Glenn Howerton Was a Door-to-Door Meat Salesman

100 thoughts on “Glenn Howerton Was a Door-to-Door Meat Salesman

  1. Ya know……I saw the thumbnail for this vid, looked at his jaw line, thought about his acting and one thought leaped into my mind: Glenn should be the new Batman. He could play an amazing off kilter Bruce Wayne….just a little nuts and on the edge. Man that would have been interesting.

  2. When he would knock on the door then say ‘hello’ as a meat salesman he would be doing what we call in the business a “Meat and Greet”

  3. Yeah…ya know we got meats 😉
    I’ve actually heard of this type of thing. So. So. So fucking weird. I’ll stick to buying my meat at a grocery not out of the back of your meat wagon. It’s a hard pass for me.

  4. Glenn Howerton didn’t do well as a door to door meat salesman…….

    Because of the IMPLICATIONS!

  5. I had the same job, selling meat – It was actually really high quality stuff, but it was so weird to do, and there was so much pressure to get people to buy large quantities.

  6. He manages to look so damn different outside of the show. Don't know what it is. The mannerisms first of all, and the beard and turtleneck maybe?

  7. That turtle neck makes him look like a serial killer, guess nobody told him it looked off…. because of the implication.

  8. Selling meats door to door? What a dumb idea. Maybe if he tried selling gas door to door or maybe a door to door garbageman type scheme he would have been way more successful. What a goddamn idiot.

  9. I’m pretty sure it just one of the gang’s scam, like their door-to-door garbage collection and gasoline business lol

  10. Not sure if anyone else noticed this but these two in the side shots look like like they’re truly related, and the way they speak definitely reflects this 😂

  11. Seeing Always Sunny actors on talk show always seems like a meeting of two different sides. Like the IASIP crew are outsiders from the dark side of the Hollywood hill, but still recognized for their talent and fame.

  12. The last meat salesman i saw walked up from his truck at a buddies house and asked if we had cocaine to trade for some steaks.

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