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What’s up you guys Jason Wardrop here, And in this video I want to make sense of everything that we’ve got going on here We’ve got a lot going on. And so this is a digital marketing tutorial so if you’re a complete beginner when it comes to digital marketing I want to help you become an expert release know the exact next step to take and If you are, let’s say a business owner. You’re like man. I want to figure out how to leverage digital marketing for my business I want to break that all down for you guys today in this video Okay So this is kind of like I’m shooting this video thinking to myself five years ago before I got into whole digital marketing world of What I wish I would have known and what we could have helped shortcut my path of learning and education all that stuff Dramatically and I basically broke it all down right here So to help you have that shortcut to success. So with that said let’s jump into things Let’s start up here in the top left hand corner. We’ve got a website versus a landing page now Let’s talk about what each one of these is and the difference of the two and why you would use the website Why would use the landing page which is also known as a lead capture page? So have you ever heard the term landing page lead capture page squeeze page? They’re all kind of the same thing. All right, so just kind of keep that in mind right here, but a website So 15 to 20 years ago when the internet started getting big all these businesses like, you know, okay We need a website. We need an online presence because the Internet’s kind of taken off And so that was kind of the standard when it came to digital marketing, right? You’re a local mom pop shop your whatever type of business you are. You needed a website and so a lot of Marketers they went through and they sold these these website services They hey, I’ll go through and create a website for you Which nowadays there’s so many softwares that makes it so easy to go get a website set up. Now. The thing about a website is This great for branding. It’s great for one of your potential clients or customers Visiting your website may be seeing some reviews may be seeing a little bit more about your product getting more information on your services But what a website absolutely sucks at is lead generation So let’s just say for ample that you are a business owner or even if you work with business owners And you’ve got your website and you get 100 people to this website every single month. Okay, we’ll just keep eating the numbers easy So that we can easily do the math here Well with the hundred people that visit the website every single month You will be lucky to get one new lead from the one hundred people visiting your website Right. So like that’s not that great a conversion rate. And for those you like. Hey, what’s the lead? Like I’ve seen that that comment on my youtube channel from time to time Hey lead is basically somebody interested in your product or services Okay, so it’s usually someone’s name phone or an email address so that we’re like, okay this person’s interested We can send them an email give them a call a text message to follow up with that person To eventually hopefully do business with them. Okay well if we’re running paid advertising and let’s say we’re spending $1 for every single person that clicks to our website and We get a hundred people to that website Well, the one dollar per click and we’re getting a hundred people there. That’s a hundred dollars Okay, so a hundred dollars to get maybe one lead and a lot of times you won’t even get that one lead okay, so that one lead costs one hundred dollars or Sometimes you spend the hundred dollars and don’t generate any leads now we’re a landing page comes in is This helps with your lead generation Dramatically and these kind of work hand-in-hand where you still want a website I’m not saying you don’t want a website because remember it’s really big and important on branding It’s really important that people are going through and then the discovery phase and they find your website reading about your products or services What you have to offer? but when you’re running paid advertisement We’re talking Facebook as Instagram as Google YouTube as whatever it is. We do not want to send people to our website We want to send them to a simple Landing page also know like we mentioned earlier as a lead capture page a squeeze page and the whole point of this landing page Right here Is to grab the visitors contact information. So with that same example guys, let’s say we are once again spending $1 to get somebody to our website well After a hundred people go to our landing page. That’s a dollar per person one hundred dollars a landing page is going to typically convert Fifteen to twenty five percent sometimes even more of the people visiting this landing page into an actual leap So if we break down the numbers here, this cost is a hundred dollars to get a new lead from our website. Whereas over here If we’re seeing 15 a 25 percent conversion rate, let’s just say we’re seeing a 25 percent conversion rate Okay, just to keep numbers easy. So 25 percent we spent a hundred dollars We get 25 leads now our cost per lead drops down to four dollars per lead Okay, so you see like the difference there like this is huge and let me just break down why a landing page works so well And that is because there’s no other distractions on this page. Whereas with the website You’re gonna have a phone number to call you’re gonna have links out to social media profiles You might have a video on your services You might have a customer review and you’ve got links out to all these different things To your blog to your about Us page contact page. And so what happens is the website visitor kind of gets Lost in what direction what path that they should actually take They might want to actually go through and talk with you but they don’t know because they end up just clicking on a lot of links in a lot of buttons whereas if the landing page Very simple page. There’s no other ads. No other links. No other distractions. It’s just your headline sub-headline asking for their name phone and e-mail address or whatever contact information you’re trying to collect and Then a call to action button that wants to go through like let’s say you’re a dentist You’re offering free teeth whitening to go kind of have that little hook of bringing people into your business Well, you say free teeth. Why need they’re like, oh, man, I want that they’ll put in their name phone email and hit enter or You know enter to win or whatever the if it’s a sweepstakes type of thing and then you get those leads and from there You can easily direct that person back to your website after they opt-in okay, so just keep that in mind if you’re like, I know a lot of business owners I work with they’re like, ah But I still want to go to my website because they got a lot of cool stuff over here Well, if you’re running, hey dad’s gonna first send to your landing page, then you can send them to the website Afterward or through a follow-up email Alright, so hopefully that all makes sense between the difference of a website Versus a landing page now. Let’s move over here to the top right hand corner And this is where we’re gonna talk about sales funnels kaor funnels like you’ve probably heard if you’ve been in the digital marketing world or kind of like been hearing about people talking about the internet and You might be thinking. Okay. I don’t know. What a funnel is. What is like, is this something in the kitchen? Is this something that when you’re out doing yard work to get gas into the lawnmower? Well, let’s break down What a sales funnel is so if you look at a typical Funnel you it’s wider up at top and then it gets narrower down towards the bottom. Okay So what a sales funnel is is this basically a way to go through Get people to your business and then eventually make sales. So it kind of goes through this process one We have our website visitors the number of people that visit our website or we can say in this case Our landing page now is gonna be the most amount of people. So let’s say it’s Let’s say it’s a hundred people. Okay hundred people were getting to our landing page And then from there, there’s only gonna be so many people That actually turn into Lietz. Okay, so that’s why it’s like it’s shrinking. It’s getting smaller. It’s that funnel aspect right there So let’s say we get twenty-five percent conversion rate So 25 of those hundred are actually becoming lead so it’s getting smaller. Now. Let’s just say for this example You have a business where before some is actually gonna buy they’re not gonna buy online. It’s not an e-commerce business We need to actually need to get them on a phone call, right? So from here of the twenty five leads we’re only gonna have so many people that actually become leads that fill out an application About what our business has to deal with? Okay. So let’s say out of those. Let’s say 20% just to keep numbers easy So of the twenty five, what is that? That’s five people then we’ll fill out applications and from there Maybe it only a certain amount we’ll schedule a call. So let’s just say twenty percent so one of the five schedule a call and then hopefully we actually make a sale from that but obviously our numbers probably need you a little bit bigger to act see a Sale from everything that we’ve done right here, okay So that’s kind of like what the the whole concept of a sales funnel is just knowing that every point in the process That people are gonna fall off. Okay in this sales funnel. This is the same thing. It happens It happens in real life like for example If you go into like a McDonald’s and you want to go and buy a hamburger well, the person at the cash register will be like, okay, we do you want Fries and maybe the person says yes And so that’s kind of like the next step in the funnel not everyone’s gonna say yes to fries But some people will and then in addition to that they might say, okay. Well do you want to drink with that as well? Well, you might have people that get fries But don’t get a drink or they get the burger the fries and the drink so they kind of continue down this sales funnel But at each point there’s people dropping off and so that’s why it is a funnel type aspect right there All right. Now let’s talk about over here. Now that we’ve kind of got the basics of a sales funnel down let’s talk about the three core types of sales funnels how they work and how you can use them for your Business and I’m going to give you some different examples to all of these so you kind of get a feel of what you should be implementing into your business or if you’re like Let’s say are wanting to learn marketing digital marketing to be able to work with clients Be able to kind of understand the process of how you can help these other businesses that are your potential clients, okay? So first, we’ve got high ticket funnels We have mid ticket and then we have low ticket and you kind of see here high ticket. It’s gonna be something that’s $5,000 or more Mid is like the one to two thousand dollar range and that’ll even drop down about as low as $500 and then low ticket I got anything less than 500 bucks but usually it’s gonna be less than $200 and I want to show you guys here in just a second how to make all these happen But just kind of like break down What this looks like so a high ticket This could be a realtor right so like you go through and you’re trying to sell a home that’s obviously a very high ticket thing It could be even insurance it could be a lot of in a lot of times a high ticket or Where you actually need to make a phone call maybe meet with that person in person to close the deal Okay, so that’s anything high ticket So $5,000 plus so I mean that could be up to a couple millions of dollars for that product But still we can make this work with digital marketing I’ll show you guys how to do that here in just a second and then our mid ticket this is this is like your the Business that I’m in and this is selling software There’s a number of other businesses that we could go through and leverage right here But what I do is I sell our software for about a thousand dollars and with training and kind of bundle it together And then our low ticket this could be ecommerce. This could be digital trainings. I mean, there’s a number of things I’ll let you guys kind of use your imagination on the different types of Low ticket offers that there can be but like typically like I said anything less than $200 So if you look at you know clothes or different gadgets or something like that buying online That’s where you’re gonna see this now The key thing is if we want to scale quickly We need to leverage paid advertising. But the thing is is that in order to make paid advertising work? We have to understand the sales funnels for each one of these high ticket mid ticket low ticket how to actually adapt it into your business or your clients businesses so that you can actually make money because obviously the other day You don’t want to put a thousand dollars in advertising And only make $500 back out because at the end of the day you’re losing money and you’ll be out of business very quickly Or you don’t want to be even like breaking even if you don’t have any like follow a back-up plan That’s not like that’s not that great either So the way where you can leverage this to actually make money Let’s say you’re in the high-ticket business is we’re gonna have a landing page. Okay, because remember we’re running paid advertising We’re still gonna have our website But we want to have a separate landing page that we’re sending people that are clicking on our Facebook or Instagram ads or YouTube ads Or Google Ads to this landing page Then what the typical funnel looks like that works? amazingly well Is you’ll have them opt in with their name phone number and email address and have some type of hook just like on a landing? Page you want to have some type of hook that’s like it’s giving them something of value for free in exchange for their contact information Okay So that could be like a cool Training a case study or like I was the same with the dentists of free dental teeth whitening or it could be like a free Chiropractic adjustment or a free massage like if you’re working with chiropractors, so there’s a number of different Offers or hooks that we can have on this landing page But it’s got obviously make sense for your business and be enough of a hook that someone’s willing to put in their actual Real information into this landing page. Okay. So right here, we’ve got the landing page. We have some type of hook and for this one, I like usually I use like a free case study or free training of how you can do X and Then from there we’ll send them to a what’s called a value video now the importance of a value video and why this is so beneficial is because If we’re taking somebody who has no idea who we are. We have no credibility with no authority no real trust with them quite yet Before we actually get on a phone call with them we want to kind of establish who we are What we do what our products are what our services are so we don’t have to do that on a phone call Okay, because if you’re doing that with a phone call, it’s basically cold calling It’s not really effective and at the end of day, it’s not that fun Right. So the cool thing is everything that we would have said on a phone call we can throw that into a twelve to twenty minute video of basically breaking down who we are what we do establish some credibility some authority some trust and Then kind of talk about our products or services at the end It’s basically saying like hey You know if you want to work with us Click on to the next page and we can fill how do you fill out an application? So you can already see kind of like this funnel aspect taking place right here where? Only so many people are going to opt in on the landing page of those people that opt-in on the landing page only so many are gonna actually watch the whole video and other people that watch the video only so many are gonna actually fill out An application and move on through the whole process, okay So that’s like that that funnel aspect that we’re talking about and so we want to have this application After they watch the video to kind of find out where they are and where they want to get to okay? Because this saves you so much time when you actually get on a phone call with them because you can quickly let look Two seconds see the application know that you’ve preframe everything in this video and then find out okay Where they where are they currently with their business? how can I help them with their business or with like whatever their desires are whatever the goals are if it’s like they want to Go through and buy a home sell their home, whatever it is have the application and then after they fill out the application they schedule a Phone call with you and the nice thing is is with technology There are so many software’s now that you can easily have Put in the days of the week in the time of day that you are available And so that person all they have to do is go find what days you available what times a day you have available? And then they book the appointment and this is all done on complete auto-pilot Which is super awesome And then all you have to do is just look at your calendar for the day and see who is on your calendar Which calls you need to make make those calls and then hopefully at the end of day you close some deals and make some money Okay, so that is the high-ticket funnel The mid ticket is a little bit different, but we’re sending our paid advertising towards a landing page We have some type of often opt-in and a lot of times Like I said, this is gonna be a free training case study type of thing and then we hit have them hit a confirmation page Saying like hey, you’re confirmed you’re registered And then what I do is I will either have a live training or I’ll have an automated train now this training is a little bit longer because we need to build all of the trust the Credibility the authority with them right here on the training. Ok We’re never going to jump on a phone call with them And so in order to do that, we have to have a little bit longer training So usually these are gonna be about 90 minutes to 2 hours long Which I know it sounds crazy and everyone when I first told him that I was like gonna learn how to do these trainings They thought I was crazy because I like no one’s gonna stay on for 90 minutes No one’s gonna stay on for two hours. But guess what they do, but once again, it’s kind of that funnel aspect right there where only so many people are gonna actually opt-in Only so many people are gonna watch your training here and only so many are gonna watch the whole training and then a certain number Are actually going to buy Ok, so that is this mid ticket so usually in the 1 to $2,000 range you can sometimes go as low as $500 but at It’s hard to make your advertising cost back out All right So then the last one right here and this one is important because if you’re running like a Shopify store selling stuff on Amazon or any digital type products that are lower ticket Any physical products you need to understand the concept of a sales funnel or else you’re gonna grow up go broke extremely fast Especially with these little ticket offers so low ticket is typically anything that you’re selling this less than $500 and more than likely it’s usually less than 200 and a lot of times it’s just in that 50 to 100 dollar range. Okay. Now if we’re running two paid advertising to one of these low ticket products like well Let’s say we’ve got an e-commerce store like a Shopify store or something like that and we have a $50 product Well, if we just go through run the ads have this person buy a $50 product Usually it’s gonna cost about $100 or more To actually acquire that person as a customer. Okay, so if you’re spending $100 to make $50 back out You’re losing 50 percent of your money every single time that you’re actually running these ads So the way that you want to make this work and the only way that I really know to make this work Unless you’re able to get ads for extremely cheap Which it’s not really the case nowadays these you have to leverage the sales funnel aspect right here. Where? after somebody buys your first product you want to offer a product that complements the previous product but at the same time it increases your ticket value so that if it costs $100 to go through and acquire a new person as a customer and they go through they buy the $50 product well Then you have maybe another $50 product another $100 product or a $20 product or whatever it is to be able to increase the revenue that you’re generating from that new customer and a lot of times what is very interesting is Let’s say you’re going through and you’re selling protein powder Okay You’re in the supplement space ecommerce, and somebody’s going through and they’re buying a big case of protein or something like that appropri workout Whatever it is is if they’ve already bought it you probably know They like it right? Well, what you can do is on the page right after that say hey Would you like three more cases three more containers for a discount? And then also you’re able to go through not only increase the amount of revenue that you’re generating But you’re able to Bund that all into one shipment So you’re not having to go through and ship out four separate products over the next? Several months and you’re able to just make a lot more money initially be able to back out with your ad costs and generate a lot more leads from that because we’re still gonna have a landing page right here before we go through and actually sell any of our products we still want a landing page because then Out of those people that don’t buy we can follow up with them via email have different offers different promos Maybe a 10% coupon Something like that that we can follow up with that person. But the key thing to note here is you want if you have a low ticket item you want to followed up by another low ticket item an Upsell a down sell and maybe three to four different products that that person has the opportunity not saying that they’re always going to buy it, but have the Opportunity to buy because then you can actually make paid advertising work for your business, right? so anyway guys This is I hope a quick rundown of digital marketing 101 For you is so if you’re brand new to the digital marketing world and like man I don’t know how these people make money online Or I would love to go through and implement digital marketing for my own business if you’ve got a brick-and-mortar These are the steps. These are the basics of how to actually make this work and make this happen so with that said guys if you do have any questions on any of this for your own business or for a client’s business or Whatever drop a comment down below. I respond to every single one of the comments on my youtube channel so I’m here to help I want to help you guys with your own business be able to actually get this working because Once you are able to see paid advertising work for your business It’s a whole new ballgame you’re able to scale up dramatically you’re able to put in a lot of automation really just leverage technology which is a huge benefit a huge blessing to you and your business so Drop a comment down below. Let me know any questions you guys might have if you found this video helpful Go ahead and give it a thumbs up So if you’re brand new here to the channel Make sure you subscribe Hit that notification bell because I launched new videos every single week on how to generate more leads make more money and grow your business So with that said thanks so much for watching and I will see you in the next video

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