Fortnite – Battle Royale Announce Trailer | PS4

The Fortnite team has been hard
at work on a special project we are excited to reveal. At Epic, we are huge fans of
the battle royale genre in games like PUBG and H1Z1, and we thought Fortnite was the
perfect world to build one in. Fortnite Battle Royale is the
new 100-person PVP mode coming to early access
players on September 26th. So we thought if we
took Fortnite’s dynamic, destructible world and its
unique building mechanics and then combine that with what’s
best about the battle royale genre, we could create
something that was amazing. Fortnite Battle
Royale is the 100-player, last man standing PVP experience
you know so well but combined with the
limitless world of Fortnite. Everyone starts in the Battle
Bus with a glider and a pickaxe. But from there, how
you win is up to you. There’s tons of weapons, traps to take out
unsuspecting opponents, and a huge map to
build whatever you can imagine. We’ve had such a blast
playing this mode internally, and we can’t wait to
get you in the game. Starting right now, all Fortnite
players can get into the Battle Royale public test
and start playing. The battle is building. See you in-game.

100 thoughts on “Fortnite – Battle Royale Announce Trailer | PS4

  1. What is up with the 100 player only just like Battleground? Is that an Unreal Engine 4 limitation? Or does bringing a game to Xbox Live instantly mean you can't DARE make it a large player number for its time? MAG was 256 players back in 2010 on PS3 PSN so we know PSN can handle higher numbers and 1000 players on Planetside 2 on PS4 PSN.

  2. September 26 is when it comes out and it will be free guys don't be scared,but for early accesses it is not just wait till September 26

  3. This is an amazing game please keep it free if not I'll still buy it but amazing beta phase better then pubg add zombie waves to multiplayer if outside of smallest circle beta review-Hunter

  4. Fu ck You Epic Why The F Are We PS4 Players Playing Against No Life PC Mouse Clicking Always Hopping Mofo’s should of been Xbox that’s BS !!!!

  5. Also das Spiel ist cool aber das nach dem man gestorben ist mit Viereck meldet ist richtig beschissen… Ich weiss ziemlich dumm das ich Ich auf Viereck drücke aber irgendwie verlockt das Spiel dazu… Ich hab jetzt schon so viele Leute aus versehen gemeldet das es jetzt schon nicht mehr Feierbar ist… Ich würde mich freuen wenn bei Viereck das Profil auf ploopt oder man zurück ins Menü kann wie auf Kreis… Aber das mit dem melden ist einfach voll daneben

  6. Do u have to play this online with people of do u play by yourself my son wants fortnite for xmess and i know nothing about it its for his ps4 dose he need a headset to talk to people or somthing

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