it up and give it something like Shugoki’s tracking. Maybe 900 ms, which is the same as Shugo’s. Additionally, since heavy from Full Block is undodgeable, we have something resembling an actual mixup here. Dodge, eat the undodgeable. Don’t dodge, eat the bearhug. Might have to make it so Warlord can’t dodge out of Full Block… although I’m not sure if that’s something he can even do now, lol. Make it do 30 damage, also?

  11. Simple opinion: Orochi character design is built off of the deflect the ability to make a decision between the hyper armored heavy deflect that causes a stun animation and can be feint into a gb or a light deflect animation so the best answer is to continue down the path of deflects and allow Orochi to deflect unblockable attacks to fight the character as a counter attacker

  12. A long time ago I suggested to add tozens kick to orochi's moveset and a lot of people liked this idea, and now you're the person that delivered this suggestion to a bigger audience. As I remember tozen has a "light" kick followed up by a light/heavy punish (goodbye hito), and a "heavy kick" which puts you on the ground and would drain your stam a lot (and if jorm is nearby then that person is half dead already)

  13. Unlike orochi? Orochi – on console – is one of the most annoying characters to fight. If the player is good then they will counter everything you throw at them. Orochi is a counter attacker and I believe a bash would make him too unbalanced in every game mode besides dual. My opinion.

  14. They should of had those weak warden enimes for each faction i rember seing a vikeing warden near the beging breach whould be more intresting

  15. A Kick for Oro both as a starter (similar to cent kick) or a mix up would be cool.

    As for Warlord a mix up – uppercut bash – after a light or heavy would be an excellent addition to his kit to make him less predictable and a 1-2 -1-2 hero…

    And 3rd is the charm : while we are at at why not sligthy buff shinobi's atk speed ? He/she already got hyper armor nerfed, and considering how dearly paid is each mistake for he/she has the lowest hp of all heroes, he/she would enjoy a slight atk speed buff!

  16. Tozens kick on Orochi is something that i have been thinking about since i started playing orochi in compettitive and realised that "lmao what openers"

  17. Make the Tozen kick possible for Orochi at the end of a chain.
    Like that, it can be mixed up with the dashes light attacks tracking at the end of a chain., and stays viable because of the condition to use it .

    With a command attack if it touches for a little dmg ( if you allow top lightx2 they will go again for the end chain , it s maybe to répétitive )

    "If you let Orochi goes without parrying his heavies or guarding his lights, you will have now to take a 50/50 at the end of his chains " … Or something like that

  18. What if there was a selector? Like you’ll lose some moves to gain the campaign moves? Like warlord loses his zone to gain the campaign move

  19. You should block your videos in China, it is illegal for their social credit to be here and we should report them all to the great leader Xi Jiping

  20. Ohhh warlord should get added that hug but it be exactly like shugokis old hug. That would be perfect. Even heal him.

  21. Orochi needs nothing but deleting from the game. You're so wrong about saying "Orochi is unusable".

    Ubisoft were so biased when creating the original hero's. The entire campaign just explains to players that the devs are biased weebs. The years following have seen Orochi sustain as the most efficient spammer with counters and punishers that are cheap and dirty. No other character has that much versatility in its moveset. No other character has multiple deflects. No other character has feats as disgusting as Orochi (seriously, wtf is up with kiai… Shouting at someone to deplete their stamina? Why doesn't all the wu lin have this feat as a passive then? Cos Ubisoft are biased weebs, that's why).

  22. Yea no dont Think he needs more ways to light spam you sure if u Can banlace him but sens he Can ligt you when u Down Nope to up

  23. They should make Orochi's heavies soft feint into Tozen kick, which could also be thrown in neutral stance, what could also be useful would be to give orochi some sort of confusing heavy (just like pk's or shaman's heavy soft feint into a light)

  24. They should make the bear hug a new move that only happens when you get a guard brake into wall splat and should give back some health like shugoki

  25. They should just create a special event that brings back all the bosses from the campaign and if beat them…you can farm their moves from the battle field…call it "A journey of skill"

  26. Orochi is a counter attacker give him the full guard and then make the kick part of a combo. Imagine getting a deflect going for the heavy attack deflect the soft feinting into the kick or a light then the kick and feint the kick.

  27. Warlord is terrible, the bash might actually help if he did get it. Although some work would be required, I’ve been wanting it forever. Maybe it just gives a unique heavy, with like 25 damage. The bash shouldn’t be guaranteed though, except maybe on a knock down. Should definitely be a soft faint from a heavy, though, as well as in a chain.

  28. Don't complain abutte roch if he's one of the worst heroes in the game. Deflect is the only move that does serious damage but it takes good timing. Forget about ganking with him too–you just feed revenge. If he had the kick people would fear roch ganks like they fear getting picked up by raider, headbutted by warlord, db'd by shugoki, or toe stab spammed by glad

  29. What also would be amazing if they brought gear from the campaign into multiplayer because some of them look amazing.

  30. I would have to disagree on PK and Orochi being similar, simply because PK has tools to use her playstyle. Insane bleeds anytime, which translates into blocked lights not ending chains. If you put PK vs Warden with 2nd feat on, then she’s literally Orochi and can barely do anything.

  31. The Orochi needs a rework to Vanguard or at best in Hybrid and take out an Assassin Hero in year 4 with some Sais to level the faction. Tozen's kick, a combo with unblockable and being unable to make lightspam. Ubisoft doesn't have the arguments to deny this, the Orochi was originally Vanguard class just like the Warlord, it was named Oni and was converted to Assassin by the classes that were placed at the end of the game. Then Ubisoft took out the Tiandi, a piece of shit with the same movements of the Orochi but with static guard and without deflects, Ubisoft has no arguments to deny this and they need the same with Orochi and leave his deflects at least, make it Vanguard and Assassin class (like the Valkyrie that it's a lightspammer) and make it more competitive for the game.

  32. Personally, I believe Orochi should be reworked. But not just reworked, fixed. He's currently classified and a counter attacker but has no more counter capabilities than any other assassin/reflex guard character. Make him have the FEEL of a counter attacker instead of a goddamn light spam harrasser. Precise, powerful and swift. Not: "if I throw 20 attacks, some of them will have to hit". Please ubi, make for honour great again

  33. I want a kick like tozen's kick for orochi, Fast lights don't cut it anymore and stormrush you get tapped out most of the time so yeah a kick would be really neat now maybe make it a softfeint from stormrush? idk if that is a good idea or not. I think apollyons attack animations and stuff are way more interesting for warden and I think warden should have them but more neat and polished as apollyons fighting style was rougher but that is just my opinion. Warlord shield uppercut I would love it. Oh a execution idea for warolord, he pulls out his sword and punches the opponent with the shield after which he wistles and a wolf runs in and jump on top of the enemy bitting until the enemy fails to resist and gets his neck bitten.

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