For Tomorrow’s Breakthroughs: The Campaign for Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

>>Who’s behind a breakthrough?>>Who makes possible>>The care>>The innovation>>The Education>>That helps millions of children each year.>>Who makes the difference?>>That makes the difference.>>One answer is our life-changing team of
more than 14,000 physicians, nurses, researchers and staff — from the world’s first pediatric
bilateral hand transplant to understanding the genetics of autism; from new ways to care
for families to training the best and brightest care providers. Behind every breakthrough is a remarkable
collection of hearts and minds.>>But there is another answer.>>just as powerful>>just as vital>>just as life-changing>>Behind every breakthrough>>is you.>>your vision>>your generosity>>your strength>>Today, something unprecedented is happening. Through this campaign, we will raise 1 billion
dollars for groundbreaking research, for exceptional patient family experiences, for outreach to
children and families in need, and for training tomorrow’s leaders in children’s health.>>So, who is behind a future?>>of limitless breakthroughs>>at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.>>You>>Usted>>You

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