HES – Promoting The Value of Scotland’s Historic Environment

People here are very comfortable with
the past. They don’t see it as something.. ..they’re kinda removed from. People are
also very proud of the monuments here in Orkney. Cause Sandra and I both grew up
here, we’ve had these monuments all our lives. We picnicked at Skara Brae, we
played in the houses when we were children. I can remember Sunday School
picnics and things at the Ring of Brodgar. So these places are second nature
to us, they’re second homes to us. So when we do meet people, and they have this ‘wow’
factor, I really like trying to see it through their eyes. It keeps it fresh
for us, it keeps it alive for us. We do meet people from all over the world who
have waited a lifetime to come here. One of the parts of the job that we both
particularly enjoy is delivering an education programme. This is very much
part of our job, to make sure that the young people of Orkney know about
their sites and learn to love them, because at the end of the day they will
be looking after them in the future. A lot of the winter work is more concerned
with the education and school groups. In the summertime we are very much out and about every single day at the monuments. Wildlife and the bird life here in Orkney goes hand in hand with archaeology. Our visitors sometimes come for
archaeology and they get the bonus of the wildlife. Certainly the wild flowers
and things at Brodgar, we have a very beautiful wildflower meadow there
and that’s a really big part of what people appreciate. We forget that, you
know, curlews and oyster catchers wake us up at three o’clock in the morning – but
in the rest of the country they’re quite a novelty! Who’d have thought, you know,
when you’re at school and you’re thinking of your careers application – Ranger I
don’t think was even on the list! It wasn’t even an option [now I’ve been here] 11 years and 4 days. My name is Sandra Miller, I’m one of the Rangers in the World Heritage Site
here in Orkney. And my name’s Elaine Clarke, I’m also a ranger here in the World
Heritage Site.

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