Hire Kit, your digital marketing expert

This is our friend Aiko, she’s been trying
to make the hottest hot sauce in the world. And after lots of ups, downs and crazy experiments,
she finally did it. She named it Aiko’s Hot Sauce from Hell,
the hottest hot sauce on Earth. So Aiko started a Shopify store, where hot
sauce lovers could be put to the ultimate test. But nobody ever showed up, because nobody
knew about her hot sauce. Aiko knew how to make the world’s hottest
hot sauce, but she didn’t really know much about marketing. Then one day, she saw a sign. Well actually, it was a text message from
Kit. Kit’s a new type of employee that communicates
with you through messaging. It’s a smart technology that’s learning how
to do new things every day. Through simple text commands, Kit can handle
all of your marketing to grow your Shopify store, like ads on Facebook or Instagram or
even your email marketing. And Kit can even work with you to set and
accomplish Goals. Say Aiko wants to increase hot sauce sales
by 10% this month, she can tell Kit just by replying “yes” and Kit carries it out
all by itself. Hiring Kit means Aiko can on focus what she
does best, and that’s making the hottest hot sauce in the world. Leaving Kit to do what it does best, helping
you grow your business.

10 thoughts on “Hire Kit, your digital marketing expert

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