GIRLFRIENDから重大発表‼︎(Important announcement from GIRLFRIEND‼︎)

Everyone We are GIRLFRIEND! GIRLFRIEND has a big announcement to make! In 2020, we GIRLFRIEND will….. Be performing internationally! We’ll be performing in 3 different places The first country is Boston , USA The second country Brazil The third country Germany Dates are.. Here you will Yeah! This is it. We will be performing at various events! What is the first event in Boston? We’ll be performing at “Anime Boston” In Brazil we are performing at Anime Friends. Lastly in Germany, we will be performing at “AnimagiC” We have always wanted to perform internationally and I’m excited to meet new fans that has seen us through YouTube. This is a great chance for our songs to be heard all over the world. I’m looking forward to seeing you

100 thoughts on “GIRLFRIENDから重大発表‼︎(Important announcement from GIRLFRIEND‼︎)

  1. おめでとうございま~~す!!名前の通り、いろんな国の人たちとガールフレンドになれたらいいですね。

  2. ホントに素敵で技術もすごくて、可能性の塊な女の子たち😊

  3. Brilliant news. A great Christmas present! These girls really deserve more exposure worldwide.
    Looks like I'll have to try and make it to Germany!

  4. おめでとー👏👏👏

  5. Congratulations on reaching more international audiences! I'm a a bit sad you're not coming to Australia this time round. Even sadder, when I was in Tokyo, I could've absolutely gone to your concert had I known beforehand that some events I had planned for that day were to be cancelled! Hope to still see all of you performing in person one day!

  6. sad i won’t be able to make it but i’m so happy for you gals!! have a great time traveling and meeting your international fans (:

  7. Grande acontecimento, sejam bem vindas ao Brasil, não poderei vê-las pois resido em Boa Vista – Roraima, mas sou um grande fã 素晴らしいイベント、ブラジルへようこそ、私はボアビスタに住んでいるので見ることができません-ロライマですが、私は大ファンです (google tradutor)

  8. I hope the tour leads to a live album and LOTS of YouTube footage. Best wishes for 2020. Love you all. Greetings from Cape Town, South Africa.

  9. すごいです!おめでとうございます!

  10. 이 밴드 본지가 벌써 1년이라니…기회가 된다면 공연 보러 갈 생각 있습니다 한국에 와주면 더 좋고요 지금은 서로 좋지 않은 상황이니까 힘들 듯 일본의 불매 운동 있다 해도 이 밴드의 색은 다른 걸로 대신할 수 없고 이 밴드 밖에 낼 수 없으므로 종종 듣곤 하는 편. 해외 공연 성공 기원합니다

  11. Ai Eu gostei Lindas fofas voces ,,🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 voces São legais ,🎄🎁🎉 boais festas felicidades para voces 👍👌👍👍👏👏💘💞💌💝

  12. Wow, I thought GF was already performing internationally. They are the best girl on the planet and SHOULD BE touring the world. I was thinking that this announcement was them being invited to perform at the Tokyo Olympics.

  13. OH wow! GIRLFRIEND is amazing! A world tour! This group is the best always pushing boundaries and bringing great music all around the world!

  14. お祝い申し上げます。ニューヨークじゃないけど I'll try to drive up there.

    New York fans should think about starting a fundraising to host their concert in NYC when they visit Boston in April. 🙂

  15. にわかですいまsdん、アメリカとブラジルは分かるんですが、girlfriendヨーロッパでも認知度あるんですか??

  16. 近いうち必ず日本でデビューすると思ってたが、 それ飛び越えて先に海外とは予想外だ!

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