God of War: Raising Kratos – Announce Trailer

[MUSIC PLAYING] This tree is a metaphor
for the franchise of God of War. And at the very beginning
of the franchise we chop that f*cker down. So that we can chop it up
and then carry it around and then burn it. First position,
playback, action. And then cut, reset,
we’ll do our thing, and then go back into first
position, playback, action. Does anybody want to write
that down for me? Because I feel like
I’m going to mess it up. Hello? Okay, wow. So, they’re going to go out
at the beginning of the game. What are we hunting? – There it is!
– Hold. Hello everyone,
I’m Cory Barlog. I’m the director of the game, and I make their lives
completely miserable. Doubt is the demon that lives
in the ear of every person
in this industry. [MUSIC INTENSIFIES] [ROAR] You’re not a monster! That is exactly what I am. Not to me! [SCREAM] [CROWD CHANTING]
God of War! God of War! Love is first,
don’t forget that. Boy! Your mother’s knife. What for? A test. She taught you
to hunt, yes? Yes, sir. Then show me what you know. I am hungry. [CROWD CHEERS] Feed us. [FOOTSTEPS] We have a long journey ahead.

100 thoughts on “God of War: Raising Kratos – Announce Trailer

  1. I think that, as you can see in most of the epic stories, the heroes give way to the second generation, we have already seen it from "Cars" that gives way to Cruz Ramirez, even in "Avengers", where Ironman dies and his daughter remains to confirm his legacy. Maybe in this case when they say "is time to kill off Kratos" they decide to continue the story but now focus in Atreus growing up.. remember that his real name is not Atreus.. is LOKI.
    Anyway… one of the Best games I ever played!

  2. There's still more Norse God's to kill. Am I the only one that noticed Chris judge is the voice of kratos? No big deal but he's in stargate for y'all who aren't fan's of stargate 👌

  3. When is this coming out wait is killing me. The trailer alone made me start another playthrough

  4. is there going to be a game of The Upbringing of Kratos? (use that title xunts) kratos should be in the role of loki.

  5. Duniya bahut Romance hai mere dost is game ke upar Gordon Pawan Jaise aur part banaoge to aap bahut tarakki Karoge

  6. Raising Kratos and showing him being carried around armed like a toddler makes me think of an exposed food blender that occasional goes off.
    "Kratos, please stop murdering Ms Henderson and you will get your sweet… please don't make me shampoo the carpet again…"

  7. Playstion says you play all games.when you realise you are bore then he lunche ps5 so keep gaming n bored 😂😂😂😂😂i think he realise this 2022

  8. One of the best game forever i watch gameplay videos i never bored he is intressting kratos you live long life you die after my age 80years old 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  9. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    Me voy a volver loco jajaja
    Que genial. Estoy esperando el VS Thor

  10. Thier "i make those people life miserable"
    😂 But, they're happy.
    My boss "it's okay to make your life miserable"
    Me "pay me more then"
    My ex boss "you're fired"
    The moment i was so happy.

  11. After finishing the game i really had a feeling that maybe soon they will have kratos die at some point and arteus be next


    arteus die and kratos become that killing machine again

  12. The last sence in kratos have
    Not leviathan axe an not blade of chaose maybe that's past moment
    In Norse mythology 🤔🤔🤔🤔

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