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My name is Wendy. I’m from Venezuela and I’m 22 years old My name is Gian Franco. I’m from Russia and Italy. My name is Diego Manrique. I’m from Peru, and I’m 26 years old. My name is Rodrigo. I’m from Chile. My name is Cindy. I’m from Venezuela but I’m also Chinese and I’m 22 years old. English classes at BIA are really fun. I learn a lot of things. Sometimes you don’t realize that you are studying You’re just having fun and it’s a really really interesting class. They are very fun. The classes are very small generally. and the professor has a lot of time to dedicate to specific people and help you out. I really enjoy the classes at BIA. The teachers are very good. very helpful to the students. I like living in Boston because you have a lot of things to do. For example you can go to a museum You can go to the library and you can have fun with your friends and we have a lot of restaurants – good restaurants so you can go Boston is a beautiful city there is a lot of history here and many places to explore so I really enjoy this I realized that people here are really friendly. and they are really nice when I ask for help I think it’s a really good idea and it unites all the students and makes you get to know a lot of people from other countries and learn about their culture and just meet new friends Donut Day is fun, and Potluck you get to try a lot of good food from a lot of countries where people come from BIA’s activities are very fun. I really feel part of a little community here. I really love it they are really great with the events at BIA Before I came to BIA, I didn’t have good listening skills. so, when I was here, I developed that skill Now I can listen to a conversation and I understand clearly Speaking skills and listening to other people’s accents was particularly hard for me Before I came to BIA, it was difficult for me to speak with other people. So when I came here, the teachers helped me to not be afraid to speak Great school, great location, with great people The best thing about studying at BIA is how friendly people are here The best thing is the feeling here. the sense that it’s like a little family and you take part in this It’s a good school in Boston and the peolpe here are really nice It’s a great experience If they have the opportunity to come to BIA Take it because studying here at this school will definitely, definitely help you to improve your English At this place, you will love it and you will love the school you will love the language and you will love the city You should do it! It’s very fun you will get to learn English you will make a lot of friends and you will have the opportunity of your life to be by your own learn another language and make friends all over the world I really recommend BIA because this little community or family here is very helpful for you and the teachers are very good and the place is very nice and also it’s very useful for students I really recommend it for you because you will meet a lot of international students and international people and you will learn a lot of cultures

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