[HD] Đại Ca Tôi Đi Học 3 – The Mafia, The Salesman (2007) – Korean Comedy Movie Full Engsub

IM Pictures Film Presents Distributed by 20th Century Fox Produced by Doonson Films Co-produced by Verdi Pictures The Mafia, the Salesman LEE Sung-jae
After 7 years of high school, SOHN Chang-min
I was able to go and graduate college. PARK Sang-myeon, KIM Sung-min
Kang-nam is definitely my turf now! SUH Ji-hae JEON Chang-gul Jung-hwan You bitch! Producer/ SONG Soo-geun Writer, Director/ SHIM Seung-bo Who are you… Boss! What’s going on, sir? What’s he sayin’? Speak Korean! Hey, mister. Dumb-gari! We, the Young-dong’s
will be reborn. As The Asia Family
of US Cosa-Nostra! You betrayed us? Dumb-gari! I’m no longer Dumb-gari.
I’m Smith, chief of Korea gang. Smith Park. I’ll give you one last chance
for old times sake. Wanna work under me? Or exit off for good? Why you little… I’m an American citizenship now! Shoot me, bastard! Wait a minute! What? Boss first. I love you… Shit! You’re a lucky guy. GYE Doo-shik. What’s my English name? Huh? Dumb-gari! You piece of shit! What a shitty dream. Boss wants you, sir. Are you sick, boss? You don’t look good. I’m fine. Congratulations, boss! And thanks to you,
I graduated from college. Sure. Is something the matter, sir? I had a dream… Really? It was a horrible nightmare. Dumb-gari was in it… What? You too, sir? You, too? Hi! Congratulations! Your graduations! Older brothers! You… Smith? You can speak English? I realized something
watching you graduate from high school and college. Here. I can do it! So I’m studying
English like crazy. Just do it!
Nothing is mission impossible! Stop it!
Don’t study you bastard! Don’t speak English!
Green card, my ass! You don’t even
have a check card! – You idiot!
– Stop! This is definitely a sign. A warning from heaven. It’s been 7 years since
our Young-dong gang became tops. We’re making a shitload
and got big. But we need something more. If we don’t change… Young-dong gang won’t last
thru the 21st century. Well said, boss. We gotta get rid of fools who do
nothing but eat around here. Why are you looking at me?
You’re one to talk! Don’t you watch the news
or the Internet? Use your heads and think. The F-ta has been settled
between Korea and the States. It’s F-T-A. – Right, F-T-A, F-ta!
– Okay… Not only rice, beef, and films… …but now our turf will be open
to the world! We’re fucked! How’ll you block against
their riffles and machine-guns. Is there no plan
to save us from this danger? Answer me! You morons! There is, sir! There’s an organization that predicted
and prepared for world turf domination. Really?
What gang is that? Enterprises. Samsung, Motte, RG, Hanha. The top big companies. If we learn
their management ways and remodel our organization… The whole world can be
our turf, boss. You studied well, son. Boss? I studied and did everything
you told me ’till now… Maybe someone else could… Fine.
Let’s choose fair and square. Thank you, boss. All strong, healthy men,
stand up! No college degrees, sit down! But, boss! If things work out this time, USA will be Doo-shik’s turf. Doo-shik GYE! College Grad! Doo-shik GYE!
College Grad! Keoson New Employees Training You take care of the boys! We’ve done this before! What? I’m lucky
going to a company? You little shit! Wait ’till I get my hands on you! Hello? Hello? Mr. GYE? Doo-shik GYE? Come up and introduce yourself. Me? Oops, I forgot. I don’t have a position yet But when I do,
you’ll be the first to know. And… No more cursin’ and cons
from me! I’ll show you all a new
and improved Doo-shik! Thank you. The Doo-ster! Be quiet! Think this is a pep rally? I’m Joon Park from
the head planning office. Everything you do
at this training camp will all be graded and ranked. The first team will get claim
on department of choice. Excuse me! Then the first team can go
to the head planning office? Why you ask? Well… ah… I want to learn
global business management. Global business management? Welcome to
Young-dong Group. This is not just a club. After 2 weeks training, you will be placed
accordingly by grade. And remember!
B- O-O! Boss and Owner is One! Are you the tops here, sir? How’d you get in here? That’s strange. – There must be two tops here!
– What? Whoa, we got some pretty hot babes
in this time! You let me know,
if you need anything! Got it? What? Who’s the real boss, here? – Me!
– Me! Hey! I’m tops here
when the boss ain’t here! I’m not the Dumb-gari
I used to be! There can only be one top!
Fight for it! And I get the winner! Yo, Dumb-gari. You win. – Then, I’m yours!
– Why you little! Go in the kitchen! Sang-doo! Stop laughing! There are fruits
to hard studying… Assiduous studying! I’ll prepare for globalization
and go to college, too! 124 days left to the SAT’s. I swear to ass… assidu… Assidu… Shit. Study my ass off. Shit. I got in thru the donation… But how will I get in
the planning department? Mr. Doo-shik? We’re in team 3, together. Right… Sue Han. So here’s a… You got the highest score
on the company exam, right? Yes… – Then we’re set.
– What? – You speak English, right?
– Huh? I must win
the English speech contest. But I’m not good with speeches. I need your help. – The point of…
– She’s not the first class. Maybe she’s too nervous. global… What… business… What are you doing! Just a little nervous… Are you okay? Sue! Sue! No, it was all my fault. I should’ve studied more. But my hobby was punching kids
in school. So I got pretty good at it
and… What? I mean, we’ll win the rest of
the contests, no problem! We can go to the head office! Go team 3! Go! All employees report
to the auditorium. Courage testing will
begin at 9 p. m. Aren’t there ghosts and stuff
for courage tests? They’re all fake
like at amusement parks. Let’s go, Sue. Man, get some help. You said you weren’t
afraid of ghosts. I said they’re fake
I didn’t say I wasn’t scared. Ghosts! Team 3, remember? Come on. We need to win. Let’s go up. Man… Boo! Help me! Sue? The chairman will
be there tomorrow. Don’t worry we’ll
win the last contest. How can we win talent night? We can, if you’ll help me. But I’m scared
before a crowd… Just stand there
with your eyes closed. And smile. I don’t believe this guy! Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! Mr. Chairman! Mr. Chairman! What the hell are you doing! Call 911! You can watch the news on this, sir
It’s the latest laptop! A present for your first day
at the head office… Is something the matter? It’s nothing. Congratulations on your first day
at Keoson’s head office! Boss can’t be seen in this. Just drop me off nearby. Wait. A salary man must use
Public transportation cards! I’ll escort you, boss. Forget it. Hey! Get off me! How can people go
to work in this? If I catch you on the green line
again, you’re dead. Yes. Bow, you idiots! Hello, boss! Doo-shik? You’re strong able bodied men.
You should work for a living. Stop pick-pocketing. Take this and get some food. And work hard for a living.
Okay? – Yes, sir!
– Don’t thank me! Just go. Sue? Congratulations on going
to the head office. Actually, I volunteered to start
in the insurance department. Really? Why? I thought it’d help
solve my shyness by working with clients. And… Let’s go! We’ll be late. Stop Keoson! Stop! Stop the merger! Away with the merger! We’re not late… Out of my way… You’re the new employees, right? Yes, sir. Follow me! Nice shot, sir! You get better by the day, sir. And you’re late as always. I was helping
the new employees. When will you come
to your senses? Mr. No-promotion Kim? Doo-shik Kae, was it? The name’s GYE, sir. Why are you here instead of
at the head office, sir? Some fool made
the chairman faint. Then because of me… I’m so sorry, sir.
I won’t let you down. Oh, really? Then you’d better work to death. I’m going back up. To do that,
I need something to step on. You people can be the stairs. Understand? I heard you volunteered
to be here. We’ll see how you do. Man, first day on the job
and I have to work all night? 12,000 mails?
When’ll I send all this! Oh, hi. Sue? You’re not finished
with the mail? I’m a little slow at typing. It’s faster by group mail.
Didn’t you use computers much? Well… I… ah… I didn’t send out much mail… If you’re stuck while working,
Ask Jeeves. He can teach me anything? Sure,
he’s got most of the answers. I see… Here. Thank you. Bye. – Hello.
– Boss, are you coming? I can’t, I’m still working. This is 10 times harder
than school! I want you to find someone for me.
His name’s Jeeves. Shit. I can’t do this! Why didn’t I think
of getting help? Tutor. A woman tutor would be nice. Female tutor wanted! Hurry up! I know what you want
with a female tutor. What the? Who are you? Your mama! You freak! I’ll get you! Ooo I’m so scared! Idiot! What? Why that little… Are U pissed?
Wanna meet and fight?! You fuckin’ freak! Hot Rice Cakes logged off. Rice! Cakes! Boss! We brought him. You’re Rice Cakes? I’m Hot Rice Cakes.
Who are you? What? Take him back. Yes, sir. What did you do, kid? Nothing!
You Dumb-garied creep! What the… Doo-shik GYE! Yes? – You think this job is a joke?
– What? Didn’t you send out
the customer mail? I did, early this morning. Then why are they angry,
saying they didn’t get it? But I sent it all
by express mail. What? I folded each letter and – stamped each envelope.
– Are you insane! Doo-shik GYE? Doo-shik GYE? – The hell’s this!
– Doo-shik GYE? He’s over there. Hold on, sir. What is this? Just open it. But… wait! Who are they? I don’t know, sir. Strangers brought you this? Well… You’re hiding something,
aren’t you! No, of course not, sir. Open it. What is all this? What is all this? Maybe it’s a wrong delivery. What’s this? To my hero, Doo-shik. ‘ ‘Enjoy your meal. ‘ Yours truly, love, Dumb-gari. ‘ Your girlfriend’s nickname
is Dumb-gari? Be quiet!
This isn’t funny! This is why we’re last
in the corporation! Everybody stop! Our insurance department will
enforce a new strategy. Regardless of rank, all employees must produce
200% more monthly results. Those who can’t will pay
the appropriate penalty. And you Mr. GYE! Yes. You goal is 200 clients a month! 20? You deaf! I said 200! But he’s new, sir… Stop meddling.
You want to do the same? You think 200 is too much? Can you bring it down
a little, sir? Then how about this? If you succeed,
I’ll send you to the head office. But if you don’t, you quit. Deal? Ah… I’ll give it a shot, sir! – You will?
– Yes, sir. Good… this should be fun. What are you standing around for!
Go! Yes, sir! Go Keoson! Hello, I’m from… Hi, I’m from Keoson Life.. Hello, everyone! Everyone enjoy your lunches? I’m from Keoson Life insurance. Let me tell you about
our new cancer insurance. Please take a look… What the… What do you think you’re doing? This is my turf. It ain’t big enough
for the both of us. But it’s not the same… It’s ‘cuz of people like you there’s famine and hunger
in the world! – Know what this is?
– What? I don’t know! You moron! Crazy subway bastard… Go on. Pour me a drink. What happened? Why’d you get sent out
of the head office? Things happen in life… I won’t be in insurance forever. Of course, not. So I need your help Mr. Oh. You won’t leave me
hanging will you? No, of course not… The company recently bought
cargo trucks and need insurance. 120 or so. Hello, gramps. Take this first. You two don’t look like
you’ll live long. An insurance police is
what you need. Why you little! Get lost! You bastard! Your children will
thank you for it… Excuse me! Come down! Hurry! Hi, I’m from Keoson insurance. We have a new insurance
just for you. If you were to fall and die
or break your leg… Our insurance will… Hi. Keoson Life… Let me get that for you. This is nice. – What the hell!
– I’m just… Let me explain, sir.
I’m from Keoson Life. You need insurance
in case you drown. A neck-and-neck race… You two remind me of
the animal channel. You feed off other people’s
hard work. Like crocodile birds. I’m just glad that a great man,
like you, is in the company. You don’t even have pride,
do you? – And you Doo-shik GYE!
– Yes, sir. Learn from someone better. How pitiful! What the heck is
in your Dumb-gari? Can you leave out
the Dumb-gari part? – What?
– I don’t like that… Oh you don’t, do you? Sir, your meeting’s
about to start. Don’t waste your time, kid.
I’ll make sure you get fired! Patience… What can I do? I got kids and no money saved. I gotta take it in
for my wife and kids. Did you see the strike
at the head office? Yes… They’re workers from Keoson bank that’s
merging with an American company. Why go on strike
if there’s a merger with a big company? Usually, the employees get fired
in a merger. Then they’d all be on the streets. Why do American’s wanna buy up
Korean banks for? Shouldn’t we be doing something? Salary men stay low. If you got the guns,
go to it. No guns but maybe knives… And Manager Park
can’t stand labor unions. He ended up here because
of a problem with the strike. Then it wasn’t ‘cuz of me? Let’s not talk business,
anymore. Cheers! Cheers! I finished the paperwork. Have a seat. With 120 signed.
Let’s celebrate. – You think I’ll try something?
– It’s not that… You have a lot of bullets in you. But you don’t know
how to use ’em. Sir… Want me to teach you
how to use ’em? What are you doing? Seize the opportunity
when you can! I’ll take you to a hot spot
some time. Sounds good. – Hold on, I gotta piss.
– Okay. You’re only 2 years younger,
right? Then we can be chums. No, you’re the same age
as the boss. How can I? Looks like you’re big enough
to be my chum. Whoa, not so bad yourself, sir. Sir! Chum! Sir! – Chum!
– Sir! Cops! No urinating in the streets! Run! Thanks for calling me out, Sue. Sue? What’s wrong? – Doo-shik…
– Yes? Did you bring it? Oh… I thought
you were just kidding. You think I’m joking? Why does everyone think
I’m a joke! How do you throw it? What are you doing? I need to throw this
at someone. – Sue! Stop it! You’ve changed, Doo-shik. – Sue!
– The hell! Crazy drunk bitch. I’m sorry.
She’s a little drunk. Then you should’ve watched
where you’re going, fool! – Please, sir…
– Sir? I ain’t your sir, shithead. Please understand.
We’re sorry… Hey, Doo-shik! Are you groveling
to street punks, now? Street punks? Why you… What a loser. Just couldn’t let it go, huh?
Let’s step outside! Let’s go! Come on, man! Don’t you recognize me? You know who I am? I can’t recognize my mama.
Who the hell are you? It’s me!
Young-dong gangs… Oh, it’s you!
The second dumbest in Young-dong! Can’t be the first
in that too, huh? Like you’d know, anyway.
Go play your kiddie games. Come here you! – What the!
– Get ’em! – Stupid idiots.
– Stupid fools. The lunch boxes? Are you okay, sir? Who are they? – Me Thailand, do some clip?
– Clippin’. Right. Me, Jam-long. I did some poppin’ in same town.
Me, Bong-tao. We were short on boys… I hired them with our future
expansion thru Asia in mind. Yo, Dumb-gari… Teach them to speak properly. You idiots. Don’t hit the head! Who the fuck are they? Sue! Sue! What a nice air! We’re home, Miss. That’ll be $100. Is this where you live? Sue? Then should I take you
somewhere else? Is that you, Sue? You know you shouldn’t drink! – Who might you be?
– Her co-worker, sir. Thanks for carrying her.
Come in for a drink, son. That’s okay! I apologize on behalf of my girl. It’s okay, sir. She’ll behave like
child sometimes. And I haven’t seen her
for over a week. It’s gangster clean-up month. They keep popping up with no end,
like athlete’s foot. Well, I guess they are… But you get used
to having them around. Excuse me. Boss, it’s me Sang-doo. Fucking cops are… Sorry,
you got the wrong number. By the way! You look familiar…
Have we met before? No, sir. I don’t think so. I swear I saw you somewhere… What’s your name? Ah… Sung-jae Lee. Sung-jae Lee? Really?
Where have I seen you? Beats me. I’ll take you to Thailand. – I’m pretty famous there.
– Really? Hey!
Why aren’t you working? You dare laugh at what I say? We only listen to Dumb-gari. – Dumb-gari! Number 2!
– Number 3! He said that?
I was lower than him? I told you I’m not
the same old Dumb-gari. Oh, really?
Try me Dumb-gari! – You little…
– Boss! – Sir!
– Boss! Who’s number 2, sir? I’m number 2, right? Tell us once and for all, boss. You’re number 2. You, number 3. You can be number 9 and 10! – Boss!
– Boss! Bow! Bow down! Why you little! Man, this really sucks… At this rate, I’ll get fired. And why does he have to be
the Chief of police? Maybe I should just… Concentrate, please. What does it mean? God sneezed? No joking during class. Joke. Next. I… Can… See… What does it mean, together? I understand? This is hopeless. Boss, Doo-shik is here. Doo-shik is here? Remember
what I asked you? Do I really have to? I’m a classy gal. No one knows I’m studying. Please, I beg you. Only ‘cuz you asked, nicely. Oh, no! Call me? Is she new? – She looks like a tutor.
– No, she doesn’t! She’s feistier than she looks. Her thighs were hot. Is there are problem? No, sir. Just thought I’d come by
to chit chat, sir. Really? I gave this
a lot of thought, sir. I’ll just come out
and say it… You’re not… Boss! Do you have insurance? What? You’re getting old and
you could die on the job… If you have insurance,
your wife will be thankful. She’ll be left
with more money… Thanks for worrying
about me, son. – I always do, sir.
– But don’t worry. – I love you, boss.
– I got 20 of ’em right here. When did you… 20? Already? I should get full coverage insurance,
right boss? I should plan for my future, too. How did you know
I was in insurance? You know me, sir.
Why didn’t you tell me, earlier? Don’t let the boss find out. I prepared everything, sir. There are more boys
on their way. Why should you get insurance? Don’t know, sir. If you die fighting,
the gang gives out $200000. How much if you don’t
have insurance? You! – $100000, sir?
– You wish… It’s $3500 tops! So who do you think
we’ll send out to fight! The ones
with no insurance! Right! So write ’em! What if people find out? Need more contract? What? How many? Around… 500! Best Employee of the Year,
Doo-shik GYE! $5000 Bonus Thank you, sir. I knew you were somethin’. Thank you, sir. Best Employee of the Year,Doo-shik GYE Thank you! I love you! – Congratulations.
– Thank you. Did you see the look on
Park’s face? But how did you get 500 clients? Welll… ah… Congratulations. What are you doing here? Thank you for helping out
our Doo-shik, here. We are from
Doo-shik’s fan club. The Doo-Love Club. Doo-Love Club? It’s kinda like a reunion thing. Thank you. Thank you. A dream come true! I’m so proud of you Doo-shik. Learning globalization
and an award, too! You made a big mark
in our countries’ organizations. He’s the club’s president. Who might you be? Oh, you must be
Doo-shik’s girlfriend. No, I’m not. He has a girlfriend
called Dumb-gari… Dumb-gari? Who, me? You’re Dumb-gari? Yes, I’m Dumb-gari. Yup. Real name’s Bong-sam. – That’s right.
– Hate that name… You called, boss? I’m going on a trip abroad. Why all of a sudden? I’m going to the States,
to learn globalization. What? Doo-shik and you are both busy. But I’m free to go
with the boss. Plus, I have a visa. You’re not going! Please take me
to see the Eiffel Tower and Coliseum in the States, sir. And there’s a famous
bridge there, too. Dumb-gari! – Confess everything!
– Sir? Why do you know so much
about the States! Anyway, I trust that you’ll do well
even while I’m gone. – And you, Doo-shik!
– Yes, boss. Let’s go the States together
next year. Thank you, sir. Keoson I’m Doo-shik GYE
from insurance. So you’re the famous
new employee? The chairman gave special orders for
you to work in the planning department. Huh? Really? The head office is different
from insurance. Try to adjust quickly. Thank you, sir. Here, buy something you like. That’s too much for them. – Please, I came empty handed.
– Thank you! – Go to your room.
– Okay. Congratulation’s Mr. Kim. You, too!
For starting work at the head office. – I heard you set a record.
– It’s nothing. It’s a good thing the kids
take after you, ma’am. Thank god they don’t look
like Mr. Kim. Yes, they’re pretty. But there is one
who looks like me. Really? Mr. Kim is so lucky. A pretty wife and 3 cute kids. I think you’re the lucky one. Why? You don’t have to see
Manager Park anymore. Sue? I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to… I was just kidding. I’m sure you’ll do well
at the planning department, too. Thanks, Sue. Ah… Here… You said you wanted to
learn knife throwing? I’ll teach you. Wait! My dad wants to see you again. Me, why? He said to come by the station
for lunch. No! I don’t eat lunch. No. I’m always full at lunch. Mama says I should try
to eat at home. Away with the merger! Join us! Globalization, my ass.
I’m just the coffee man, here. So sorry. Oops. Coffee, sir? What do you think of the
Keoson bank merger? Me? I think the problem has to do
with manners. When you gain new turf, it’s basic manners to take
in all the boys under. You didn’t catch that…
Your coffee, sir. Any other bright ideas? How about what Joon Park
from insurance suggested, sir? Didn’t the chairman refuse it
‘cuz it’s too tough an action? Are you trying to get me fired! Korean fighting terms. Shithead! This is our turf! You wanna get whacked? Accent on whacked. You gotta be careful not
to pronounce the ‘h’ in whacked. Repeat after me. Whacked? Whacked? I said drop the ‘h’! – wHa!
– Get it right or you won’t survive here! Got it, man. Man? Try ‘sir’! You moron! What’s going on? Hi, boss. Just teaching them some Korean. Oh, fighting terms! I had to memorize this, too. Watch the pronunciation here. You have to say the ‘h’ to scare
your opponent! wHack! wHack! Study hard. wHat the Hell! Why you… wHack? Good morning. How’s studying, boss? I had no idea studying could
be so much fun. And I had no idea a man
could change so much. If only I started
studying earlier… By the way, you can’t let
any of the others know. I want to pass the SAT’s
on my own. Don’t worry, boss. Can you take a break, boss? A break? Why? Welcome! Tired from studying the SAT’s? I have to study!
What is all this? Okay, let’s wrap it up. Sang-dooo… You brought beer, right? – j& I love you.
– Yes, I love you, too. j& I need you… j& Forever… j& Take my love. j& Like the moonlight… j& Take my pure love. j& Feel my attraction. What’s going on here! Away with it, now! Nan-gang? Why ruin their fun? Huh? We didn’t… Move Nan-gang! We didn’t mean to… – Move!
– Why? I said move! To intrude… Move! – Where?
– Get out! We didn’t mean to intrude, sir. Bring the bill! Annihilating plan for Keoson labor union What are you suggesting? I’m saying I’ll do
the dirty deed for you. First, announce that
the merger is stopped. Then? I’ll make drastic cuts
in the insurance department. While the union and press’
attention is on me, you close the merger deal. What do you want from this? My old job back plus others. We don’t do
this kinda job anymore… But anything for you Mr. Park. I’ll give you the rest
after the job. Deal. Let’s drink to it! Send in the girls! You have a guest. Sue Han.
Did you bring the documents? Come on, relax. Have a few drinks.
It’s all part of the business. I won’t do
this kind of work anymore. What? I will do things my way. Your way?
What would that be? Doing things fair and square. I wonder how
they’re doing without me. I knew it! They’re slackin’ on the job! Yo, fake monk!
You can’t come in here. You fool!
You’re a spy, aren’t ya! Why!
So you can call in your gang! Dumb-gari! Stop! – I ain’t done!
– You idiot! Stop! – Why?
– Boss! Boss is in the States. Nose bleed… Stop right there! You idiot! Ow, my head! Boss, did a hard work. What brings you here, boss? Just wanted to see
how things were. Any problems? No, boss.
Doo-shik is doin’ great. Shut up! This’ll hurt more… – Does it hurt?
– A little… Just five more slaps. One! Two! Three! Four! You’ve done enough, sir. – Fine.
– His face is… You hit him! Mommy! Oh no… I can’t get another job
at this age! My family depends on me! Please, give me another chance. I’ll do anything!
Please, sir! At your age, you should know
how things are run here. It’s the head office’s orders. And insurance didn’t suit you. Joon! Please help me… As a friend, please!
I beg you, Joon! This is too ugly even for you. Want some advice? Don’t step in
other people’s business. You make me sick. What friend? You scum. Are you okay Mr. Kim? Mr. Kim? Don’t worry, sir. So… Don’t worry Sue.
He’ll be fine. I’ll go find him.
You go wait at his house. – Cheers!
– Cheers! Finish the merger in 3 days
and it’ll all be over. You surprise me Mr. Park. Things will settle down
in 1 month. – Great!
– Phone call. Thanks. Why is he calling me! You still don’t get it? Joon… I didn’t mean
to steal this… I’ll throw it away,
if you give me my job back. I see. Well, go home for now. We’ll talk about it
in the morning. Take the kids and go on in. Dad… Dad… Hon! No! – Oh, no!
– Mr. Kim! It’s not life threatening… But he may not
gain consciousness. But he gave his whole life
to the company! It was a normal hit and run
on his way home. I just came as a former co-worker. But he worked so hard
for the company… So I’ll give you
his retirement pay. He got hurt after he was fired. The company owes him
nothing more. How can you do this to him… Must you speak of company policies
at a time like this? A company gives as much as you give. Don’t you know? And did you always work hard,
by the book? What? Maladministration. immeasurable tradition. Military accomplishments. Why are monks
in martial arts training? Sometimes monks need their fists
more than Buddha’s teachings. How many did you whack, sir? I’m not sure I quite follow. Then do you know the gang-up? How does a scholar
know so much about fighting? Nan-gang!
I told you to smash harder! Sometimes I need real power
more than a book’s teachings. We seem to have a lot
in common, sir. Yes, just like old pals.
How about it? All humans are already one
under heaven. Pals, it is, then.
Mercy be with you. This nations… Hey! Nan-gang! Get it right! No more layoffs! Away with the merger! No merger! No merger! Just as you suspected, sir. Park and the Pollacks
are involved. The hit and run is
also probably… Call in the boys. Boss. This is not our turf. It’s just a deal between
the Pollacks and Park. What would the boss, think! That’s right. He said to make sure you do
nothing but receive training. Since when did you go
to the States? Ah.. in my dream, sir. The boss looked so worried. Don’t let your personal emotions
get in the way. I know Sue joined the union. I also know what
she means to you… But this isn’t the right time. The boss is counting on you. If something should go wrong,
you could get hurt. The head office labor union
will be joining us, tomorrow! The company will be forced
to come to the negotiating table! All our efforts are paying off! Everyone but the night-shifts
can go home. – Good job, everyone!
– Good job! Are you threatening me? You want me to run
and leave the union behind? The company won’t budge
for a few dozen strikers. All the more reason to stay! You’re not helping!
I’m not walking away from them! Sue! Have you already
forgotten Mr. Kim? Or are you ignoring him
on purpose! You don’t care about anyone
but yourself. Don’t come to me, again. I plan on forgetting you, too. Sue! Boss, the gang pollacks will attack
the labor union at midnight. What? Are you listening, boss? Boss, boss! Get ready all of you. Are we goin’ to war? Yeah, it’s time to show ’em
what you got! I’ll whack all of ’em! Be careful.
It’s just us this time. Politics. Maintaining and exercising
the nation’s power. Politics. Not much to it. This is why learning is power. Hello? Boss, I give up on USA. Why are you here? Sue, please! The drive-out forces will
be here any minute. They’re really cruel
and ruthless thugs! So you have to leave now. Please, listen to me! I’ll stay here instead. Then let’s stay here together. You and I are a team,
remember? Hey! Doo-shik! I told you not to get in my way. Did you get a face job? You think you can hide
what you did? Shut up Doo-shik! What? Doo-shik? What are you doing here? You were in school and
now you’re in a company strike? Why are you here!
You’re just a gangster! Gangster? Use your head, fool! If people fall off this rooftop,
they’ll die. So what? You and me! One on one! You think you can take me on? Fine! I’ll show you once and for all!
You bastard! You can’t fool me
a third time! Stupid! Get him! Let’s help him! – Help him!
– Help him! Bastard! Pay up, Mister. He’s a gonner. Make him wish
he was never born! What? Again? Who are they? You said you can pop ’em! I just popped gum, sir. Your nose is bleeding. They’re dead. Why do you always show up late? Morning traffic, sir. I told you to take the subway! Are you it? The boss can’t find out. – Ah, right.
– Can’t you guys all come at once? Who’s coming next? If I knew, I wouldn’t have
started fightin’, stupid! You’re importing boys, now? You! Where are you from! Shithead! This is our turf! You’re all gettin’ whacked! Hey! You’re all dead!
Lock the doors! Boss! Boss! Boss! Who locked the doors? I had to go around! Weren’t you in the States?
What are you wearing? You mean more to me
than the States, man. Sir… Thank you brother Joo-ji, sir. It’s the least I can do
for a pal. I’ll buy you a drink, later? Only drinks? I’ll be waiting for you there. Who are they, boss? What are you doing! Get them! Just sit back and watch. Mercy be with you. Wait!
I’ll become a Buddhist! Mercy be with you. Not! Joon Park! You little piece of shit. I’ll show you what
the crocodile bird can do! You bastard! One last punch. You shithead! Go to hell! Come here! You cowardly, ruthless scum! Sue! Sue! You’ll kill him. You’re no better than shit! You heard her. Who are those monks? Temple master fighters. They’re my pals. Doo-shik… Sue… Are you really a gangster? Ah… But we do good things,
sometimes. We hand out pies to the police
on Christmas and… But there are no good gangsters
in the world. But I’m… Boss! You idiot! Cuff every one of ’em! All the gangsters
in one rooftop. What took you so long, dad? Sorry, kid. Sung-jae Lee, was it? Sung-jae! Sung-jae Lee! What did you learn
from the enterprise? We’re good with what we’re
already doing, sir. Oh! Congratulations on
getting accepted to college. Thanks to you. No, you did all the work, sir. What’s your major, boss? Poli-sci. Poly-psy, sir? Political science, son. Oh… I see… I learned if you
put your mind to it, there’s nothing
you can’t achieve. There’s no end to learning! So I was thinking… Doo-shik! Doo-shik! Doo-shik! Doo-shik! – Hello.
– Hello. She’s over there. You came. What’s goin’ on here! Chicken! Who the fuck do you
think you are. Aren’t you the guy
from the subway? When did you come up? Don’t act so chummy.
I ain’t your pal, man. Is this your chicken shop? Then get me some chicken. Are these your boys? Pack some and send him away. Chicken and fries! Why you… Do you know who I am? Who? I don’t know, either! Man you look like a sissy. Where does he come off… Do I look like a sissy? Did you eat? Sue… There may not
be good gangsters… But here’s a good man… Here. Clap! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!

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  1. 코메디로보면 안웃기고.액션으로보면 어설프고.내용은 빈약.연기는 어색
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