HITMAN 2 – Siberia Announcement Trailer

Welcome to Siberia, 47. One of the harshest climates on the planet. Your destination is the privately owned Perm-14 prison facility. You’re tasked with the elimination of Vitaly Reznikov, warden at the prison, and Roman Khabko, renowned Ukranian mobster, with suspected political ties, has been a prisoner at Perm-14 for the past decade. A string of recent news articles has exposed violence and even murder, as everyday occurences at Perm-14. Both targets must be eliminated Good luck, 47.

100 thoughts on “HITMAN 2 – Siberia Announcement Trailer

  1. The effort put into these 'sniper' maps should be redirected into developing proper 'sniper assassin' paths in actual sandbox maps.

    More challenging and immersive (ie. far away from target, not just on a rooftop) sniping locations in difficult to reach spots. "Sniper maps" are blegh.

  2. I hate how Diana talks to 47, it’s just doesn’t feel like real communication and it’s more like an announcement. So cringy

  3. -И отправят тебя, 47, в Сибирь, убирать снег.
    -Да, снега там много.

  4. Ya.. they should either A: stop with these distance-only(sniper maps). B: only use them as groundwork for actually completeing the levels later on, so we can explore them. The word out among Hitman players is pretty unanymous; we have sniper challenges on regular maps, making the entire map , sniper-only; just feels restrictive and limited. And in a game that was made famous by it's lack of limitations.

    What makes it worse is that they add insult to injury by making the sniper maps the most interesting and unique levels, with bosses/targets to match. Honestly the levels have more of an old-school Hitman vibe to them. Instead of just traveling down a linear storyline; you're taking out interesting targets in unique environments. Only a shame we can't explore them..

  5. God I hate these Sniper maps, worst idea since episodic. Make them real maps and stop being lazy on your content!

  6. Sniper assassin isn't as much fun as regular missions. I know they would take longer to develop but I'd rather wait for them then get frustrated at sniper missions I will most likely only play once and never again.

  7. This reminds me of the snowy levels in Hitman 2.

    I wish IOI returned to the oldschool Hitman style with the defining atmosphere, like in the st. Petersburg levels from Hitman 2 and all the night levels in Contracts. Where you really felt like you where an assassin; and it felt like you really where in the dark brooding mind of 47. Nowadays it's gotten too James Bondy for me.

    Will still play this of course.

  8. IOI You are doing a damn good job, Hitman is one of the better games out there, one of my personal favorites.
    Wish: Make elusive targets re-playable with unlockables, it's annoying you can't 100% the game when you want
    Wish: Sniper maps are fine, but use your valuable time on regular maps, would prefer 1 regular map over 3-4 sniper maps
    Wish: Instead of spending time creating 200 challenges for a map, make new maps. Also it's not fun to replay the same mission over and over and over to get 100-200 challenges. "The bank" had a perfect amount of challenges IMO

  9. Hitman 3 confirmed!!!!!!
    I love these games, they need more love!
    Hope we get some Eastern Europe missions, love the snow!

  10. I think developers missed to include musical instrument balalaika, vodka, a bear and the portrait of Vladimir Putin. Fix that next time! Insufficient of stereotypes and cliche!

  11. While I do prefer classic missions, I still love these Sniper ones! Can't wait for this!

    Still holding out for either a London or Australia map tho.

  12. IO Interactive is ruining the Hitman series in my opinion.

    Hitman used to be about story and when you bought the game you got the full game but now some things like levels have been locked behind paid walls and releasing the game in episodes.

  13. ->Siberian camp
    ->Perm on the backs of prisoners (city in western part of Russia)

    Also the warden’s hat is fabulously ridiculous. Keep those juicy stereotypes IO❤️

  14. Reminds me of Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts, which looks like it’s shaping up to be pretty good. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TuDMS5o5qgw

  15. As a couple of people have said, very reminiscent of Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts which is out soon. This was their E3 teaser I think. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pvGprYy0lZk

  16. Ещё одна пропаганда против Русских.Another propaganda against the Russians. Nothing with real life, this game and the card does not have.Our soldiers eat your fantastic super heroes for breakfast. In real life.Dick you will succeed in Russia to make a revolution. Not the people now. The times of the traitor Gorbachev and Yeltsin are gone. We have learned from these mistakes.

  17. lets hope this one's free. and what about the tactical wet suit. when that elusive target came out for the first mission in hitman 2, i was straight on it, got silent assassin and all but, no new tactical wet suit? I heard that something was supposed to be done about that but i'm still waiting. Con!

  18. 0:12 – МХАТовская пауза Дианы – браво!!! от русского пиздеца , обожаю Хитмана!

  19. Почему это выглядит так, как будто вышло в 2008 году? Движения людей, угловатые лица, совершенно неестесственный подброс человека взрывом на 1:06…

  20. I must be in the minority here, but I love sniper maps. I love proper maps too of course, but I would be happy to have 4 sniper maps instead of 1 "proper" map.

  21. Hitman 3 NEEDS TO GET RID OF SNIPER MAPS! Why waste an amazing location like this just on sniping, it makes no sense to me. The sandbox open level maps are the best.

  22. Why couldn’t this be a normal map? We have a map where you can rob a bank that isn’t a sniper mission but infiltrating a prison is? Come on IO, we love ya, but stop making so many sniper maps.

  23. И всё горит и по всюду пепел, который может показаться снегом. Действительно в Сибирь поехал мужик.

  24. Accident kills in the normal game don't take your silent assassin rate. But accident kills in sniper maps make everybody suspect you and start escaping. It's not consistent……

  25. hey developers of hitman 2 since people are raiding area 51 on September 20th
    you guys should make a joke mission on that day where agent 47 (hitman) has to infiltrate area 51 and steal a alien and or a ufo

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