Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3 Promotional Photos Breakdown

In this video, I will discuss the episode
3 promotional photos in detail. So stay tuned for that… Hello Everyone. Welcome to UBM. Your one stop for book and TV series reviews. I post episode reviews, Top 10 and theory
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if you wanna make sure you never miss a video, click the bell icon to turn on notifications. HBO recently released 6 pictures of the third
episode. Three of them we have seen in the trailer,
and there are 3 new pictures. That’s why I decided to make a quick video
about it. So without waiting any longer, let’s take
a look at them.. I’ll discuss the pictures from the trailer
first and then will discuss the new pictures. 1) Jon & Dany looking at Winterfell. In this picture, Jon and Dany are somewhere
far away and at a higher ground, and they are looking at the armies standing in front
of Winterfell. My guess is this is in the beginning of the
episode. Jon said in the last episode that they shouldn’t
be near enough to Bran that the NK won’t come but shouldn’t be so far that they can’t
follow him when he comes. (Clip) My guess is, Jon & Dany are waiting for the
NK. You can see the formation I discussed in my
episode 2 review video, only before the Unsullied, there were Dothraki, not dragons. You can see this formation from the Trailer. The unsullied are standing in front of Winterfell. Before them, there is a line of Catapults,
and then the Dothraki are the first line of defence. On the left and the right, there seem to be
a huge group of people. Either they are the left and right flank from
the formation, or there is a huge group of wights arriving from the left and the right. What do you think? In the trailer Dany says to Jon, “the Dead
are already here” (Clip). So, my guess is, after the battle starts,
Dany would want to go fight, but Jon would want to wait for the NK, and that’s when
Dany would say these lines to him that the dead have arrived and they should fight them. What do you think? 2) In the second picture from the trailer,
we see Brienne and Jaime along with the Knights of the Vale. AS I discussed before, they will be on the
Left flank. They seem ready for a fight. And the dead are arriving from the left too. Is it just me or does Jaime look scared to
you too? 3) In the third picture from the trailer,
Jon is not wearing his cloak like in the first picture and he has blood on his left cheek,
which means he is already in the middle of the battle. Jon has a shocked expression on his face,
and is he looking up or is he looking ahead of him? In the trailer, we also see someone hold a
spear and Jon running. So, maybe this is where Jon would run with
a spear, maybe to kill the Wight Viserion, like the Night King? What do you think? Let’s move on to the New pictures. 4) Varys and Tyrion are in the Crypts, probably
when the battle is going on outside. Tyrion is wearing an armour. Maybe he tries to convince Dany to let him
fight one more time? Or maybe whatever plan he hatched up with
Bran’s information needs him to wear an armor, or do you think it was for a “Just
in case” situation? 5) Then we see Arya and Sansa at the battlements. A similar scene was in the trailer too. In this picture, Arya is carrying a bow on
her left soldier. She had a great aim when she was a child. I am sure she would be deadly now. Sansa is looking shocked. Maybe Arya will tell her to go inside, while
she will decide to stay there. 6) In the last picture, Sansa seems to have
tears in her eyes. Since there is a candelabra behind Sansa,
my guess is this is either her chambers or the Great Hall. In the map we discussed earlier, there was
also a direwolf in Winterfell. Maybe it was Sansa. Or do you think it was the Mormont Sigil for
Lyanna? Since they are so similar? If it’s Sansa, maybe it’s before she sends
everyone off to fight while she has to wait. Behind Sansa, you can see two men wearing
grey cloaks, kind of like what Lord Yohn Royce wears, and they are facing someone behind
Sansa. I know it’s probably crazy, but that person’s
face looks a little bit like Arya and a little bit like Littlefinger to me. So, these were my thoughts on the new pictures. What are yours? Anyways, it’s time for the comment shout
out now. Today’s comment shout out goes to BlueAceGuy05,
who said, “Next episode will have the most deaths.” And I completely agree with you. This battle scene alone took 55 days, or rather
nights to shoot. This is going to be better than the Battle
of the Bastards. I can’t wait to watch it, even though I
know a lot of our favourite characters might die in this episode. So, what do you think of these pictures? Who do you think will die? Don’t forget to tell us your thoughts in
the comments. If you liked this video, please click on the
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3 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3 Promotional Photos Breakdown

  1. Hey guys, who do you think is standing behind Sansa? Why do you think she is crying? And Why is Tyrion wearing an armour?

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  2. ubm, do you think Arya will use a face-change trick somewhere down the season? she does have little finger's face..

  3. Jon and Danny in the first pic i think are ready to ride the Dragons..They are in that hill where the Dragons were eating in the 1st Episode ..I think Danny will try to charge into the NK with Drogon and will fail..the NK will make Drogon fall ..Danny will injured [also time she will found that is pregnant] and Drogon will protect her ..Jon seeing this and will is running to save her there.Who is the guy behind Sansa in the Crypts?He looks at her creepily ..This EPISODE WILL BE A HELL.

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