Hamilton County Commissioners 12/19/19

on this variety of issues that have come
before the Commission so thank you for being here we’ve got a lot of speakers
cards on a variety of issues but we are going to start with issues related to
Commissioner Portune this was to be Commissioner Portune’s
last meeting about an hour ago about an hour ago we learned he’s not gonna make
it hold on one second one second all right
so he was getting ready to come he has a fever that he realized he had a fever
and he’s not gonna make it so I know many of you are here to thank him for a
service and celebrate his career I can’t tell you how devastated he is that he
can’t be here but we’re gonna move forward because we’re in a videotape and
it worked when we videotape all our meetings anyway
and we’re gonna go over with a piece of his cake and with the video and watch it
with Todd so if you did intend to speak even though Todd’s not here please come
forward we’ll give you a couple minutes to say whatever you’d like to say I know
that Todd would appreciate it and again thank you for being here so we’re gonna
start with an unveiling so we have a little something behind me commissioner
Dumas and I in fact we’ve got to officially do this but I’m gonna why
don’t we do that first there is a resolution in front of us and so as you
know Oh for heaven sakes oh the attorneys in the room all right and I
didn’t do the intros either so Leslie Hervey Jackie Panioto Vice President Summerow Dumas County Administrator Jeff Aluotto and our legal counsel Michael
Friedmann thank you Michael for keeping us in line and I tell you what let’s
start with a silent prayer and pledge of allegiance so please stand if you can I’m gonna move that we approve in the
minutes of the previous session second yes yes thank you all right
I did get ahead of myself all right so we have presentation for Commission
Portune and so we will start I am going to just start it off officially by
offering a resolution recognizing Hamilton County Commissioner Todd Portune upon his retirement and naming well this is the naming part so maybe I will
get up naming this building the County Administration Building the Todd B. Portune Center for county government in his honor Thank You Bridget for getting that
together for us so I’ve made a motion to approve of the resolution
second yes yes thank you all right so let’s get to the speaker’s cards so I’ve
got a number of them you had the oh and so the vice mayor has joined former
vice mayor my bad you’re the finance chair now
so David Mann has joined us and he also has a presentation so David would you
please come forward yes yeah that’s very awesome well good evening I appreciate
the chance to be here and presenting a yet another tribute to the service of
Todd Portune and it’s not a building but it’s it’s consistent with the building
Todd and I have interconnected many ways when I had the privilege of being
elected to Congress in the dark ages in 1992
Todd was appointed to my seat at City Council and as you know he had a record
has had a record of public service unbroken which is impressive and
something that I am very envious of to the state and then a few weeks ago okay
I gave him a very distinguished award the Henry Mann award which happens to
mean a lot to me because it was an award at OKI I developed in partial tribute
to my dad Henry Mann who was on the Executive Committee of OKI for some
25 years and it’s an award that’s only given occasionally I don’t give it every
year so it meant a lot to me and I’ve told Todd this when he was given that
award so what I have tonight is the first sign that will be coming
to redesignate secondarily we call it a secondary renaming of Court Street
between Walnut and Main as Todd Portune Way so you can go down Todd Portune Way and get to the Todd Portune Center for County Government thank you for being here David thank you
to the city for doing that okay I’m gonna call these in the order that I
receive them our first speaker is Caleb Fox thank you very much for an opportunity
to speak tonight if you don’t mind I’m gonna speak directly to Todd mm-hmm even
though he’s not here it saddens me greatly that he’s not I was not able to
make it to his commemorative event at Memorial Hall we had a committee
meeting that night so I came to tonight specifically because I just wanted to
say a word about him a lot of people who have a lot of things to say about Todd
but for me he personifies the notion of public service and more than any other
elected official or politician that I’ve encountered in my many years of
involvement he more than anybody had the respect of everybody across the board
even the people who he disagreed about disagreed with on policy matters or
political matters they knew that he approached everything he did with
thoughtfulness and hard work and there aren’t many like him so it’s incumbent
on all of us to carry on the legacy he’s left thank you thank you Caleb our next
speaker is Andy Pappas trustee in Anderson Township but we’ve got all
three trustees here this evening and if you would please introduce the group yes
with me are my fellow trustees Josh Gerth and Dee Stone and we moved our
meeting tonight so we could be here for your meeting and we are speaking to Todd
and we just wanted to come up here as a board of trustees and express our
sincere and utter appreciation for Todd’s years of service and Caleb and I
don’t usually agree on much but he’s right when he says that Todd had a way
you could disagree with him but you still got along with him and he had a
unique quality of just being so genuine and such a genuine
nice guy and we just truly appreciate I especially got to know him pretty well
and just appreciate everything that he did and what a good person he was and we
wish him nothing but the best and he will be he will be missed here so we
just wanted to say Godspeed and thank you and we really appreciate you and
everything you did so thank you thank you thank you for being here for those
of you who don’t know Andy Pappas ran against Todd in the last campaign so to
say that you got to know one another is an understatement our next speakers are
Diana Mayrose and Alice Pavey good evening we wanted to say this Todd
thank you for all that you’ve done for all the people with disabilities in
Hamilton County you’ve always been there to support us and to be our champion
when we needed you the most you’ve always been very fair with us and honest
and we really do appreciate that I feel Todd’s presence in the room this
evening and I just want to say that the first time I met him was very honorable
he’s very respectful very caring very dedicated and the best part about Todd
is he would say I don’t know that answer but I’ll find out hmm and that’s what we
need in today’s society and he was very dedicated to downtown loving events and
being there in many different ways for his daughter for his family for his
friends for those who are government leaders allowances around him with the
county in Cincinnati Ohio Thank You Todd so very much for all the work you have
done he walked with me in this very room and
saying and saying best solution for using a universal sign instead of the
word handicapped so I know that he means he is a very meaningful dedicated
person who has loved for many and different and different ways that he can
contribute to the community so thank you Todd
Todd we love you enormous here thank you our next speaker is Eleanor Ofusco hey
good evening my shirt yes yes Dodd thank you thank you for what you’ve done
you made the county a better place for all especially considering the underdog thank you for how you’ve done it Terrence you are here too many
definitely to me sorry I’m here to promise you that I will do
my part to making sure that your legacy carries on thank you thank you our next speaker is Mark Quarry Thank You Commissioner Driehaus
Mark Quarry Cincinnati area Board of Realtors I’m here with our current
president at Cincinnati area Board of Realtors Michele Billings and also our
president-elect Kellie Meyer and Michele will start off real quick we would like
to thank Commissioner Todd Portune for being a realtor champion to the Realtors
we realized that we could not do the work that we do in our communities and
in the county without representatives it’s probably a good thing that Todd
isn’t here in a way because I probably would end up being just like you were
when you started the meeting but the the realtor champion award that we’re gonna
be presenting to Todd tonight is definitely for somebody who has been on
the side of certainly Realtors that’s who our organization serves but we also
serve the public property owners and there’s been no elected official that
has done more in that way over the years then then Commissioner Portune
certainly as commissioner and even back during his days on Cincinnati City
Council he has worked with Realtors throughout this region and Bob Lane is
one of our Realtors who unfortunately passed a few years ago and and Bob and
Todd were were very dear friends and Todd always tried to put forward a
program that David Crowley had been trying to put in place and Todd was
relentless in that effort as well you know and just think about Todd too I
just kept on thinking about the wonderful quote from that crotchety old
man Winston Churchill but you know it’s it sums up Todd so well never give in
never never never never in nothing great or small large or
petty never get it given except to convictions of Honor and good sense and
when I was looking at that I just thought well that’s a great way to sum
up Todd certainly his professional service that so many have said already
tonight but Todd is a friend I I will always remember our hours of
conversation talking about certainly politics and issues but life he’s a
believer and he showed a lot of grace I saw it firsthand many times showed a
lot of grace to people who didn’t necessarily show a lot of grace to him
but he truly lived that out and turned his cheek and and showed them a lot of
grace your service Todd is such an inspiration and we thank you for your
friendship and I love you thank you our final speaker is Brian
Gary good evening yes the speaking on behalf of myself and Maslow’s Army as
you know we have named our bus after the Commissioner the Commissioner purchased
the bus with his own funds and it’s called the Portune Express Maslow’s
Army is eternally grateful for the Commissioner who has championed our
cause for the homeless and many different ways specifically giving us a
home to have when we were homeless when we were removed from the Fountain Square
and we had nowhere to go and the Commissioner stepped up and provided the
plaza for the Justice Center the Justice Center Plaza for us to serve out of mmm
every Sunday for the last hundred and sixty-five Sunday’s that we’ve been
serving and Todd was the very very first elected official that that ever
supported me and I know that he had to go out on a limb at that time because I
wasn’t accepted and I’m grateful for that Todd is the strongest smartest
individual he’s been my mentor and I’ve grown to love him very very much and I
would not be Who I am or where I am without his support
we once had a difference of opinion about a particular issue and it was a
very public issue and I had to make a decision where I was going to come down
on it and I met with Todd and I said you know I I don’t think I can do this I
don’t think I can support this issue and he said you know when I am going through
that and struggling with an issue I have to go with my gut and he said you go
with your gut and if anybody has a problem with that you tell them to come
to me and this was an issue that he was championing and that’s the kind of man
he is that’s the kind of man you are Todd and
I love you more than my next breath thank you thank you thank you all for
being here again we will make sure that Todd gets the video and the plaque and
and the other things so thank you so much for for this last meeting as
emotional Todd is very emotional about this and I if he were here I know he
would convey how much he loves this county he loves the people that he has
served and it has been his honor and privilege to serve I know he would say
that I talked to him about an hour ago and he’s he was just so privileged to
serve this county so anyway thank you all for being here and we will move on
now to the rest of the agenda you are welcome to stay if you’d like but please
don’t feel obligated to stay if you choose not to the next item is public
comments and we’ve got a oh I’m sorry yes I’m sorry my bad yep thank you madam
president since we’re on we’re talking about Todd and he’s watching I have a
few words that I don’t that’s okay I like to submit this into the record and
just wrote a few a few words for you Todd says Todd Portune a man of purpose
what is a person of purpose a person of purpose is a person who is intentional a
person that is intentional sets out to fulfill their passion a person with
passion wakes up looking forward to making an impact in each new day no
matter how big or small just making sure that someone is better for what you have
done some of us never realize their purpose the scriptures say in Romans
8:28 it tells us and we know all things God works for the good of those who love
Him who have been called according to his purpose taught you were called and
you answered and you are fulfilling your purpose I love you Todd yes and yeah
actually we have a statement from Joe Deiters yes prosecutors couldn’t make it
tonight but he asked that I read the following statement came from one their
two Commission Portune I want to thank Commissioner Portune for his decades
of hard work on behalf of our community I’ve known Todd since UC law school
and even though we have disagreed on particular issues I never doubted his
commitment to Hamilton County I wish him all the best and even though he will no
longer be a commissioner I’m confident he will continue working for all of us
here in Hamilton County and personally Todd and I know you’re watching I
would like to thank Commissioner Portune especially in my younger years here
he was always treated me professionally and with respect and Todd I wish you the
best as you continue your fight thank you thank you Michael thank you madam
president I just want to also just offer a couple of words and thoughts to Todd
I’ve known Todd now for the better part of actually I think back about it over
over 20 years that Todd and I have worked together
Todd was when I came into county government he was on the policy board is
really the the longest serving chair of the policy board that I reported to Todd
and I disagreed on issues we agreed on issues but as many speakers have said
tonight you Todd was is famous for his ability to be able to disagree with
someone yet do it in a way that is that is not disagreeable and it allows you to
be friends and even laugh about that that disagreement that disagreement
later are we I have so much respect for Todd I served under Todd as County
Administrator now for roughly 10 years I consider Todd to be a great friend I
think that I would not be the person I am today and the administrator I am
today for not for the for the guidance of Todd Portune’s as a person and as
County Commissioner so I just want to offer to Todd on behalf of myself and on
behalf of the entire administration and the thousands of county employees to say
how much we appreciate all the work that he’s done and the legacy that he will
leave in everything that he touched here at Hamilton County so Thank You Todd
thank you Jeff yeah Oh Ted yes no that’s fine I would like to say a few
words words of St. Paul I think are very
appropriate Commissioner Dumas I’ve worked with Todd Portune I’ve known him
for decades when he was on council we were we talked on the phone about a
number of issues and we came became friends and as he worked on as he became
a commissioner we grew even closer we worked on
transportation issues the guy was a fighter he was a friend
he actually believed that there was a calling higher than just maybe what you
would think is a call of the politics and and I I’ve enjoyed working with my
know Rusty Sherman if he were here in the you know the attorney for TID
he’d love to be here as well but Todd god bless you
our prayers are with you thank you for everything I couldn’t ask for a better
commissioner he was an overtime commissioner and I know and this isn’t
I mean you folks do a great job you do and I do mean that sincerely but he was
an overtime Commissioner he wasn’t afraid to call you 9 o’clock at night
say hey what about this I think we might be able to do it this way what do you
think it was always what do you think and that’s why you see people from
across the political aisle saying this they’re not doing this because just to
make a statement they mean it so god bless you Todd and our prayers are with
you thank you anybody else that would like to say anything yeah good mm-hmm so my name is Herschel Daniels and I met
Todd Portune as a member of the United Methodist Church which were both members
of about two decades ago when I came here and Todd’s legacy will live on
because earlier this year you as county commissioner led Todd and led this
Commission to say to these words now therefore be it resolved that the Board
of County Commissioners of Hamilton County do hereby honor the unbearable
unbeatable spirit and countless contributions of the generations of
Americans of African slavery to the story of American greatness in doing so
we salute Lydia Morgan who has organized a Grand Year celebration
annual Greater Cincinnati Juneteenth and here’s the part that that is going to go
down in the history because it said furthermore all of you led by Todd
Portune said be it further resolved that the Board of County Commissioners of
Hamilton County Ohio do hereby today and every day recommit ourselves to
defending the self-evident truth boldly declared by our founding fathers
that all people are created equal we as the leadership of the county recognize
that although we may be created equal that Americans of African heritage have
faced a flawed citizenship since it was granted in 1868 with institutionalized
and systematic racism by government and in the private sector we are committed
to addressing any legacy institutionalized and systemic racism by
county government this is a legacy of the life of Todd Portune and his faith
in the church his faith in the in God and his faith and government to address
systemic and institutional wrongs and that not only in him as a commissioner
but ongoing you as a commission gave you charge to make this happen
in the coming years so we so entered this in the United Nations it has been
entered into the Universal Periodic Review of the United States of America
that will happen on May 20th 2020 because our organization is in the
United Nations and we so entered in and to so Todd’s history is entered into
this in your charge led by him we look forward to working with you in that
thank you anybody else like to come forward I
would thank you so much thank you so much you know I’m not gonna stay long I
just wanted to say to Todd as I’ve said to him in person I say to him behind his
back and that is I Love You Man you are my inspiration you are my hero
and I just when I grew up I want to be just like you so thank you thank you
thank you for all that you’ve never all that you do and to the rest of the
commissioners the other commissioners y’all just keep on keeping on
because you’ve been good to me thank you take care god bless Roger the prosecutors already given a
statement but I just wanted to say I’ve been representing the county and the
county commissioners for almost 44 years I don’t know how many commissioners I’ve
actually represented probably 17 or 18 over that time I’ve represent
represented every county officer in this county at one time or another
and although Todd and I have had philosophical differences political
differences we have always been friends with each other and there is no doubt in
my mind that he was the most dedicated and still is the most dedicated County
official who has ever held office here thanks Diana Christy the director of MSD
thank you yes I just wanted to really quickly add and speak to Todd for all of
MSD that that those of us are here today and and those of us back at MSD that we
really do appreciate his service and his tireless effort on on behalf of MSD and
of course the whole community and at the metropolitan Sewer District is clearly
something that Todd spent a lot of time on and cared very
deeply about and and despite what those what those of you may hear we are all
really aligned in the same purpose and mission and what we do and that is
service to our community and specifically at MSD it’s about ensuring
you know safe and efficient treatment of our wastewater and that’s the most
important thing for a thriving and healthy community so again I just want
to assure him that those of us at MSD will continue to work on the same issues
that he cares about every day we’ll continue to work on solving our overflow
problems and building a more resilient and sustainable utility for the future
so thank you thank you thank you for allowing me to speak
I approached Todd in a different way than most people here in 2000 I took a
leave of absence from my job at Cinergy to become the executive director of the
Hamilton County Republican Party and one of my Jobs was to ensure that Todd Portune did not become a Hamilton County Commissioner we see how that worked out
good for the rest of us it went well for the rest of the county so I’m here today
19 years later to say that Todd Portune has served this county more ably than
maybe anybody else in the history of this County Republican or Democrat and
given the challenges that he has faced over the years that he has been here day
in and day out serving the citizens of Hamilton County is a testament to the
the will and the power of that man so I didn’t plan to speak tonight but I’m
glad I walked in when this was going in and Todd I hope you’re watching right
now we love you thank you for your years of service to this county and here we
are today on the 19th of December 2019 and we’re better off because
your service thank you anybody else all right thank you thank you all all right
we will get back to our order business and I need to make a motion to excuse
Todd from the meeting second yes yes thank you our next item is public
comments and we’ve got a number of cards that are not associated with agenda
items the agenda items I’m going to hold for a second and so generally when you
come to speak to the Commission we give you the pleasure of the floor for two
minutes there’s a timer up on the podium and so it’ll let you know how you’re
doing so our first speaker is Dr. Vlasto Moloch can you get through good evening he
starts still watching I believe he is watching I just got a text I think he’s
watching hi Todd if not we’re gonna have a video for him okay hi Todd I’ve known
him I don’t know 30 35 years I don’t know you know how it feels like I’ve
known forever Thank You Todd we disagreed but that’s all right
we disagreed in a very agreeable way so you’re a great guy thank you and now
this morning I don’t watch TV I live off the grid I’m doing an experimental
living and so this morning I get on my smartphone that my children forced on me
from friend in India hey your president is impeached it’s all over the Indian
newspapers so they apparently don’t know that being impeached does not mean that
you’re removed from the office so they all saying that Trump is gone anyway
then I got this message from my friend in Washington DC who’s watching what’s
going on so she sent me these articles of
impeachment this House of Representatives resolution impeaching
Donald Trump President of the United States for the following crimes and
misdemeanors one within to win in 2016 – we can’t win in 2020
anyway I’m an independent who had lived in Cincinnati since 1981 and I’ve never
seen anything like this I worked in US Congress for one of the presidential
candidates and I’m sure he would agree that what’s going on here is a charade
in the circus and Americans are going to be very very angry in 2020
so we have similar deep state also on a local level but I won’t go into it
because I don’t have time thank you thank you
our next speaker I think it’s Bryce Phillips yes good evening good evening I as I do public comment
alot but this is a hard hard day I’m here because my heart is broken and trapped
on the floor of this dirty filthy corrupt inhumane dungeon known as the
Hamilton County Justice Center where my friend where a lot of people’s friend
died at the age of 25 years old she was in jail for minor drug possession
charges she was an innocent person she was a mother she was someone who
mattered who someone who should matter but maybe but I don’t know that everyone
is equal in this county and you know I see this County you know can’t seem to
take a break from you know servicing is some develop or some sports team some
new fancy mall some some rich people that want to make this into a playground
to spend some damn money time and effort on people the thousands of people in
this county our friends our loved ones our families who are dying from
addiction heroin they can’t can’t get treatment there is no treatment you know
how hard I tried you know how hard she tried she wanted to get better and there
was no way to get better in this damned county so you know I’m sorry for Todd
Portune I hope he gets better Jessica was 25 years old and she should
be alive and well and with us she wanted to get better
she could have gettin better it’s not her fault and you know God will curse
those who who did this to Jessica and you know we’ll be talking to the
Sheriff’s Department – sheriff Neal – the sheriff’s that were on duty to the
jail staff the medicals have have failed to provide help but also to those who
stand in the way of justice to those who do not do what is necessary to fix these
problems so that it doesn’t happen again and again over and over again thank you
you our next speaker is Bridget Hoskins am i right I hope I’m close Hoskins
sorry good evening Jessica’s mom she died on
the 30th at the Justice Center and as today I still have not been able to get
much information as to what happened to my daughter I’ve tried talk to the
County Coroner I was pretty much kind of shut down also a detective down there
had actually asked me what I wanted from him I just need closure I’d like to know
what happened to my daughter the newspaper that lady that I talked to
today had actually been able to get more information than I was and I don’t
understand how that’s possible you know I’m her mother I’m her family and I want
to know I just feel like there needs to be some kind of something I’ve you know
from doing a little bit of research I haven’t had much time because oh I lost
my best friend you know something needs to be done I was down there not too long
myself and they aren’t very I know they’re not supposed to be your friend
while you’re down there but things need to change
you know when somebody’s calling out for help I’ve had a couple of females that
were in the Justice Center when my daughter was there I said that several
females had called out for help for my daughter and no one came I’m gonna find
out why thank you thank you and we we want to find out why do we want to find
out why two good um another speaker Holly Miser we’ve got four speakers on
this good evening
good evening thank you for allowing us to speak tonight I am voice for Jessica
Stroupe for the death of Jessica Jessica’s life mattered to her family
she mattered to her friends she mattered to her two young boys who are growing up
without her Jessica was valued and she was loved very much
and she showed her love to those around her
despite the demons that she struggled with she deserved the same amount of
proper medical care that anyone in this room in this very room that anyone would
expect for their loved one if by chance your loved one was in jail you would
demand proper medical care for your daughter for your son for your mom for
your dad for your friend you would expect proper medical care and for them
to come out alive and well not to be on the floor deserted like a piece of trash
there needs to be some answers and there needs to be accountability for Jessica’s
death that’s all thank you thank you our next speaker is Belinda Warren good evening good evening thank you for
sure allowed me to to speak on behalf of Jessica Stroupe I been a family friend
for for many years and I know that Jessica was a very very good person that
struggled with some bad demons but she mattered and I know that it should not
have been a death sentence for Jessica to enter the Justice Center and not come
out and as everyone said there were many people that were calling out for help
for Jessica that evening and from what I understand the cries for help went
unanswered that evening and no one seems to be able to give any answers or
accountability as to why Jessica was placed in medical specifically for and
no one can tell us whether or not she was going through withdrawal whether or
not she had gotten a hold of drugs while she was in there
no one has answers it almost appears to be that there was an immediate cover up
there the death was still not determined so so so we don’t know anything and it
infuriates us as a group it it kills the family that the spirit of of that
because it makes it feel like she has no meaning that she’s just disposable
because she had this horrible addiction and there was a something on the news I
think where there were fallen guards there were two names on the plaque and
and I got the thinking when I saw this the other day how many people names
would be on the plaque of of the wrongful death of neglect of of the
guards that have been there but um anyway somebody needs to answer for
Jessica and what happened that we don’t know but thank you for allowing
me to voice that thank you that is the final speaker on this and I
oh I’m sorry Brian okay I want to express the sympathies of the board for
the loss of your daughter and Brian you can come on forward I have contacted the
Sheriff’s Office and my understanding is that there is an ongoing investigation
and I also understand that the coroner results are not in yet and so I happy my
staff is in the room to follow up I do want to also say that as a County
Commissioner I know that we’ve done this work together as a board we are
desperately trying to save lives and get people into treatment in this community
and so I think we are so sorry for your loss and are trying desperately to do
the work we can do to try to keep these kinds of things from happening so and I
would love to follow up related to the accessibility of treatment and how
people can access treatment in the community so I do want to say that in
Commissioner I’ve just one second Brian do you have any comments or I just agree
with everything you said and we’re going to work very hard to find out what
happened thank you Brian mm-hmm and I think that’s the the crux of it all to
try to find out what happened because the they started begging for help at
10:30 at night and they took her out at 6:30 in the morning having not received
any medical attention or any visits from any medical staff or cos mm-hmm and
sadly this is not the first case of its type there have been many cases of this
type people who I’ve known personally reverend McCracken’s right-hand man was
John Henry be kind Simmons and his son was there and he died while begging for
medical help from an abscess on his leg which was caused by heroin I want to
commend you Commissioner Driehaus and for being
putting so much effort into trying to stop the heroin epidemic which I I know
that you have done and this is a very sad situation for everyone involved
but it must be said that of all the places a person should be safe when
they’re locked up in jail there are COs there are medical staff
and a person should not die while in custody and a person should not die from
medical from lack of medical treatment when they’re in a medical facility thank
you Brian thank you all for being here and as you
you’re welcome to stay but if you choose not to I’m gonna have my staff follow
you out as you exit thank you Kevin Farmers here Kevin you’ve got the
pleasure of the floor for two minutes hamilton county reliance on cash bail
and has perpetuated a two-tier system of justice one for the wealthy and one for
the rest of us the current system disproportionately pushes and target
melanin tone people as well as people from economically disadvantaged
advantage communities there is no single effort into this issue this is a
collective effort so i want to give thanks and gratitude to Todd Portune
for giving me his ear and his his mind when it comes to tackling this issue
more or less the insight so my thing is right now since it’s a large large
amount of people sorry for the loss for a young lady and definitely i wants to
put it to the point that people needs to know that the Ohio Supreme Court is
putting a public comment that’s ending on January 2nd when it comes down to
rule 46 rule 46 deals with bail so when it comes down to bail they’re trying to
make some changes and right now there is public commenting and if you want that
information you can go to the Ohio Supreme Court website to be able to get
that information or you can just howl at me before you leave out of here and I
can just to Lincoln we can get it from Derek
right there because there when it comes to issues like this and issues like this
young ladies nobody when it comes to community we don’t publicize things too
well to let people know what’s going on and what we can do about to make a
significant change also stated that there will be a I guess a bail project
taking place in January I was misled they are going to be taking place in
Hamilton County they just don’t know when yet I was told by Joshua Mintz that
the public defender’s office with Samantha Silverstein is taking a to
this with also other collective groups and organizations for this starting in
2020 so I definitely want to get the word out and as much as possible get a
collective effort thank you thank you all right we have a number of other
speakers cards related to some public hearings so our first public hearing is
to consider the vacation and fee right away a Blue Rock Road I don’t know who is
moving forward yes we have a vacation of Blue Rock Road that has been presented
to us the vacation is located if you’re familiar with the North intersection of
Cheviot and Blue Rock Road there is here’s the relocated we have as we
have Blue Rock Road coming into Cheviot Road there is a section of Blue Rock
Road that is no longer needed because the intersection has been relocated it’s
working very well by the way I Drive it myself a lot and it has made a big it
made a big improvement and so we are in favor
you know we support the vacation of the right-of-way is not needed for roadway
purposes anymore so therefore we would recommend you move forward but of course
you know we need you go through the process thank you
we’ve got a couple of speakers on this item Brian is it Dorman
good evening got the pleasure of the floor for two minutes
I’m just here representing white oak Christian Church is next door to that
and we’re just in support here with Tom ever
we were just in support of everything moving forward that’s it very good Tom
you’ve also okay well we’ve got to and support then is there anyone else here
to speak to this issue okay very good this seems like a slam dunk to me but uh
so we will I guess closed the hearing and as for a
resolution that come forward at our next meeting we’ll have yeah we’ll have a
resolution to your January 9th thank you
proceed from there thank you thank you very much for being here
our next hearing is related to a issue that we dealt with last week sorry oh I
moved to close the year second yes yes thank you
so the second hearing was continued in progress from last week this is a case
in Green Township related to the Glenway McDonald’s it’s related to a sign
good a good evening are you going to give us a brief
overview of the project yes that’s a reminder thank you my name is Sophia
Holley and I’m pleased to be here as legal counsel for McDonald’s Corporation
I’m here to protect the free standing existing McDonald’s arches located on
Glenway they are currently a legally non-conforming sign under the zoning
ordinance and the PUD application that’s before the board currently does not
change modify or or have that sign-in change in any respect as we submitted in
our in our letters to the board under Section 13 – 4.3 the sign is entitled to
remain as a legally non-conforming use and section 18 – 3.3 which applies to
PUDs specifically says that the sign requirements of the zoning ordinance
with respect to signs apply to PUDs and we would submit to the board that the
PUD does permit the legal non-conforming use something that Mr. Tepe the attorney
I work with brought up during the last meeting is that zoning ordinances are
strictly construed in favor of the property owner and that’s the direction
of the Ohio Supreme Court and as a result if there is confuse
if it could go one way or the other it should be construed in favor of the
property owner and so with respect to the argument that the existing
non-conforming use to somehow not permitted under the PUD I would argue
that first of all that is contrary to the zoning ordinance but if you say even
that it’s not entirely clear that ambiguity should be interpreted in favor
of the property owner McDonald’s Corporation here we would request that
the board removed the condition with the of the PUD that the zone that the sign
be modified applied with the zoning resolution we believe that already is
compliant with the zoning resolution and we would request that the Commission
direct that that be removed and as a final point for my clients rights I I
will make a statement for the record that if your determination is against
McDonald’s Corporation which I submit to you it should not be that we preserve
our right to appeal and that we would appeal that to the Hamilton County Court
of Common Pleas and I say that simply for the record mmm thank you do you have
any questions I do not and I’m wondering if there’s someone here from the
administration that would like to comment as well is Bryan here that I
couldn’t see you Bryan you’re behind the pole Bryan Snyder Hamlin County Zoning
Administrator the the issue with the supposed conflict in the zoning
resolution the section that they were referring to in the non-conforming use
chapter section 13 – 4.3 is under the section 13-4 which refers to zoning
certificates and permits that section basically allows for non-conforming
signs to get permits for face changes only and then lays out the provisions
when the zoning inspector can require the sign to be removed and those are
only allowed in certain instances so me personally as the zoning inspector I
cannot go out make them remove their sign that’s not what’s happened in this
case between the section that they refer to in chapter 18 in the zoning
resolution says the specific requirements in this resolution for
signs shall apply to all Planned Unit development that’s the gist of it
there’s more to that section but the specific requirements in
this resolution for signs shall apply to all Planned Unit Developments in the
section that they’re referring to the non conforming signs section under
zoning certificates in my interpretation as the zoning inspector is not a
specific requirement it’s an exemption from the requirements of the sign
chapter it’s not listed and that section is not listed under the general
standards for signs which is the next section 13-5 and therefore it’s my
interpretation again as the zoning inspector for the record that the
specific requirements in this resolution do not include the non-conforming and
non complying signs section because that section is not a specific
requirement related to signs it’s an exemption from the requirements
for signs and it’s listed under the zoning certificate in permits section of
the zoning code as far as the the case itself the appeal that is before you
again as I stated last last week you have the authority to uphold is the
recommendation of the Zoning Commission which included the condition that’s at
question here requiring a sign to be modified to comply with the zoning code
you have the ability to make some kind of modification of that request and you
have the ability to grant the appeal and remove that condition from the zoning
Commission’s approval so it’s at your discretion to decide which way you want
to go I believe that there was a request that we contact the township because the
township had recommended against the sign I did reach out to Adam Goetzman
Development Director for Green Township and he did ask the township trustees if
they had changed their opinion I mean he sent me an email today that said the
trustees have not indicated a new stance on the McDonald’s sign their initial
support for the redevelopment of the site they recommended the free standing
sign of the property be brought into compliance with the minimum applicable
standards of the zoning resolution so that is still the position of the
township and as far as the sign goes thank you got any questions I’ll be
happy to try to answer them or any questions or comments no I’m listening
to what our staff has said and I’m ready to vote on that okay thank you I also
reached out to Tony Rosiello who is a trustee in Green Township just to get
some clarity as to what had happened at the local level and he too reiterated
that they feel strongly about their position on this and would recommend
that we take the administration’s recommendation and deny the appeal in
understanding that if we were to vote to deny the appeal that there is another
step in the process to the court of appeal or Court of Common Pleas yes so I
am going to take the recommendation and so we’ll make a motion to approve of the
resolution on the appeal of the administrative action in Hamilton County
rural Zoning Commission for case green 2008 Glenway McDonald’s PUD and this
the resolution I’m reading is the denial of the appeal for the record yes that’s right and you’ll close the public
hearing as well yes that’s right so I would like to make that motion second
yes yes thank you and I will also move to close the hearing second yes yes
thank you thank you okay um thank you for being here all right we’ve got a
number of by leave items administrator Aluotto I have speakers cards on two of
them so I would like to get those in front of us first one is related to FC
and the other one is related to the SBU program let’s do FC first Thank You
commissioners so in front of you I do have multiple by leave items this evening
we’ve been through most of these on Tuesday there are a few new ones but
there first of all I want to make sure that the commissioners have this and
believe the clerk had passed this out in advance of the meeting so it’s when I
make sure everyone has all the the by leaves including the one on on FC the
the first of the by leaves in front of you is a resolution authorizing
negotiation of development agreement with FC Cincinnati regarding community
public parking facilities as the board is well aware back in March of 2018
the board authorized the development of a plan to support the installation of
parking capacity for award of an MLS franchise to FC Cincinnati the board did
so with the understanding that the parking capacity would not only support
team operations and the fans that attend FC Cincinnati games from all corners of
the county but that the parking capacity would also support and facilitate
economic development community growth in the urban core since that time the the
county has been in discussions with FC Cincinnati over the terms under which
this parking capacity would be put into place I would just like to indicate that
there were really four primary goals the the county had as we entered into
discussions on this with the team and first was that the the capacity the
parking capacity be put into place into the community in a way that supported
community growth community development and
economic growth in the community second that that FC Cincinnati be a substantive
partner in the development of that facility third that there were cost
protections for the county and especially as it relates to the
operational cost of the facility and fourth that any sort of revenue sharing
that was done in the agreement done it would be done in a way that incentivizes
the development of commercial retail and office economic development in the
vicinity surrounding the stadium I believe that the resolution in front of
you which authorizes the the formation of or the negotiation and agreement of a
development agreement hits on all of those points I’m happy to go through it
in more detail but the the terms are here in front of you
Commissioner Driehaus Madam President I’ll defer to you if you would like me
to go in through it in more detail but I know there’s public comment etc so I
don’t want to take up too much time but I did want to offer this for you this
evening for for your approval thank you and I just want to say right off the bat
thank you for your work on this we have been working on this for over a year
ever since we passed the resolution and I want to remind everyone the resolution
that we passed before your time Commissioner Dumas was to provide a
thousand parking spots for game days within the vicinity of the stadium make
sure that those parking facilities had a community benefit and the team was to
provide us with a pad ready site those were the three things that were
encapsulated in the resolution and so I in in many discussions with residents
both of the West End the community councils of the West End and the area
near Finley Market came to the conclusion that we could provide for
parking for FC within the vicinity of the stadium with two different parking
facilities and we went down that road pretty early on there’s also a financial
benefit to doing it that way and so this resolution talks about the
inclusion of all of that where the majority of the parking spaces are what
I call on the campus of the stadium site so they’re north of the stadium but we
are also going to pick up the remainder of those spots over at a smaller
facility near the Finley market there’s a lot going on at Finley market they are
clamoring for a parking facility because of all of the activity their current and
expected in the future with some added development the vendors that are there
and the residents have all contacted my office many times to talk about their
desire for this garage but we also recognize that we needed to put
something nearer to the stadium and I also heard from the West End Community
Council and residents of the West End talking about their concerns about not
having a parking lot and having a lot of congestion if we weren’t to do it near
the stadium so I think that this resolution is a nice combination of
those two things and I think it accomplishes the goals of trying to
provide game day parking but also making sure that the community benefit is real
and year-round at both of these parking facilities the revenue split guarantees
that we do not go underwater by way of the operations of the garage and so I
think that is an important element here this was part of the negotiation back
and forth but we wanted to be very careful that if there were to be any
kind of operating loss by way of these facilities that FC would be helpful when
it came to paying for for that maybe in the beginning years before the
development particularly in the West End comes online so I appreciate the work of
both FCC and the administration to get us to where we are today just to comment
madam president haven’t been involved in some of the negotiation my concern was
to make sure that Hamilton County was protected in this process in this
agreement and also that the West End residents were also included in this
process so haven’t seen that happen I’m ready to vote in favor of this great
thank you Jeff is there anything that we missed here
no I think between the the initial comments in the comments of the
commissioners we’ve covered most everything very good we do have one
speakers card related to this item I’m looking for Jeff Jeff Capel got the
pleasure of the floor for two minutes welcome you know I’m here to talk about
that issue my first just want to say I do appreciate all the service that Todd
Portune has given this community for many decades even when we disagreed he was
always civil and polite to me and that’s even before there was a more decaf
version of myself starting about ten years ago on this issue unfortunately
this is just the culmination of two years of mismanaging this issue I’ve
been before you numerous times over the past two years to say don’t move forward
with something like this until you get a signed legal agreement from FC
Cincinnati that guarantees they will pay the county property taxes that they
should be paying on a two hundred fifty million dollar facility and you know
I’ve been told several times that yeah we’re working on it we’ll do it but it
was clear that that was never going to happen and that you never wanted it to
happen it is just unconscionable that we would be giving a zero percent tax rate
to FC Cincinnati on a 250 million dollar facility and spending 27 million dollars
on a parking garage at the same time the rest of us get a nice tax increase to
help pay for all this since you haven’t passed it yet it’s not too late to take
a step back and try to get this right it would simply be unconscionable if this
became a county where the greed of a small number of billionaires took
priority over the welfare of over 800,000 citizens thank you for your
comments I will share with you that having reached out of my staff reached
out to Commissioner Portune regarding this issue you you do disagree with
again with Commissioner Portune with all due respect because he was the one
that kind of started us down this road with the negotiations he was the
president of the Commission when this all started and Todd is if he were here
would tell you that he’s supportive the resolution a couple things I want to hit
on and you mention them I don’t want any confusion around
how this is being paid for these are parking revenues that are being used
from the parking enterprise fund to pay for parking garages and it’s a
restricted use this is the one of the few uses available to us these are not
general funds this is unrelated to the general fund and to the sales tax so I
just want to be very clear on that point this also is a project where the team is
paying for the stadium and is paying for the property on which we are building
the parking garage so there are some I think important distinctions here and I
think we are trying to acknowledge that FC has in partnership with the county
provided something here so that we can move forward with the two facilities so
with that I am going to offer that that we approve of the resolution authorizing
negotiation of a development agreement with FC Cincinnati regarding community
public parking facilities second yes yes thank you the next item we were you
have a speaker’s card is the SBU program which is related to the MSD items that
we have in front of us there are three items so Jeff why don’t you give us an
overview of those and then I will peel out the speaker’s card when appropriate
thank you madam president so you’re just asking for an overview of the of all
three of the MSD yes the the MSD budget items or the rate issue the CIP I
measure on the same page so the the first item in front of you is a
resolution approving and adopting the MSD 2020 through 2020 capital
improvement program from metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati
this is the board of Hamilton County Commissioners modified version under the
1968 agreement which set in place the the governance structure for MSD the
Board of County Commissioners MSD the city of Cincinnati is required to submit
a CIP to the board the Board of County Commissioners is
with the authority to adopt or to modify and adopt that CIP this is a modified
version of the CIP it in contains 51 point nine million dollars worth of
wet-weather Improvement Program funds sixty point two million dollars of asset
management program in programming and sixteen point five million of allowance
funding so that is the that is the CIP I don’t know if you want to take these one
at a time or if you want me to let’s go to the operating that I am going to call
the speaker forward okay the the operating budget in front of you is a
resolution approving and adopting the MSD 2020 operating budget with
modifications and conditions directing MSD to adhere to complete the contained
directives this is an operating budget which differs a bit from what MSD had
submitted it is an operating budget at a level of two hundred seventeen point
seven million dollars and we have staff here who can go into more detail on this
if there are any questions we’ve obviously had several public hearings on
the matter and there’s been substantive discussion on this over the past two
weeks but we do have staff here if there are additional questions the third item
that you referenced is actually related to the rate and as we’ve indicated in
our prior staff meetings the administration is recommending a zero
rate increase this year or a flat rate so there is no resolution directing that
specifically this year but I just want for again for the record to acknowledge
that that the board is affirmatively keeping rates flat for 2020 thank you
if with your deference I’m gonna go to the speaker Robin Harrison is here to
speak to this item good evening I’ve got the pleasure of the floor for
two minutes good evening to all of you we’re just discussing and I’m just
reviewing that would like to have a our copy of what the bidding will be
that’s why I’m here present tonight mr. Todd Portune sorry you’re not here I
didn’t see you on Tuesday – I’ve only known Todd for a couple of years being
involved with it the concerns of Cufa and you are great man and you are very
considerate of everyone’s ideas in life and we will miss you okay now basically
like I said we were here Tuesday night and I’d like to followup with the
recommendations that we provided you on Tuesday’s meeting I briefly heard you’re
discussing on get a copy of that information if at all possible and very
grateful that you did take into consideration and still allocate the
plan for the Ludlow Run watershed project and also just now I heard the
rate increase approval that there would be no rate be following up with the
making plans to make sewers approach portable for everyone including the
capital program now the additional items we had asked for was to add the budget
line for an independent audit of how the sewer backup response and prevention
programs comply in regards to with the consent decree the second one was the
doubling the sewer backup programs budget to 20 million to ensure there is
enough money to help all victims at our experience the sewer overflows a budget
for a contingency to purchase the homes of individuals particularly and Muddy
Creek which have been waiting patiently for three years in case the Federal
Emergency Management is not issued and then anticipated additional 1 million
decrease in revenue to immediately expand the customer assistance program
not only for the 65 year old individuals that qualify with the the monies
associated with that but also to those who are renters and have that bill in
their name and individuals who may be expect
and seeing a time where you know bad times where they don’t have money or the
job to pay it include them in it and also for those who are handicapped
thank you thank you I do want to address this is the second time this issue
regarding renters has come up with in the last couple of hearings we under
Ohio law are not able to provide that relief for renters however there has
been some movement or with Senator Cecil Thomas to ask him to provide legislation
for not only expansion to renters but there were a couple different other
categories that are being considered so I just want to kind of correct the
record on that we have done what we can by way of providing relief for seniors
that qualify for the homestead exemption and I believe we are all collectively
working on the legislation through Senator Thomas so I just want to offer
some clarification on that but thank you for your comments so as was stated we
are reckoned thank you we are recommending a zero increase this year
to rates we have not had an increase in rates since I’ve been here I know it’s
been a couple a few years primarily because we have still some uncertainty
related to the structure of MSD and we’re still trying to work that out in
Judge Barrett’s court room and we also have a study about the impervious
surfaces that’s going on that I expect will help provide some relief as well so
I don’t feel like it’s a very prudent time to have a rate increase and I just
do want to say that there’s always this overview for MSD that’s related the
balance and so it’s this balancing act between providing relief programs and
not raising rates and there’s always this tug and pull and so I feel like
that also with some of the budgets that are in front of us particularly this CIP
which is a combination of asset management which is important to an
aging system new pro phase to a projects that respond to the consent decree and
the SBU program which is also critically important to
the neighborhood and on that point we have allocated the same that we did last
year if we need to go above that if we have weather events that dictate that
then we will do it as we always have so I just do want to assure you of that
but the expectation is or the I guess the hope is that the amount allocated
during this budget process will be enough to cover us and if it’s not it’s
not an MSD will come forward with a different budget allocation next year
during the year and we have the ability to do that and make that kind of
adjustment so I am ready to vote on the the counties adjusted at CIP in madam
president I’m sorry but just a by way of clarification and as you indicated this
is a count the county modified CIP but and while our colleagues at MSD I think
understand that I wanted to see if I could call upon Mr. Rennekamp do just
do from a process perspective talk about there are very there are several
resolutions there within the the CIP document because in approving this
you’re authorizing planning and design for certain projects also authorizing
construction for others and while our CIP differs from MSDS I thought it just
might be and thanks to a clerk Panioto for for clarifying this that we
typically take this time to explain to the board those different resolutions
there that are part of the CIP so Jack if you wouldn’t mind just walking
through from a process perspective what the board is approving by approving a
CIP in the way of planning design and construction of course Jack Rennekamp
with the Metropolitan Water District in the previous CIPS
and consistently over the last 50 plus years of the district’s existence what
the board typically has done is there there are multiple aspects of a CIP
package that the board undertakes through it in its legislative approval
one of which is approving the CIP generically the other is approving when
plans are and specifications are needed to be designed as approving
allowing MSD to prepare those plants and design specifications eventually to
bring back to the board at a future state for construction of projects and
for certain projects that are part of an allowance that has been incorporated
into MSD CIP since 2010 to approve the construction funding and activities of
those allowances in particular these go to maintenance of the the treatment and
collection system for necessary and ongoing particular repairs and
improvements they’re not brought forward as separate projects individually but as
allowances within the CIP and that legislative package allows MSD to put
them out to bid just receive bids and then to award contracts so in a nutshell
that’s that’s the process that is incorporated within the CIP so your act
your actions are taken across a variety of legislative types and requirements
that’s necessary for individual projects to go forward thank you Jeff is that yes there are several resolutions and in the
packet and I think historically we’ve approved these generically as a package
I don’t know so I don’t think we’ve read through each and every one but I just
again wanted to make sure no it’s a I’m glad you did because it is a I just want
to make sure people understand we’re passing the CIP what it is in fact we’re
passing what we’re authorizing and directing it must need to do as it
relates to planning design and advancing construction of certain projects okay so
before we get to the voting questions or comments okay so Jeff I the resolution I
have on top is the resolution approving and adopting the MSD 2020 to 2024
capital improvement program for the metropolitan Sewer District of Greater
Cincinnati Hamilton County Ohio as modified by the Board of County
Commissioners and conditions and directives to MSD and appropriating
funds therefore and then it goes on to the whereas
clauses and then now therefore clause so all right I’m gonna make the motion to
approve of this resolution second yes yes thank you are there any other
resolutions we need to do related to the CIP all right so on to the operating
budget we have hit and I did we have had a couple of hearings to dig in a little
bit on both the CIP the operating budget and the rate increase and so I do want
to provide that context so we’ve got a resolution in front of us that allows
for an increase of I believe it’s three point five to the operating budget of
MSD for a total operating budget of 217 point seven are there any questions or
comments related to this motion I’m an agreement with this resolution and I’m
still waiting for information as a I’ve received a lot of information from the
MSD and I appreciate that but I think our quarterly reviews that we
incorporated in this resolution will help me to better understand how the
money is being allocated so I’m not willing to go any higher than that okay
mm-hmm and adjustments can be made also on this one so I will move then that we
approve of the resolution approving and adopting the MSD 2020 operating budget
with modifications and conditions and directing MSD to adhere to complete that
contained directives and again this is the one there there are a couple here in
front of us so this is the one with the total operating budget of 217.7
second yes yes thank you thank you thank you all
for being here all right Jeff I will continue on with
the with the by leaves the next by leave relates to the the establish resolution
number for number 54 in your in your packet and this relates to establishing
a 1 billion dollars 1 billion dollars in appropriations to defer a public
expenses for the county of Hamilton Ohio for the fiscal year beginning January 1
2020 this is what is collectively known as the all appropriation of the all
funds budget again we’ve discussed this over the past several staff meetings as
well this includes two hundred and seventy six point nine million a general
fund budget and a 760 1.3 million dollar restricted funds budget as well
we provided the board with information on this over the over the past week or
so and answered several questions and
recommend approval at this point of the board happy to answer any questions as
well director budget director Bruggen is also here if there are any questions on
the all funds budget or any questions are coming madam president I’ve reviewed
it and I’m fine okay thank you yes and we’ve discussed this budget before as
well so I’m gonna move that we approve of resolution number 54 second yes yes
Jeff before we go forward there I think there are people in the audience that
have arrived that were not here when we were they had public comment related to
Commissioner poor tune is there anybody at this time that would like to come
forward and make any comments related to Todd no I don’t mean to put you on the
spot but but I just did now you now you are on the spot I saw you walk in I know
you had expressed some interest in saying something so I wanted to give you
the opportunity so on behalf of the children of Hamilton County and all the
children that we serve at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and all of the work
that Commissioner Portune has done with Cradle Cincinnati
and infant mortality and countless other children’s issues he has been a
fantastic champion for children and we so appreciated he has supported every
health and hospital leve he has supported Children’s Services levees and
children have always been front and center in his in his public service both
at City Council and here and so on behalf of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital
our CEO Michael Fisher and all the children of Hamilton County we are
eternally grateful for Todd and everything that he has done and he
always put kids first Thank You and melissa Selonis
just yeah thank you thank you this is the most unorthodox meeting I’ve ever
run so just gonna fly all right so Jeff please carry on the next by leave
resolution in your packet is the is budget adjustment number 45 this is five
hundred and twenty eight thousand eight hundred ninety nine dollars this is
primarily related to the appropriation of funds for various grant programs
related to alternative release options for offenders in the justice system as
well as there are dollars in here appropriating primarily transfers for
end of the year payroll the vast majority there’s a transfers within the
budget not reappropriation there’s one department in the stadium the stadium
stadiums stadium operations where there’s actually a reappropriation we
probably could have done a transfer there if we had wanted to but we were
safe and just and just reappropriation to dollars but this is again five
hundred twenty eight thousand eight hundred ninety nine for grants and end
of the year payroll adjustments to ensure we can make payroll as we hit the
end of the year thank you are there any questions or comments no
thank you I’ll move that we approve a budget adjustment number 45 seconds yes
yes Thank You Commissioners the next item is budget adjustment number 46 this
relates to the transfer of bond proceeds into a fund and appropriation of those
dollars so that we can begin the board approved earlier on this year the
acquisition of property interest and the Hilltop property this allows us to
complete the first phase of that as in the boards resolution earlier this year
it prescribed an early January closing date so we want to make sure we have
those dollars available when we go to close on that property I just want to be
clear I don’t know that I was entirely clear on Tuesday that as these bond
proceeds are transferred the debt service for this will begin will be
will start to be paid out of the stadium sales tax fund as opposed to the general
fund or any other fund of the county once we transfer the bond proceeds in
this manner so the administration recommends approval can answer any
questions if you need that are there any questions no questions I’m gonna move
that we approve a budget adjustment number 46 second yes yes Thank You
commissioners next is resolution number 53 this is authorizing county
administrator to execute a 939 thousand dollar contract with SPCA of Cincinnati
to provide dog warden services this is a six-month extension into 2020 to allow
us to begin the process of completing the transition of dog warden services
underneath the county as we as we indicated on Tuesday that the agreement
allows us to transition those services separately both enforcement and patrol
services as well as kenneling services at different times I do want to
acknowledge that budget director Bruggen met for the first time today with an
Advisory Committee on this issue and that Advisory Committee vetted and
concurred with the recommendation to advance transition of the enforcement of
patrol services up to underneath the sheriff’s office so we’ll we’ll be
bringing that back to the board as a separate item early on in 2020 but this
allows us with an extension with the SPCA to begin that process
the administration recommends approval any questions are coming I think it’s
awesome that’s very good good all right I’m gonna move that we approve of
resolution number 53 second yes yes Thank You commissioners the next item is
just in your packet as a resolution it’s not with a specific number but is the
resolution approving a water contract between the Board of County
Commissioners in the village of Wyoming for 30 years from January 21st 2020
through December 31st 2050 subject to the attached contract we went through
this on Tuesday and staff meeting again this is a 30 year agreement includes a
1.25 multiplier which is consistent with most most of our other water contracts
in the county the administration recommends approval any questions or
comments no questions I’m gonna move that we approve of the resolution
approving water contract between Board of County Commissioners and village of
Wyoming for 30 years from January 1st 2020 through December 31st 2050 to the
attached contract second yes yes thank you
Thank You commissioners the next in your packet as well does not have a separate
number but this is a resolution authorizing the County Administrator and
to into an agreement regarding construction and operation of a music
venue at the Banks development with CSO MEMI and the Cincinnati Bengals this
is essentially an operating agreement as we move forward and work with the city
of Cincinnati on a venue development agreement that contains all of these
parties this is a specific agreement between the county CSO MEMI and the
Bengals related that set forth and details the operating relationship
between the county as it relates to its lease with the Cincinnati Bengals and
the operating agreement between the Bengals and MEMI specifically as it
relates to construction of the facility and the interrelationship and on an
operational basis between the team and the and MEMI especially as it relates
to gameday interactions between the Bengals their patrons and the music
venues so the administration recommends approval
and only offers as well that this is an agreement that fits into the context of
other agreements that are being developed along to correspond with this
including the venue development agreement with this
if Cincinnati that I mentioned earlier any questions or comments just a comment
um in order to move forward and we can’t stop it in the middle I wouldn’t want to
do that but I did vote against the music venue but I know we’re moving forward
and we need to continue to do that okay thank you
in that case I’m gonna move to approve of the resolution authorizing the County
Administrator to enter into an agreement regarding construction and operation of
a music venue at the bank’s development with CSO MEMI and the Cincinnati
Bengals second yes yes Thank You commissioners and I believe the final
by leave item I have tonight is resolution number P 134 – 19
this is authorizing the award of RFP 039-19 and the execution of an agreement
between Ameresco inc and the board of hamilton county
commissioners on behalf of county facilities for energy efficiency and
conservation measures this as we get into our capital improvement planning
and addressing a lot of our deferred maintenance challenges in 2020 this is
the continuation of some really good energy conservation work that we’ve done
in our county facilities over the past 10 to 15 years this will allow us to
begin doing energy audits and many of our county facilities so that we can
start planning different energy conservation projects which will also
which will be an inclusive part of our broader capital improvement plan the
dollar value of this is a hundred and fifty thousand dollars for that planning
and scoping work again as I mentioned and staff meeting on Tuesday we will
only be paying that amount if we choose not to move forward with the actual work
in which case the 150 thousand will be folded into the broader financing
package for the energy conservation improvements so this is a program that
served the county well in the past the administration recommends approval any
questions or comments no questions I’m gonna move that we approve the
resolution number P 134 – 19 authorizing the award of rfp 039 – 19 and
execution of an agreement between Ameresco Inc and the Board of County
Commissioners on behalf of County facilities for energy efficiency and
conservation measures second yes yes as I am talking about our
Capital Improvement Plan thank you everyone everyone is panicked in this
room right yes you also have a resolution number 51 adopting the 2020
capital improvement plan for the county so again as we mentioned on Tuesday as
separate as opposed to the MSD capital improvement plan when the board passes a
CIP for the county were really just passing a plan this is not authorizing
anything at this point in order for us to move forward on any of these projects
we will scope that come back to the Board of County Commissioners with a
recommendation on it but this does in fact just approve the plan the CIP for
the county for 2020 again we will do work in the first quarter of 2020
scoping out a plan and some of the most priority projects for the county and
bring that back to the board in a broader document in early 2020 the
administration recommends approval any questions or comments No all right I’m
gonna move that we approve of resolution number 51 second yes yes I think that
would conclude my by leaves in I do just again I want to thank the commissioners
for what was a very exciting year in county government this year I want to
thank all three commissioners President Driehaus vice president Summerow Dumas and
of course commissioner Portune for all their help and support over the year and
on behalf of all the county employees in particular the employees under the Board
of County Commissioners wish everyone a happy holiday as we move forward and to
conclude the holiday season so thank you thank you thank you thank you Jeff we
are moving to comments and motions of the county commissioners vice president
Summerow Dumas I would refer my comments I’ve already made them as
relates to thank you I have one thing I want to remind people that the
application process for the Commission on women and girls is open and will go
through the month of December into early January so if anyone is or knows of a
woman or girl that would like to participate on the Commish
and please go to the County website you will find the board’s there and you will
find the application there the application has been modified this year
to make it a little bit easier for the girls so that they’re not intimidated
when they look at that application so please and encourage folks that you know
to do that we are looking forward to another robust set of recommendations
next year from the Commission we’ve done our public hearings we’ll move into the
regular agenda MSD has item number one this is a high rate treatment facility
diversion structure Jack Rennekamp is here to describe the program good
evening in commissioners before I begin speaking to you and also speaking to
Commissioner Portune I want to thank him for his service I’ve had the
opportunity and the pleasure to serve as MSDS legislative representative to the
board since 2002 almost the entire time that Mr. Burton was County Commissioner
and it was a pleasure to work with him and to provide information about MSDs operations and to be his friend thank you this particular item is a
request to the board to appropriate twenty six point eight million dollars
in construction funding for the Mill Creek wastewater treatment high rate
treatment facility at Milland high rate treatment facility diversion structure
this project is being built as a progressive design-build
we can certainly brief the board on some of the more finer details of that
particular process needless to say the the the Ohio legislature authorized
design-build projects for counties in 2011 which basically permits certain
types of projects should they be go down that pathway to potentially be of
cheaper cost and a faster completion time from start to finish under one
umbrella called design-build rather than a design-build and bid and build process
this particular request advances the initial phase of this project in in
anticipation of a future wet weather facility at the Mill Creek wastewater
treatment plant the project can constructs a diversion structure as well
as connections to the existing Mill Creek interceptors that’s both the
Interceptor and the auxilary interceptors which are the main trunk
sewers that run throughout the count north-south throughout the county and
the request as I indicated is to appropriate funds to build this project
to complete the construction happy to entertain any questions also with me is
Ryan Welsh mm-hmm who can speak more specifically to any
engineering or design questions that you came for thank you I I think we are
familiar with the process or program so thank you for that are there any
questions or comments I have no questions or comment I’m gonna move that
we approve of item number one on our regular agenda second yes yes Thank You
commissioners Thank You Ted there are no regular items for you but I
see you sitting there all right all right I just say it’s so unusual for me
not to call on you right now but I’m not going to do it and resisting the urge
all right so we’ve got a multitude of consent agenda items here we are pulling
number 12 it’s related to one of the boards and commissions and I think the
rest of it I thought we were not we are pulling 18 okay so are there any
questions or comments related to any of the consent agenda items well I’m just
really excited about the boards and commissions and people are putting in to
be a part of the process and that’s what we need more people to do we’re filling
a lot of vacancies and we’ll fill more in 2020 so I’m excited about that I want
to echo those comments I too and thank these people for their service all right
so if there are no further comments or questions I’m going to move to approve
of consent agenda items 2 through 11 there
tene through 17 and 19 through 31 second yes yes thank you we have nothing
further on my agenda is there anything other than to wish everyone a happy
holiday thank you all for your service to this County we are better for it and
thank you for being here this evening and I also wanted to do the same
everybody have a happy holiday and a prosperous new year I’m looking I’m
about two weeks short of my year and I’m really excited about it I want to thank
staff for helping me shore me through the process especially Jeff who’s been
really answering a whole bunch of questions with me and and also my
colleagues and so in the ladies at the DS so I thank you very much for all your
help encouragement and I’m anxiously looking forward to 2020 in happy
Holidays to Todd who is probably still watching yes with that I’m gonna move to
adjourn second yes

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