Get More Leads INTO your B2B Business So You Don’t Go OUT of Business

– I had been in a corporate
world for a long time and had ya know really
senior level positions where I had all these
people on my team who were doing all these
things for me right? I didn’t need to design
websites myself anymore cause I had a team of designers. And I didn’t need
to build anything cause I had a team of
people that did that. And then I left and I started
my first consulting firm which was a marketing agency. And I found myself right
back at like square one. Where if I needed to
get something done I either had to go
out and hire people or I needed to figure
out how to do it myself. And I just found that there
were so many people out there who just did super awful work. And the people that
were really really good were expensive and unavailable and here I was
trying to figure out how to sell different
things online. And you know I couldn’t
lean on the tools and skill and stuff
that I had used before. And at the same time I
couldn’t hire people that you know could get the job done so I was sort of
like what do I do? Somebody had said to me well have you heard
of ClickFunnels? and I was like no, I haven’t
heard of ClickFunnels and so they said
go check it out, it’s like insanely easy to use and I have in the
back of my mind like okay if I need to get in there and I need to start
coding stuff again I’ll do it, I’m gonna
do whatever it takes because I don’t wanna
hire all these people to do it the wrong way. And I opened up a
ClickFunnels account and got in there and I was
man this is incredible, like for me it was
incredibly intuitive. And I saw how the whole
thing could come together and I created a page that looked exactly like
the way I saw it in my mind. I was like, man this
is really powerful. And then I guess
the rest is history, I just was like well, now I don’t need to worry
about web developers. I don’t need to
worry about this, I can just crank out these
pages as fast as I want to and I can get them to look
exactly the way that I want which really was my end goal. So I didn’t have to
have a big clumsy team, I didn’t have to use technology
that I didn’t understand, and I didn’t have to have
a website or sales funnel that looked exactly
like everybody else’s, so I could stand
out in the market. And have it like it was a
real representation of me. Having something
that’s duplicatable and can become systemized is
extremely important to me. What I’m doing right
now in my own business, is that I have
ClickFunnels set up to help me capture
more leads, right? And we take those leads and we get them
to fill out a form that says hey I’m really
interested in what you’re doing, and I want to get on
the phone with somebody. It’s dramatically accelerated
our ability to get leads, and then turn those
leads into sales. It’s crazy because I have
one of the simplest funnels on the planet. And for the past
at least 18 months it’s consistently produced
400-500 hundred leads a month. And about 10% to
15% of those people almost immediately fill
out a form that says hey I wanna get on the phone and I want to find
out about this program and how I potentially
become a client. They already know that this is
gonna be a sales conversation there’s no, what is
this about, right? It’s like everything is clear and so I’m only
getting on the phone and all the people on my team are only dealing with people
who are qualified, right? We can screen those people
out who may not be a good fit. And even if it doesn’t
lead to a sale today guess what, they’re still
in my follow up sequences, and I’ve had people come back like six months later and they’re just like,
alright now I’m ready. Awesome you’re getting
a platform that makes it way easier, faster,
and cheaper to build everything that you need
to grow your business. But you’re also becoming
part of this whole community that’s there to support you and celebrate your wins and
celebrate your successes. There’s no, I never
get any negative vibe from the community. It’s really remarkable,
it’s just all positivity and like people post in there Hey I just built my first funnel and I got my first
hundred leads or whatever, and people will applaud for that just as much as
someone who says, hey I just made seven
figures in a month. Everybody is
extremely supportive and for me it’s been one of
the key things that’s helped me unlock my creative potential
as an entrepreneur. That’s one of the reasons
I love ClickFunnels. (pages flipping)

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  1. Thanks so much for the awesome video Russell 🔥 This will definitely help me grow my Online Business and Make More Money Online!! Keep it up! 💯💯🙌

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